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  1. Well done David, gorgeous colour and interior looks spotless. Car looks well cared for, worth paying the money for the right car. I had the 300 Sportcross, if it's the same engine, an inline 6 then it's the best engine i've ever known. Oh, and a sunroof, the only thing I really miss in my RX450. Enjoy it, nice stable of cars to have. Ed
  2. I loved the tape deck on my old IS300 Sportcross. Can't stand CDs, and even worse, USB sticks. Just takes up where you left it, more modern tech seems to go back to the beginning with me. Once got thoroughly confused listening to a Sherlock Holmes story on CD only to discover it had been on f***ing shuffle mode! I knew that particular character had died earlier....
  3. I would imagine a higher mileage exhaust would be in far better nick than one which only does short journeys. Agree it's probably wickedly expensive. If mine went I may even consider a custom made S/S exhaust, surely cheaper than Lexus OEM
  4. I did also and put myself down for 24hrs in an NX though I don't see myself stepping down from the RX, I have grown to love this car, it wasn't love at first sight, it did take a while.
  5. You're coming North in October, mad fool. Actually October can be a beautiful month in October and the colours can be stunning. Enjoy it greatly. Ed Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  6. I'm in Scotland full time and it is hilly but with a gentle foot I've averaged 33.6mpg since December, it does drop int he cooler months and makes up for it with the (Scottish) summer temperatures. Im pleased as my previous Merc C200K Estate was very similar, good on a long run, but around town was 24 mpg. Around town the Lexus still breaks 30. I wish i could just take it off eco setting for a couple of tanks to see how it fared but I'm just a typically mean Scot!
  7. For Sale set of Lexus RX450H tyres in excellent condition from 2010 model year RX. In generally excellent with only two small kerb rashes, too small to consider refurbishing. Photos will show the kerbing. Tyres are Bridgestone Dueller OE equipment. Tyres have 3 - 4mm though edges on 2 worn due to under inflation but tyres still perfectly legal and safe. Only for sale due to 18" wheels now fitted. Priced at £275.00 Lexus_RX_450_Wheels_&
  8. RX450H accessory tray

    Geoff, those two points have niggled me too, if i find anything I will share it.
  9. Butlers get terrible press, no-one ever looks closely at the nanny, Louise Woodward anyone.....
  10. I'm hooked on this story......
  11. Very interesting point re LPG, I had no idea it was so clean on the engine. Interesting
  12. I'd go for the premium product, I use Shell V Power in my cars, can't say it's noticeably better, perhaps a 2-3mpg improvement,but i do believe the added detergents are a plus factor in keeping the fuel and engine cleaner,and, in the grand scheme of things, with an average of 50mpg it's not going to break the bank. There have been too many reported cases of supermarket fuels causing issues, rightly or wrongly, for me to take the risk. I don't want to get in to a heated discussion, just my tuppenceworth.
  13. I had an Alfasud, I'll bet the house that it rusted faster than your Spitfire. Did love it though. It took me a while to grow to love the RX but i do indeed, I bought mine in December, wouldn't swap it now. Hope you grow to love it too.
  14. Love the colour, oh, and a sunroof....... Enjoy it.
  15. Very much like the new car but for me it was your lovely Sportcross. I had a 2005 IS300 Sportcross, on reflection the best car I've owned in 40 years. Not to detract from the RX, it's brilliant and just as comfortable, and a lot less juicy! Have heard brilliant reviews of the Michelin Cross Climate but also, the AVon ZX7, a lot cheaper. Enjoy the car and welcome back to the fold. Ed PS, where was the Sportcross photographed, looks a lot like Wester ross?