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  1. My car is now showing as " Shipped" so as long as there are no US navel ships in its way it should arrive on time
  2. Still the 9th of September as far as i no, I am expecting another update tomorrow, i have been told that the yellow ones have not got a delivery date yet, maybe having problems with the colour like the blue ones.
  3. unfortunately if everyone listened to Lexus reviews made by Top gear we wouldn't buy any model.
  4. I was told the other day that Lexus are going to stop production of the GS and it will be replaced in the UK by the ES.
  5. WOW, thats going some, only 4 sets of tyres, the article doesn't mention any other problems he has had over the past 3 years.
  6. Lexus Sidcup, LC 500 V8
  7. knowing the US its probably one lady owner, used twice a week to go to the local shops.
  8. well that's what apparently it says on there delivery screen, but as we all no things can change, iam not holding my breath, i also think it depends on the dealership group and how many cars they are allocated,forunatly my dealership group is part of edgware road who probably sell the most Lexus cars in the country so they had probably the largest allocation, i think there was someone on hear, it may have been you,? who wanted a red one but opted for a white one because they were told they would have to wait until next year until the red one would be available.
  9. The demos should be arriving on the 27th July, My LC has a delivery date to the dealership of the 9th September
  10. Get a extra 3.5% off if you buy through Topcashback.
  11. I went from a MK4 GS450h f sport to a RC-F the GS was a very nice car and in my option was a wolf in sheeps clothing. i only changed to the RC because I didn't need 4 doors and wanted a smaller car, as it turns out I think th RC is just as wide but a bit shorter. what I liked about the GS was the active suspension in normal mode it drove smoothly then when you put it in sports or sport plus things tightened up. The ride was then quite ferm, but at least you have the option which the RC hasn't, hence the change th the LC. the only thing was the CVT on the GS which was not a problem for me but this was the main complaint from reviewers. if I needed to go back to a 4 door car then the GS 450h would be my first choice.
  12. Sorry will not be able to get there for this one, work commitments, if you arrange another one for September ill bring the LC.
  13. Iam working from around 2ish but i won't know the exact time until Thursday.