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  1. Yes, the health check gives you a 1 year extension to the battery warranty (doesn't cover other hybrid components) but only until the vehicle is 10 years old. Past that date you don't get any additional warranty, we are now getting to a point in time when the age of these vehicles can exceed 10 years.
  2. p0141 code

    Just to make sure we are talking about the correct sensor, B1S2 has its connector under the seat inside the vehicle. Are you using a genuine Toyota sensor, or Denso OEM? Some third party sensors have a heating element with a different resistance which confuses the ECU.
  3. throttle problwm

    if you have swapped out the throttle body, complete with throttle motor, then you need to look at the wiring and ECU (possibly ECU connector). Without the throttle motor working you are just using the fallback which is via the mechanical throttle cable - this requires the gas pedal to be pushed much further down and will only partly open the throttle.
  4. Who has said the batteries only last 8 years? That clearly isn't correct, Lexus US provide a warranty for 8 years so on average it is clearly going to last longer than that otherwise they will be replacing expensive battery packs. There are Prius Gen 1 and Gen 2 vehicles still working on original batteries that are 14 to 17 years old so there shouldn't be a reason why the LS ones won't last as long, but it is somewhat of an unknown and obviously the chances of a problem increase with age. There are several posts in the GS section on battery repairs, the GS450h seems to be the least reliable for a Toyota hybrid for some reason - at the stage when Toyota's quality wasn't the greatest (2005-2010), but must be related to design as well because the Prius and RX400h don't suffer the same issues.
  5. SE-L spec vs SEspec ?

    I think it means an IS 300h SE with optional Navigation. It isn't SE-L Navi it is SE L-Navi (Lexus navigation) Insurance companies would have SE and SE L-Navi listed as two different grades, as they are different factory options. Otherwise you would have to declare an SE with options.
  6. Did he state the cost? It's probably so expensive that nobody would ever purchase one, and either get the individual cells replaced or scrap the vehicle. Having said that, there is no fundamental different to the battery pack in the LS compared to the Prius or other Toyota hybrid. The type of cells used, and over capacity built-in, means these battery packs are very reliable.
  7. Please can you draw your attention to the forum T&Cs: Ensure your post is useful and related to the subject of the original poster. Do not change the subject of a post, or post non-constructive replies (such as replies containing only smileys).
  8. Luckily you don't drive a Toyota/Lexus hybrid. The manual explicitly states that using Neutral should be avoided. The highway code doesn't state it should be used and if you aren't quick at moving away (i.e. to slow going from neutral to drive (or 1st in a manual)) you will get a minor mark against you on a driving test so some instructors will advise you stay in gear, although the parking brake should be applied when stationary.
  9. It will stay red for quite some time, it isn't like engine oil which turns black because of the combustion process. But darker fluid isn't really a problem unless it is burnt or bordering on black.
  10. No warning light, just the metal tab that will scrap against the pad and give you an audible warning.
  11. Intermittent brake noise

    Are you sure it is from the brakes and not the engine bay or suspension?
  12. I don't think there is any argument to be had. Clearly under warranty. There is a known problem on US/LHD vehicles with a wiring junction box that causes this issue, most probably applied to UK vehicles too. Or the motor could have failed.
  13. Lexus 60,000/120,000 mile service - GS450h

    I haven't seen a recent post about the cost Lexus charge for plugs but I believe it to be around £17 - £18 each (possibly + VAT). You can pick up the OEM plugs for around £10 each from most stockists. As with oil, the dealer have high margins on these parts.
  14. 450RX Full service

    but you can get them to do the plugs as part of the service for an extra cost - it will be cheaper than the standard service price.