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  1. I went from a MK4 GS450h f sport to a RC-F the GS was a very nice car and in my option was a wolf in sheeps clothing. i only changed to the RC because I didn't need 4 doors and wanted a smaller car, as it turns out I think th RC is just as wide but a bit shorter. what I liked about the GS was the active suspension in normal mode it drove smoothly then when you put it in sports or sport plus things tightened up. The ride was then quite ferm, but at least you have the option which the RC hasn't, hence the change th the LC. the only thing was the CVT on the GS which was not a problem for me but this was the main complaint from reviewers. if I needed to go back to a 4 door car then the GS 450h would be my first choice.
  2. Sorry will not be able to get there for this one, work commitments, if you arrange another one for September ill bring the LC.
  3. Iam working from around 2ish but i won't know the exact time until Thursday.
  4. there are two cars one V8 and one Hybrid being circulated around the dealerships, each dealership only having then for a day, if you have shown any interest then your dealership should have been in touch with you. i think the main lunch will be mid July when the dealerships get there demonstrators.
  5. yep your right, its more of a glass roof than a sunroof because it doesn't open so i don't think it would interfere with head room like a normal sunroof would.
  6. i have just come back from the dealership, , after dropping off a number plate i have on retention and want on the car, i asked then to check the delivery time, and as far as they are concerned they expect it in August with probably 1st September pick up day, yes i drove both the Hybrid and V8, i was very impressed with the Hybrid I would be happy with either, but as they are the same price and i only cover around 2800 miles a year fuel company is not that important to me. I must admit looking at the yellow in bright sunlight it did look good, as the sun glinted of the bonnet it looked like is was covered in gold leaf, then the sun went in, I think this colour would be good in Miami or flordia or anywhere very sunny, although while i was at the Lexus LC event someone did purchase a yellow one.
  7. yes i am surprised at that, i know they having problems with the Blue, but i thought all the other coolers were available, perhaps its because you are having the Hybrid, the white does look good, its just keeping it that colour.
  8. Hi Martin I love my RC, but the ride is a bit firm for me, i knew this when i brought it although my test drive was on a track which of course is pretty smooth with no pot holes or speed bumps. I have got use to it a bit, and although at 56 Iam not completely over the hill i would have liked it to have had variable suspension like my GS450h f sport, although i believer the 2017 RC-F model has. The LC, even in its firmest setting, sports plus it not as firm as the RC, and in comfort mode the LC is a joy to drive. my main concern was the LC is 20mm lower than the RC and again at my age ( and size 6'1' and overweight. lol ) was the ability to get in and out of the LC with some sort of dignity, also i intend to keep this car 5/6 years, so unfortunately only getting older but due to the LC not having a sun roof, the seats being a lot less bolstered and the hight from the floor to the scuff plate sill is a lot lower i actually found it easer to get in and out than the RC ( which admittedly does have a sunroof ). so all in all the LC is a perfect car for me, its softer and more comfortable than the RC, but if i do want to have a bit of fun, then just as exhilarating to drive, and in real life does look extremely nice.
  9. PX or private sale which ever comes first
  10. Test drove the LC today, order is in Red / Black, sport + pack, ML, heads up. August delivery.
  11. sorry i have put this in the wrong section how do i move it to the LC section?
  12. ok i know we each have our views on what we like and don't like, but i was just interested to see what other people think if i brought a LC it would be a red one. but i am at a quandary over which colour interior to have the black is just to black and i think it makes it look a bit dull and dark the red is nice but there is still a bit to much black the Tan i really like but I'm thinking is it just a bit to much tan i suppose you really need to have a look at each interior in person to get a better idea on what it looks like in real life.
  13. apparently the LC-F will have a 4ltr twin turbo...600hp thats what i have been told
  14. I have no idea Rayaans that's what he told me, he did say that if I was ready to put in a order now that he new someone at Lexus who may be able to get me a bit of but not the £5.5k that it states on there web page. Sent from my iPhone using Lexus OC
  15. I have contacted Broadspeed, unfortunately they can't offer any discount on the LC due to the limited amount of car comping into the UK.