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  1. When I had what you describe it turned out to be the Oxygen Sensor on Bank1 I had both changed and she has never missed a beat since.
  2. What ever happened to them to get them in that state in the first place?
  3. Hi Andrew and welcome to the LOC. We are a friendly bunch so please don’t hold back asking questions big or small should you have any problems with your car. We always welcome ideas on how to overcome problems with our cars but as they are the finest cars in the universe they don’t go wrong that often. Happy Lexus Motoring. Mike.
  4. When I was looking for mine many years ago now after much looking I came across what is now my pride & joy but in the green colour which was on the bottom of my favourite colours but it soon grew on me and when shes washed and brushed up she looks a stuuner. Enjoy Greenie.
  5. How generous of you Chris.
  6. Have removed the duplicate post.
  7. What a stunner and the car. Well worth waiting for the right one to come along. Enjoy.
  8. Best he concentrates on it 100%
  9. They quite often forget too include a set of new tyres, but I always felt that if MB was to leave the show he wouldnt be missed but Ed leaving is a completely different matter as he was the show. I am sure we seen the last of Ed and as for MB, best get himself a job in car sales.
  10. Dont waste any more time or your money on exspensive petrol. I am paying 44p a litre. Go on you know it makes sense.
  11. Great stuff. I smile to myself every time I go into pay.
  12. Not this weekend as we have visitors all over the holiday and if I go anywhere near my shed I will be able to talk 3 octaves higher, I will have a look on Tuesday
  13. Thats odd as I have just bought 4.
  14. Great colour for the car same as mine.