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  1. Drop Links ????

    Was loose caliper bolts. All sorted now
  2. Drop Links ????

    Bad drop links ???? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kl0eQUolVl0
  3. Sorry, Turned To The Dark Side

    Isn't the IS300 engine straight from the GS300 ???, anyway its a 2JZ-GE that was in the N/A supra so is a bloody good engine. Tuning potential is very good, I have always liked Lexus, but I think the IS200/300 is one of the best looking sedan car shapes ever, it really is a looker
  4. Sorry, Turned To The Dark Side

    hi BRZ, like all cars the jag will be as reliable as most other cars if properly maintained. I have had the jag just over a year and it has had 1 full service that cost £300. On the other hand my IS300 just cost me £750 in a service, mot and new radiator. But its just the luck of the draw sometimes. I will say again though that if you had the Lexus IS300 with a ZF 8 speed and type r v8 engine it would be the perfect car, beauty, pace and grace haha
  5. Sorry, Turned To The Dark Side

    the jag is going great Tony, the power and comfort is sublime. I have devoured plenty of bmw's which easily fail to keep up or try to accelerate away from me, it really is a wolf in sheeps clothing. now, the only complaint I have is honestly the IS300 is nicer to drive, not more comfortable wise just sharper, probably because its not 1870kg lol Also The stereo, a so called top of the range alpine with DSP zones and separate sub woofer is not a patch on the lexus's Mark Levinson stereo, the bass in the lexus is so tight compared to the boom sound in the STR, but since I prefer the sound of the V8 and supercharger its not a great loss. I still regularly drive the IS300 and I am glad that I do because the difference between a £50,000 and a £27,000 car I dont think is that much different i.e the IS300 punches above its wait easily But the jag has it really, but the IS300 I will never get rid of because it can tow the STR home when it breaks down haha
  6. Just picked up a nice S type R, keeping the is300 as the second car and probably will still be the most reliable but hell man, these type r's are fast hehe
  7. Hi, as topic title, loud slow creaking noises when turning slowly left or pulling up to stop. Mechanic had it on a lift and noticed that the Front lower control arm bushes where cracked and needed replaced. This has now been done but the same noise is still apparent but less noisy than before. Could it be another bush causing this??? The car has done 101,000 so may need all bushes replacing or bearings, just wanted to know which approach was the best cheers Andy
  8. These are definately the wrong type, would you agree, just emailed seller. Box receipt all say IS300 from 2001 onwards but the shape of them look like they should be for the GS300 emmm and
  9. yeah looks well rough, thought he threw in the car for free lol
  10. Noticed it on ebay now, http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/lexus-is200-sport-supercharged-or-drift-/251302887747?pt=Automobiles_UK&hash=item3a82d1c143
  11. yep 7 hr round trip but was worth it. Needed a good clean, the engine bay was grotty but nothing some elbow grease cant fix. @ian, yeah m8 I had 2 rd350ypvs's that were the dogs bollocks, got a VTR firestorm now but the knees ain't what they used to be lol
  12. well i'm knocking on now lads and prefer the comfort of the lexus lol
  13. heres my is300, totally stock, limited edition kodiak sky :) bought for £2150. 97k. Just done cambelt, serpentine belt to make sure :)
  14. I notice that my IS300 isn't as sharp at steering compared to the IS200, it just seems slightly 'sloppy', but the low down torque makes up for it in smiles per mile, still cant get used to my left leg doing nothing and it takes me twice as long to park since i constantly look down at the automatic box to make sure i dont slam into the car in front lol. So supercharged IS300 now then :)
  15. Curious to see which would be faster. I got bored waiting for a SC for my IS200 so bought an IS300. Night and day in comparison, just love the 300 but if the 200 had a super charger producing roughly the same bhp as the 300 wich would win?