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  1. I checked this - only camera is in a Pizza Hut doorway pointing to the immediate area just outside the door. No car park cameras installed. I remember reading a post a while ago about taking up two parking spots at the far reaches of a car park (where there's never anyone parked) - might adopt this !!
  2. Thanks Normski - have downloaded it. I like to keep the PDF's on file for instances like this... Will put it back in place for the time being - will probably look to get it re-sprayed or to get a clean one from Ebay. Looking at the actual damage, I was lucky as the spot light is also marked so I think I got away lightly, although not my fault !!
  3. Ouch ! - but it looks like the bumper done its job
  4. Also check your brake fluid level
  5. Its all moving mechanical parts - they need to be looked after and on a regular basis. If you have worked on brakes before then its a simple process to strip down / clean / re-grease and put back together again - should be a regular inspection and grease at the minimum of once a year. Especially the slide pins which are prone to seizing. Sounds like its either your caliper pistons sticking or pins sticking - you may be lucky at this stage and be able to quite easily clean them up but if you leave them longer you may find they seize up - its a good idea to get to know how to re-grease the pins as they will need to be done at some point during ownership (per year) All 4 corners will need to be done and the job, if taking your time, should take no more than an hour MAX to do.
  6. Gutted 10 years old and not a mark on it (until now) - parked in B&Q car park - out of the way I might add - at the other end of the car park, not one car near me at all and came back to this. !! I was only in the store for 5 minutes max, took longer to walk from the car to the store door than I was in the shop....Looked on dash cam footage as it had kicked in when hit but there were a few cars driving off, could not catch the number plates as bushes obscured the view. Guess its lucky really, damage to the bumper only so could have been a lot worse - the bang pushed the bumper out of its securing clips. Managed to get it clipped back in but there is still a gap. No one gives a **** these days !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The scratches on the bumper are not seriously deep but they wont polish out - a couple might but its a paint job to get back to good. Would like to get the bumper back in line though. Anyone know how the bumpers come off. I plan on keeping the car - its 10 years old and I will get the bumper back in line but thoughts on getting it re-sprayed? With it being a front bumper will the paint last what with the stone chips etc?
  7. REEEEZULT !!! Road closed for 3 weeks from 24th This month If anything its being repaired - need to chase insurance company now.
  8. also consider when you eventually come to sell it (if you did buy it) how do you explain the mileage to interested buyers. Also - Its easy to check the model of the car as there is a label stuck on the inner door but again, I guess this can be forged or removed.
  9. Do you have a paper licence or a plastic photo id one?
  10. I am hoping it is the wheels - quite an easy repair and wont cost £1000's I have seen these style before, come up from time to time on Ebay. They are a nice style.
  11. I have bottomed this problem out (hopefully) Thanks for the pointers to the wheels being imbalanced – it was a part of the issue but not one that noticeably stood out, I took the plunge with one of the first jobs I had on my list to do to see if there were any issues. I had the rear wheels removed, one by one, and had the tyres removed to check the inner alloy for corrosion. Found the inner rim where the tyre sits and seals to the rim was corroded badly on both but worse on one. Had the front tyres removed and the same, one was bad and one not too bad. Tyre pressures – I regularly check the pressures and top up as required. I generally use the car around town – small journeys with the occasional long one – when I noticed the shudder more it was over two months where I put quite a bit of motorway miles on the car and obviously at higher speeds than that done around town. I didn’t check the pressures during this time as there was no air machine in the petrol garages I used to fill up in.. When I checked the pressures when used around town they were all within a couple of psi tolerance – I set the fronts to 35 and the rears to 38 so I was happy with that as it allows for the cold weather conditions and the wheels / tyres not coming up to temp. When I measured the pressures after the long journeys they were all over the place – measuring at rears, 20psi / 30psi fronts at 30psi and 32psi. So I am thinking due to the wide varying difference between around town driving and the motorway driving then heat will have been the indication in possibly relaxing the seal of the tyre on the corroded wheels as it lost pressure from when it was being driven over a long distance (1 x 800 mile round trip and 1 x 700 mile round trip) The inner rim has been cleaned up as best as can be for now but am expecting it not to last. I will leave it for a while just to see if that was actually the issue – it seems to be behaving now with no shudder on a short run I done. Am not ruling out the shafts as the issue fits with the symptoms of a failing one but if the wheel rim clean has cured it then I think I will be changing the wheels – may keep these for winter tyres to go on. If I am looking for new wheels I will be putting on 18”s – what wheel sizes should I be looking for and ideally the tyre size?
  12. Cheers - I am having the tyres checked tomorrow Since I have owned the car the diff oil has not been changed (not sure if it was done before either - (I have owned it from 60k miles) - I was not aware that this was part of the schedule although it was my intention to do it a while back as I looked into getting the drain plug washers but I am sure there was a reason I never done it. I think I brought it up on the forum but there was a reason why not to do it? It can be checker or rather changed as part of the process of finding the issue - can ask the garage next week to do this as don't expect it to be a big job.