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  1. i don't think the boot space is adequate for a family holiday, as mentioned a couple of medium size suit cases can fit, the boot is shallow, but then you can't really comfortably fit 4 people, so two cases would be enough. As for the difference between the hybrid and V8, i think it all comes down to preference, you will need to drive then both to make up you own mind. The millage i do, the m.p.g is not much of a issue for me, but the way i drive and the journeys i do practically I should have got the hybrid, buy O boy that V8 sounds good.
  2. LC Arrived.

    kerning is a real issue, Lexus don't offer tyre and wheel insurance on the LC. Although initially they weren't going to offer wheel insurance on the RC-F, until the smart repair people worked out how they were going to repair them, as the dealership said there is always a way but in the early days it might not look to pretty.
  3. LC Arrived.

    LC has arrived home, thank you to Ultimate Finish at Brand hatch for bringing the paintwork up to a morrow finish, a great job as usual.
  4. I had the V8 demonstrator for a few days I averaged 19mpg around the same as my RC-F, but i only do short trips, I did manage to get 31mpg out of the RC-F on a 120mile round trip to Cambridge driving at a steady 70ish using cruse control.
  5. Hi Martin, the car arrived at the dealership on Monday 25th September, the day I went on holiday for 2 weeks, the car is at the detailing shop now and should be ready for pick up on Tuesday
  6. or you could just join the AA or RAC, i got a puncher and within 25 mins they had done a temporary repair ( max speed 50mph and no more than 100 miles ). ok yes if your side wall is ripped or you have a massive hole then this is not the answer. but how often is this or even a puncher going to happen, i must just be lucky this was the first puncher i have had for 8 years.
  7. LC-F

    No not yet, it will be ready for collection on Saturday 22rd but as I am going away that day I am leaving it until I get home and picking it up on the 7th October
  8. LC-F

    i don't think the UK or even Europe will get the LC-F, if you want one it will probably be a special order, which is why the £160k, My LC is in Wales at the moment, just come of the road and probably annoying all the sheep
  9. I have had Kamikaze Collection ENREI a state of the art 2-stage sealant put on my last two cars, its a bit expensive, around £800 for the LC, this includes the wheels, glass, and paint correction, but it makes the car so easy to clean, and will last 3/5 years if you treat the paintwork correctly.
  10. I agree, perhaps in the future they may add more interior options, i have seen the Black and tan in person but not the red interior. i thought Red with red interior would not have gone together very well, the tan was just too much tan for my liking so the only option left was the Black, which is a little drab although with all the different materials the black is broken up into slightly different shades, and from what i can remember some of the areas are a very bark blue, like a black blue if that makes any sense. what i can't understand is that the black is ALL black ( with the odd section in dark blue ), the tan is ALL tan ( with the odd section in a darker tan ), but the red is completely different, its not ALLl red, its just the seats , door inserts, and the odd panel. if they had done the Tan in the same way i may have been tempted with that.
  11. My car is now showing as " Shipped" so as long as there are no US navel ships in its way it should arrive on time
  12. Still the 9th of September as far as i no, I am expecting another update tomorrow, i have been told that the yellow ones have not got a delivery date yet, maybe having problems with the colour like the blue ones.
  13. unfortunately if everyone listened to Lexus reviews made by Top gear we wouldn't buy any model.
  14. I was told the other day that Lexus are going to stop production of the GS and it will be replaced in the UK by the ES.