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  1. A very simple explanation but perfect sense. I'd never given it thought before, thank you John. Ed
  2. I hear very good reports on the Avon ZX7 as a reasonable balance of quality and cost. If money no object i would go for Michelin Cross Climate but they are pretty expensive, fine if we get a terrible winter as they are said to be excellent.They certainly worked a treat on my last car, a C Class estate, transformed it in poor conditions. I was lucky and sourced a brand new set of 18" Wheels and tyres from a brand new RX200T, the owner wanted 20" for some reason. They were fitted with Dunlop SportMaxx and they are a definite improvement on the Bridgestone Duellers that were OEM on my car. Nexen are certainly around, they're not as bad as some of the Chinese 'ditchfinders' I have read reports about. Sorry not to give you a definitive reply. PS, is this your first SUV, it is 2.2 tonnes and they certainly don't stop as fast as conventional saloons or estates? Sorry to read your story
  3. It is, the outlet isn't there until 2011, sadly, what a stupid place to put outlets!
  4. Is there any user interface improvement? When I updated my last Merc it was a much nicer and useable screen? Also, if you don't mind, how much was it? Ed
  5. 4RX Tyres

    Ah youth, don't you just miss it!
  6. 4RX Tyres

    I've seen you driving like a loony on dashcams..........LOL
  7. On my last car I used a car battery tyre inflator to blow the vents clean inserting a valve into a junction between the pump motor and the actual jets, remarkable just how filthy the gunk that was blown clear. Result was perfectly working fan jets agian. HTH
  8. I would second that piece of advice, low fob batteries do strange things.
  9. Tow Bar - a bit twitchy!

    I don't think fitting a towbar requires any cooling, it's when you are towing heavy items such as caravans that there is a lot of stress on the cooling and lubrication systems and i understand people fit additional oil and radiator systems. I only wanted a bike carrier so no need. I suppose a caravan site may offer more advice. I do hear the RX range make excellent towcars so someone on those sites will offer best advice.
  10. Tow Bar - a bit twitchy!

    Oil cooler? Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  11. Tow Bar - a bit twitchy!

    I only had mine fitted for a bike carrier so can't comment on cooling options, sorry
  12. Tow Bar - a bit twitchy!

    I have a 2010 RX450 and recently had a towbar supplied and fitted by PF Jones, an ebay site. No cutout to the bumper at all. It's a detachable swan neck. Give them a phone, they were very helpful. Total was about £400 from memory. Can't be sure of RX300 but I'm sure they will know. Just checked their website, there is a non detachable model with no bumper cuts.
  13. You had a really poor day to come to Loch Lomond! Wild night but now breezy and very sunny. Glad you're enjoying the Lexus, I love it for road trips
  14. Well done David, gorgeous colour and interior looks spotless. Car looks well cared for, worth paying the money for the right car. I had the 300 Sportcross, if it's the same engine, an inline 6 then it's the best engine i've ever known. Oh, and a sunroof, the only thing I really miss in my RX450. Enjoy it, nice stable of cars to have. Ed