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  1. Quite often many car manufacturers will put in in cable form that will have all the wiring for a cruise control even if it not going to have one fitted at the build stage so first I would find out of the wiring is already there. I cant help you where you need to look though. Good luck.
  2. The point I put the news item up there was to show that if you are going to modify your car make sure it is done 100% correct because if it isn't the price they paid is far to high.
  3. Don't dismiss an LS400 completely as many consider that the MK4 is the best car Lexus ever produced.
  4. Two young people die because he modified his car.
  5. Had you thought of paying for your insurance on a monthly basis. It always seem less painless to me.
  6. Wonder how long it will be before there's one of those on Ebay?
  7. When you are next driving along and there is perhaps a car waiting to come out of a side road or something similar you will almost certainly look at the driver to get some indication or recognition that he has seen you, if your windows are blacked out that much that you cannot see the driver and therefore you cant be sure if he has seen you or not, I think you can see why the Police enforce tinting windows so dark you cant be seen also your insurance co will almost certainly wash their hands of any claims. Its for your safety and also your friends and family who may well be in your car.
  8. Who did you get the kit and do you mind telling me how much it was?
  9. Just looking at that beautiful car is enough to tell you it will pass. The colour blue goes well with that cream interior.
  10. You might have a few bits body work side of things to do but she still looks good. Interior looks in good condition. Are you going to do the cambelt change?
  11. Buying from someone like her would give you great confidence that what you buy is honest and trouble free, should you find you have a problem I would think she would sort it without any histrionics. How much is that worth when buying a car? I have not seen another non garage type sales that is as good as this.
  12. I remember meeting Anthony Valentine (now sadly passed away 2015) who was in a broken down black Porsche 911 over the Snake Pass. I had a Mazda RX7 which was one of a LTD edition of fifty breathed on by TWR, we squeezed my wife in the back of the RX7 so Mr Valentine could get in the car and took him to a garage I don't remember where but they were happy to help him. Whole finding a garage we chatted and he said it was by far the worst car he had ever bought. He loved the look of the car and when it was running but this car had given him nothing but grief. Amazing who and where you meet some people.
  13. I am not normally a lover of aftermarket wheels but they do suit the colour of the car. Great stuff, you must have missed her over the year.
  14. Hi Carl and welcome to the LOC. We are a friendly bunch so please don’t hold back asking questions big or small should you have any problems with your car. We always welcome ideas on how to overcome problems with our cars but as they are the finest cars in the universe they don’t go wrong that often. Happy Lexus Motoring. Mike.
  15. I always send a private message to the member with a link to becoming a Gold member and also a link to the rules to some members on more than one ocassion. Whats wrong with that? I think that what you all need to do do is contact Steve Barnes the club founder and chief admin and tell him as Chasdad put it " That shows how daft the rule is" as Scribe says " some rules are unclear" Steves email address is As one member has said it would be best to close this thread as its not going any where.