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  1. New Owner and already Disheartened

    Where did you buy the car from? As for the smoke? are you sure it isn't just steam from the condensation the builds up in the exhaust system overnight especially in this cold weather we've been having?
  2. I have used Profess in south Wales along with many other LOC members. I live near Reading so its quite a trek but they are well worth it. They are brilliant.
  3. Your posts are being posted but not until a mod has read and approved them.
  4. DAB Traffic announcements

    All sorted Stephen. Mike.
  5. LOC club stickers

    For those who didn't receive LOC stickers contact Steve at
  6. Can I remind you all that talk of selling can only be done by Gold Members. They have paid for the privilege.
  7. I have locked this as its sinking to the depths of tit for tat insults. We are meant to be adults so let's try and act like adults. Its Christmas time let's see some Christmas cheer and be nice to each other. Remember we are all allowed our opinion.
  8. Contact Steve and he will sort it out for you.
  9. SatNav

    Is this taken in Northern Hampshire. One of the gates to the Wellington Estate opposite the junction.
  10. Come on peeps. We all have a right to our opinions without people being nasty to each other. Before you post something ask yourself one question would I say this to them face to face? Let's all get into the Christmas spirit, not while driving of course, and have a little good will to all.
  11. Frogeye Sprite, great little car which by today standards weren't much better than some of the karts we used to make out of orange boxes. I loved my Frogeye I wish I still had it.
  12. New Owner - Just a Hi!

    Hi Andrew and welcome to the LOC. We are a friendly bunch so please don’t hold back asking questions big or small should you have any problems with your car. We always welcome ideas on how to overcome problems with our cars but as they are the finest cars in the universe they don’t go wrong that often. We always love to see pictures of your cars inside and out so don't be shy. Happy Lexus Motoring. Mike.
  13. The Y section can be welded up. Most LS400 owners have had it done. Its one of very few things that do go wrong with a car that N Korea could fire a rocket at and it would still come outside the other side without a single scratch.
  14. No Problem fitting car seats in the LS. I have 4 Grandchildren and all their seats fit into mine (not all at once) without any problems.