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  1. Is there an easy way to check. I bought my 2010 RX in December with a1 year full lexus warranty. Wonder if they would cover that? Think I'll spring for the addtional two years for £900 odds.
  2. Absolutely brilliant, and the photos made it so much more interesting. Well done.
  3. Hmm, that must be a realistic option. It's only the one day he needs it for. He'll no doubt purloin mine when I get back from fishing.
  4. Hi, my son requires a car to carry two road bikes on a trip. He is in London with his bikes so I can't try myself but has anyone ever carried bikes inside the CT200 with the rear seats down with front wheels removed? He's understandably precious about rear mounted cyclke carriers given his bike cost in excess of £1000! I don't want to go to the expense of roof bars for a one off exercise, he normally would pinch my RX however I will be up in Sutherland on a fishing trip so he will have to use the cT. Thanks for any replies Ed
  5. I can't believe mechanics would randomly remove wheel archlinings on the offchance, I shall investigate when the weather gets a bit warmer, too damn cold upo here for that kind of nonsense!
  6. PS, brilliant write up and most interesting. Good quality photos as well. Well done
  7. There was a.ovely story going around in the late 70s and early 1980s about some poor chap who had been driven mad by a clicking from the rear of his Opel Senator, a very whizzy management car of the time. The dealers were at a total loss after a lot of checks. In the end they were given the go ahead to cut open a section of the rear of the body to find a steel ball bearing attached to the body by wire with a message to the effects "found it at last you capitalist basta..d'... A period of great social unrest in the car industry. Wonder why on earth you had that gaping hole in the bodywork? Revenge from a disgruntled Japanese worker!
  8. Hmm, I have a 2010 RX450, how would I access the area to keep it clean???
  9. Sorry Dagva, an obviously poor attempt at humour....
  10. Be very careful, ejector seat.....
  11. Can't argue with you on that score.
  12. They do say the reason Land Rovers are so good off the road, is because, they're always off the road! Just saying......
  13. Possibly a private purchase? Still, welcome to Lexus ownership, they are great cars, my all time favourite car was a 2005 IS300 Sportcross, I loved that carmore than my own right hand! You'll always get niggles like that, don't worry, with Spring coming you can tweak and sort these little jobs out and you'll have a car made during a period of great build quality for Lexus. Enjoy it and welcome to the forum. Lots of willing helpers here. Look at what you have, a sunroof, I really miss mine. Neither our CT or our RX has one, I'd willingly swap a.c for a sunroof. Ed
  14. Pick him up hopefully next week as he's out acting as a stud to a bitch on heat (a prior promise to another chap who wants his bloodline for some pups). Visited him earlier on this week and he's a lovely dog. Really well trained and on the silent whistle too, fit as a fiddle and good with kids; he's got a really good temperament and is a gentle dog. Everything I could have hoped for really. It's an awful long time since I was put out to stud. Happy days indeed. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. So you got that gorgeous beast then. Hope he fits in to your family nicely. The cage looks a good idea. Hmm