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  1. Few Pictures

    Haha cheers for the comments guys I'm quite liking it at the mo.. Need to find something Else to do to it now ha
  2. Few Pictures

    then had a night out with some chums and got a few flicks... photo credits to daniel bridle
  3. @dinho Just get on and do it... If you have the space and some tools just have a go.. All I did.. I'm no mechanic as I said.. And it drives a bit better.. Like if I'm skidding it in the dry it's much easier to keep it sideways if I pop the clutch as sliding as the revs pick up quicker and the clutch's clamping force is allot better due to the updated cover and the 4puk disc dissipates heat better therefore will be up for some more abuse.. So I'll see how it goes on my next drift day :)
  4. @ the transporter hahaha funny stuff!! I know I would had liked it but had a full English to start the day that was just a bite between :)
  5. I don't even know what a mandrel is to be honest... Guessing it's a alignment tool?? And yeah was happy drive much better :)
  6. yeah you may laugh but my kneck and back hurt! i felt like a old man after... haha
  7. Read 3 posts above your question ;) spotted it
  8. Yeah wish I did use jack to get the box off but then I didn't realise how heavy it was going to be!! :)
  9. Cheers people! and i think it was cucumber tomato onion cheese... Lettuce.. And no butter!! Eww but can't remember haha..
  10. Right ill start off by saying im no mechanic.. it took me for ever... and i dont want to do it again anytime soon hah i done it on my larry and i really wish i has a hand as the car wasnt all that high and the gearbox was heavier than i thought.. only had it set up on wheels but i worked with what i had :) and i might not have done things right etc or how you should do ... but hey tell me whats what and ill be happy to listen! :) anyway on to some pictures (no fancy shots was kind of grubby and wanted to try to finish it!) got the car up to a height i first thought was plenty high enough whipped what under tray i had left under there off then took my decat pipe off bit of scrapage split my prop then i slid the prop out the gearbox (woops) prop on the floor took the shifter and that off then hunted for the bell housing bolts (only seemed to take this picture but had three long extension bars and two small ones to get to the top ones and one for the starter motor bolts all out and just resting while i figured out how to get it to the floor without breaking it dropped it onto a wheel i had laying about had to slide the prop back in as gearbox oil started to come out the rear of the box where i took the prop out old clutch intact ready to be taken off old clutch plate (suprised at condition of it as the abuse its had) old dual mass flywheel flywheel off got hungry! cleaned up the jun lightened flywheel (much lighter!!) torqued up the flywheel with new bolts and threadlock flywheel fitted new clutch kit to go in clutch on and alligned to what i though was right... box ready to be lined up then realised i couldnt lift the box and hold it up long enough to allign it :( so i improvised.. eventually got it on... what a pain!! then done all the bell housing bolts back up.. no photos exhaust back on and it all back together! comments/criticism welcome!!
  11. looks good where abouts was it??
  12. What kit did you get Jay_russel?? Link?
  13. Seat Fitted

    fitted a bucket seat in my car today was a bit of a pain but worth it clutch getting done next weekend!
  14. Box Of Goodies!

    going to be a busy bee when i get a free weekend... should be next weekend hopefully and then ill get round to fitting this!! hopefully should be getting some in the process photos if i remember to take any! but will be another week till this is done ;( makes me want to jump out there now and bust on with it!
  15. cheers man.. seem to have to answer all my questions haha good man!