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  1. Please note LOC members that to offer any article/car for sale you need to be a Gold Member this also covers using the Message facility for the same purpose.
  2. I am not lover of the sort of programes that employs part time bakers and fill the TVs with mind numbingly boring programes but I was pleasantly surprised when by pure chance I came upon his motoring series and its really good. Gone are all those tyre consuming episodes which proved that if you bought this years whatever it may be £50,000 more than last years and theres no room anymore for rear seat passengers even if they have had there legs amputated but the naught to 195 mph is 0.00000000001 of a secand faster than last years model. So ditch that ailing Top Gear and use your loaf BBC give Paul Holywood a chance. What a refreshing change it would make.
  3. And for that very reason alone it should not be sold by private companies.
  4. Great series with a great car.
  5. Have moved to IS220D so you should get a few more replies. Mike.
  6. I have always wondered where you and the Insurance co stand legally. The law says you must have car insurance, however as pointed out by Malcolm the policy excess seem to rise year on year. I have heard of policies with excesses of £2000 and I am sure this is not at the top end of excesses so how much excess can you have before you are deemed not to be insured anymore £100 £200 £1000 £2000?
  7. Classy sticker. Enjoy.
  8. If you damage a mere 5 meters of single height Armco and you could be on the hook for 150 Euro cost for men in a truck to come out to assess the damage, this is alongside the 31 Euro cost per meter to replace it if damaged. If your car is broken after a crash, the cost of recovery starts at 600 Euros minimum. Assuming you’ve crashed and the safety car is required to attend to you and or your stricken car, that will cost you 82 Euros for every 30 minutes it’s in attendance. The biggest cost of all though is incurred if the marshals decide that the track needs to be closed to recover your now very broken car and all of the bits that came off it when crashing, this will cost you from 1,350 Euros per hour for every hour the track is closed. Here is a full list of the potential cost of damaging and or closing the Nurburgring: Base fee for attendance of Armco truck – €150 Removing damaged Armco – €10/metre (x2 or x3 or x4 for multiple-height sections) Replacement Armco – €31/metre (x2 or x3 for double/triple height) Removing damaged armco posts – €5.10 each Replacing armco post – €39 each Safety car attendance – €82 per 30 mins (car and two people) Circuit closure from – €1,350 per hour Recovery truck from – €600 (inc VAT)
  9. Have sent a report off. Hopefully it will come back to normal fairly quickly. Mike.
  10. Many thanks for the GT Open Links have been looking for that. Mike.
  11. I think you might find its the other way round. On my latest TomTom and two more before that the TT Satnav has always shown that the speedo is always incorrect. The cars speedo showing 70MPH the Tom Toms show consistently 64/5 mph. Tom Tom shows 70mph car speedo shows 77/76 mph. I have tried it on my wifes Fiesta with the same results. I assume they detune speedos so they could never be bought to task saying that their speedos are at fault for why I was speeding by showing a lower number than you were actually doing.
  12. Steady steady steady. Carlos when you post a thread can you hit the Submit key just once other wise it will post the number of times you hit the Submit button. Many thanks.
  13. There already is a For Sale section but you need to be a Gold Member to use it.
  14. I thought that was the case but didn't want to say anything in case I was wrong. I remember the auto electrician that fitted mine when I said I was going to hard wire it from the cigar lighter. Still no damage done. Enjoy, I got quite a kick out of putting the card into the laptop and watching my journey.