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  1. I have a 2010 SEi and it certainly has the hill hold feature. It should work just as Rayaan described. HTH
  2. Rayaans, I was given 22, Correct and 26", Is that correct, i thought they were closer to 25" on the car? What did you get for the drivers side? Thanks Ed
  3. Honest John of the Daily Telegraph certainly loves the car....
  4. I pondered this too before going the hybrid route but I learnt the technology is actually very impressive and reliable. Whilst there must be some degree of wear on the batteries, all batteries will degrade, there appear to have been very few cases of battery failure. Think of all the Prius taxis with 400K miles still on original batteries. Unless going for hyper mile examples or very poorly maintained cars that's not an area of concern. If you find a well cared for example I would snap it up. The main areas of concern seem to be brakes and suspension, and even then no worse than any other manufacturer. Good luck and good hunting
  5. Don't need them yet however as OEM I have ordered a pair, £27.84 with the 30% discount. Cheers Rayaans
  6. My father used to call the television at home the 'Idiot's Lantern'. I guess that's a fair comparison between the inbuilt Sat Nav and the latest updated phone apps you can get now. I do however like the inbuilt nav for showing me the upcoming bends and twist roads on unfamiliar stretches! I'm getting a bit of a fuelly freak and enjoy the mpg bar charts! I just need to ensure it doesn't turn me into Miss Dasiy....
  7. Happy Easter everyone from a rain soaked West of Scotland!
  8. That's a good point well made! Then again, if you knew my wife........
  9. Perhaps I'm just getting on in years but adjusting Sat Nav on the move in modern cars is quite time consuming and therefore quite dangerous. I have to agree with Lexus on this one. Too many people are distracted by onboard technology. Sometimes I long for an old push button radio!
  10. Another toyota/lexus issue arising? This should be reported. As far as I can see it's not an easily accessible area to inspect. I have seen some reports from RX owners with this issue.
  11. Nothing to lose by taking it back to Kwik Fit and pointing out the feathering
  12. Sorry to hear that, he was excellent. Oh well, I shall keep my ear to the ground. Thanks for that. Nice to see a fellow Scot on the forum, felt rather lonely...
  13. That's a very interesting observation Les, I will put it to him. I may have a trip to Edinburgh in a couple of weeks. Thanks Ed
  14. Possibly, as car is new to me, and quite different from previous car, I'm not 100% positive. The guy at CLCM is a wizard and I would trust him for sure. I'll let you know.