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  1. Well it seems like a tough one to call all right. Hopefully you can get it diagnosed easily and with not much cost. Btw, this is a long shot and highly unlikely, but I had a front wheel bearing fail on an old car years ago and I replaced the whole hub. But I used the old hub nut instead of a new one (spring nut I think it is called) and it came loose. There was a significant shudder as a result that did increase with speed and was worse when not under load. Anyway, I doubt that is your problem but maybe worth sharing! Best of luck with it - never want to see an IS leave our roads
  2. My experience of a CV joint failure is that it is noisy rather than it creates a vibration. So, you would probably hear a CV joint failure before you would feel it. Unless of course you see the boot leaking first! This is important. Your description would indicate that it is related to speed rather than rpm so the vibration can only be from the gear box and back. A vibration is generally caused by an imbalance (natural frequency is another but this wouldn't appear all of a sudden). There is unlikely to be an imbalance in the prop shaft so, unless it is loose, I would discount this. And if it is loose you should notice the vibration at low speeds too - there would be a very gradual build up of vibration intensity with speed - not just over 60mph. From what you describe above, it seems like a tyre/wheel imbalance is most likely. Could one of the weights have come off? As the wheel is the only part of the drive system that is "cantilevered" it will accentuate vibration. Under drive conditions, vibration is generally less than when in free rotation. I speak from experience of balancing industrial fans so I hope the same logic applies here!
  3. That's great info - thanks Jay. Now back to AT to find my perfect GS450h!
  4. Definitely clean the manifold. Not sure why you were advised not to. Long job, but simple and well worth it.
  5. Thanks for that Luigi - that's great info. My file list is pretty well labelled so that should work. As the ML sound system is so good, it is a little disappointing that a proper interface hasn't reached the same standard for file management. A basic media player interface similar to iTunes/WMP would have been a great addition.
  6. Hi, I currently have an IS220D and looking to move to a GS450h probably 2013ish. I had it for a few hours as a test drive but never really got to explore how well it connects with devices. I am mainly interested in connecting a device to play music (iPod, Memory Card, USB Stick, even an old phone). For example, is there an auxially port and if so where is it located? Is there a USB and again where is it? Finally, is there a spare memory card slot (not taken up by the SatNav card)? And if so, what is the interface like if you were to have music files on a memory card? Is it a simple folder view with file names or will it pull the ID3 tags from the file and display album art etc? I know it is a minor detail and won't change my mind about the car (I'm already bowled over by it!) but it would be helpful to know. Thanks for the hekp in advance
  7. I would definitely recommend this too. I had Terraclean carred out and helped a lot but didn't fix completely. Issue arose again after a couple of weeks. Had it in for a service with Lexus and they said they would recommend the forced regen. They ran it twice and it has been perfect ever since. On top of that, they told me to run the car between 2,750 and 3,000 rpm for 10km uninterrupted without using cruise control every tank. I have given up on 5th gear too on their recommendation. There hasn't been a hiccup since (5,000 miles or so).
  8. It looks like half of the mud flap is missing??? Here is the assembly drawing (part number 57498-53030)... Can't seem to find the part number for the grommet. Give Lexus a call with the part number above and they should tell you.
  9. Just saw your phone charging tray - great idea. Not sure if this is any help at this stage but most of the phones I have bought over the years (mainly Galaxy and iPhone) come with a perfectly fitting tray in the box. It might be worth seeing if you can incorporate the tray into your existing set up so it looks like the phone fits perfectly. The tray comes with a lip as well which should help with the installation. Below is an iPhone 6S tray and a Galaxy S8 sitting in the tray
  10. Will try that next time. Don't fancy taking it off again for a good while! Did you ever take off the exhaust manifold? I presume temperatures are high enough that the carbon build up should be nil and not worth doing???
  11. They should give you your own show on TV. Incredible work!
  12. Looks like a good way to go! But I don't have a blow torch or compressed air handy!
  13. Hi both, apologies for the delay in a response. Firstly, as this was a pretty instant failure, the car just went back to normal performance. I don't think that it had been blowing more than a few miles. The smell hits you straight away. Glad to hear the job went well. I've had to do it again since so I will update the guide with some additions and your comments.
  14. I was about to head off for a week long driving holiday when a second injector was blowing. That makes two within the space of 1500 miles! Bit frustrating but very lucky that I bought spare seals when the first one went. The washer was a bit more stuck than the last one. The injector came out ok but the washer took about 20 minutes. One thing I did learn (the hard way) was not to do this repair job with the engine hot. The fuel return line is very easy to bend when hot. So much so that when I was loosening the bolts, the line would twist and bend. It didn't break however but it could have been a disaster. Seriously considering doing the remaining two at this stage!
  15. Ignore that last post - John is on the ball!