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  1. Hi Everyone, Great turnout for August meet, Posting up Septembers meet early, so next meet is : Friday 9th September 2011, 7.30pm onwards, Halfway House A127, Southend Arterial Road, East Horndon, Brentwood,Essex, CM13 3LL Please put the word round for this great meet for all types of JAP CARS, all are welcome to our meet, Food and Drink available inside (Halfway House), so please use the pub for this as they allow us to use their carpark :-) ALSO DONT FORGET WE HAVE A "CAR OF THE NIGHT" TROPHY AS ALWAYS ;) Cheers, paul
  2. 1997 Gs300 Sport Breaking Spares

    any chance of a picture to see how bad?
  3. 1997 Gs300 Sport Breaking Spares

    hi mate is the front grill damaged if not would you sell just the grill and how much? cheers paul
  4. Mk1 Gs300 Sport Grille

    I'm after a gs300 mk1 sport grille Doesn't matter what colour Want one to improve the looks and get rid of my cracked and scratched standard grille Has to be the sport grille not the chrome type
  5. sorry to ***** on your bonfire but i had a problem with my gs300 mk1 NON sport the barrel refused to let the key in i managed to get the ignition switch off and bodge it so i could use it till i got a new one so on ebay i managed to get from a 1996 gs300 sport a complete steering colomn and lock set with a key and an alarm fob for £30 (bargin) i never got a fob when i got the car so i though great this is a bonus i fitted the steering lock and got a local lock smith to sort the barrle out so it fitted the old key with the chip in for £60 (bargin again) now this is all fine and dandy and the car starts and locks with the original ket to save getting the car and key reprogrammed after searching i came across this post i tried everything to get the fob to work the alarm and keyless entry but it dont work (gutted) question is ..does the sport have a different alarm system or keyless entry to the NON sport?
  6. Cheap Wheels Gs300

    got some gs300 sport wheels real cheap little bit of laquer pealing but 4 good tyres for £180
  7. Cheap Wheels Gs300

    Very clean wheels but way out of my budget
  8. Cheap Wheels Gs300

    anyone got any cheap gs300 sport rims or deep dish wheels to fit not worried about tyres just need to get rid of the standard wheels i have on mine
  9. Gs300 Mk1 Caliper Carrier

    i got 1 now about time now i dont have a spongey break pedal yipee
  10. Gs300 Mk1 Caliper Carrier

    Cheers tigerfish for some reason it won't let me send anything if the breakers can't get me one will you send him a question about it will let ya know by Wednesday
  11. Gs300 Mk1 Caliper Carrier

    my bad lol i got one from a breakers this morning and when i got it home realised it was drivers side and they aint got another i cant believe my luck
  12. Caliper Carrier Offside

    i bet it was the bottom slider that was seized both of my bottom sliders are seized i got the drivers side today now i need the passenger side
  13. Gs300 Mk1 Caliper Carrier

    cheers calipers are ok its the carrier that holds the pads with the sliders in it was the slider that was seized and then i snapped it trying to free it off
  14. Gs300 Mk1 Caliper Carrier

    anyone got a passenger side front caliper carrier mine snapped the slider so i cant put the caliper back on preferbly in the london or essex area
  15. Mk1 Gs300 Grey Leather

    im after a drivers seat from a mk1 gs300 in grey leather (electric not sure if they all are as im new to lexus) my drivers seat has seen better days anyone got one?