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  1. Michelin firmly state their tyres perform perfectly right down to the legal limit, 1.6mm. Be interesting to see
  2. That's a very pertinent point, well observed. Yes, having had a peek under mine there are certainly items lower than the sill.
  3. Voice recognition, I tried Home and it suggested sports centre, bit ironic for a fat guy....... I gave up too
  4. I had a 2005 IS300 Sportcross which wore 215 45 17 on 7j Wheels at the front, 225 45 17 with 7.5J on the rear. I suspect that would be the same set up as yours. The spare (Full size) was 215 45 17 and the dealer told me that it was ok to interchange on a temporary basis.
  5. There is a TSB about this problem. Just found it. l-sb-0026-11-10-11-rx350-steering-column-rattle-noise (1).pdf
  6. I have personal experience, I bought my 2010 RX450 SEi in December and the car rattled terribly from a number of areas. Glasgow Lexus were as superb as ever and sorted most of them out. I was told however I need a new steering column. Covered under warranty. I spotted on the US site that 2010 did throw up some similar issues so perhaps there is a known problem. I was told it was a £3K fix, that was what made me buy the additional 2 years warranty. Only problem is occasionally the radio turns off and spits out a CD. Not enough of a problem to report it at the moment but i will mention it at next December's service. Still loving the car and now averaging 35 mpg.
  7. I have a 2010 rx450 sei and I am delighted with it 70000 miles with original pads and Discs with only 40%wear. Getting 34 mpg.. I took out additional 2 year warranty for £960 for peace of mind. Only issue I have is very occasionally the radio switches off and spits out a cd. Warranty should cover it if it gets worse. Good luck Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  8. A neighbour has one, i do covet it......
  9. I'd like to thank everyone for their thoughts on this matter. We have a lot of very bright people in the club, I knew I would get an excellent quality of response and that's what I got. Although I paid for an additional warranty till December 2019 I will still ask just how expensive it would be to change it. I don't doubt Lexus build quality but the same oil for ten or more years?? Although the video appears to show a simple process my old Mercedes C Class (also sealed for life) definitely felt better for an oil change at 50K miles. I do intend to keep the car for a good few years (My wife tells me that is the case) so I'm just keen on avoiding any issues down the line. Thanks guys, always brilliant. Ed in Glasgow
  10. Evening, I have a 2010 RX450h and was curious if anyone had had their transmission fluid changed? I know in some cars it can be quite complex but I spotted this on youtube. I dont have the facilities, or inclination to be fair, but was just wondering if anyone else has had their oil changed?
  11. Evening Gentlemen, and Ladies, have noticed a few comments about underbody corrosion on RX models, notably RX450h items like fuel filler pipes. Would using Hammerite paint be a solution? They say it can be painted directly on to rust? Just an idle thought.
  12. Hi David, it was probably the simplest of all the bulbs to change, I bought Osram bulbs from Amazon, not the cheapest but i guessed they may last longer than unbranded bulbs? Some of the bulbs were really difficult to change, the worst being the rear passenger bulb! Changed to full LED for interior, left all external bulbs apart from reverse lights alone. Number plate were originally LED. Car does look lovely at night when opening doors....As you get older you do appreciate the strongest clearest light you can find.
  13. I changed my reversing lights to LED and there was a huge improvement.