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  1. Makes sense and looks like a very easy process (just like bleeding your brakes !!) I never understood why it was claimed that oil changes could not be done on this box - glad I have had it done though but may be of use if the process in the vid can be done on these cars as it could be easier than people think and its definitely a job that needs to be done on a regular interval (100k is too long..) The auto boxes on ours are cooled and the temp is regulated through a sensor mounted on the box itself - the change needs to be done at temp which is one point that was not mentioned in the vid
  2. Had a partial gearbox oil change today. Cant be done in a one step process so its being done over 3 months or when I can fit the time in to get it done. Asked for a sample of oil from the box to compare to the new oil. Car is almost on 101,000 miles and I have no idea if this change has been made at any point in the past (no history either). Sample used oil was in a small jar initially but I put them both into plastic bags to compare better and to see if I could feel any contamination which I couldn't. The smell on the old oil was bad - smelt like old engine oil (a bit burnt). The oil in the picture (coloured red) is the new - the black oil is out of the box. This may very well be a lifetime oil in the box but I would really like to question what the expected lifetime of the car is from the manufacturer as this used oil is very bad and needs changing and at a sooner interval than 100k although this must depend on use The gearbox operation has noticeably changed - smoother gear changes in auto mode but stll a bit noticeable between changes but I expect that to get better over time when the further oil changes have been completed. Will update when the 3rd change has been done. Picture below
  3. This may sound like a daft thing to check against something that seems to point to the rear antenna but I had interference on the radio stations a while back even in areas where I knew there was a strong signal. Not long after that I needed to replace the car battery as it started to fail and once the battery was replaced the interference went away. I didn't do any other work but I did disconnect the heat sensor on the battery box and re-connect it when the battery was fitted. You might want to try two things that wont cost you anything 1. Disconnect the sensor, clean and re-connect it. 2. Disconnect the battery, both terminals, leave for an hour or so, re-connect and then try the radio stations. You will need to reset the windows etc This worked for me but maybe by chance more than anything?
  4. Another MOT passed and the first one with the "home made" exhaust I put on the car. I am just interested to see what emission readings other owners have that still have the OEM exhaust on their car - I don't really understand the sheet that comes with the MOT read out but is as follows: Fast Idle Test CO % vol: Max limit = 0.2 / Actual = 0.14 HC PPM Vol: Max limit = 200 / Actual value = 59 Natural Idle Test CO % Vol: Max limit = 0.3 / Actual Value = 0.16 Is this along the lines of an OEM exhaust?
  5. There are loads of types out there - I bought 20 of the ones recommended by bernieeccles and they are just right, fit perfectly.
  6. Look through the "Owner Recommendations" for the Wurth rubber restorer. I bought this for mine as the boot would stick to the rubber seal - I needed to use it a few times but its got rid of the sticking now. \have used it on my wifes convertible seals and can vouch for it as it seems to work well.
  7. Lexus, at least my closest dealer (Chester) only sell the touch up stick and don't do the aerosol for some reason
  8. If the rubber boots that fit over the pins are working as they should be on the calipers then the pins should not be exposed to any sort of dirt and that includes brake dust. The rubber boots should be tight and flexible and should expand the full range of motion of the pin without popping out of the groove that it sits in. What grease are you using for the pins? If you have had to use grit paper to clean them then if the rubbers are shot you may run a higher risk of them rusting if, like you say, dirt (brake dust) and water is getting in. Using a grit paper would have scored the pin surface. Are you talking about the slide pins or the brake pad securing pins?
  9. I have had it for 4 years - put 40k on it and its at 100k now - I have only topped it up during ownership so I guess it needs doing whatever way you look at it. Would be nice to know how its changed and also what quantity is required. Failing that, its going in for a gearbox oil change and I can also ask the dealer to do the coolant as well, but would really like to knopw how its done.
  10. That's what I have found - and when you add postage to it they are very expensive Just bought 20 from the site Bernie has recommended for £3.99 - will have plenty spare and will let you know how they fit thanks guys !
  11. Perfect - Thanks Bernie 20 for £3.99 - cant complain at that price - beats £25 !! Nice find for the web site as well.
  12. Thanks John - I have these as the part number required so its good to know that someone else has confirmed the part number. Have only found these in the states though but will keep an eye out for UKI availability
  13. It is if you need a few of them - over the years they do come loose and lost. I have replaced quite a few and down to a couple of spares that don't really fit. Have found them available in the states and at £25 for 10 then while they will do, they are the ones that have come off originally and I have replaced so a bit reluctant to buy them.
  14. I am planning some jobs for when the weather is better. One is a coolant change - whats the interval for changing this? Has anyone done a full change of coolant and any walkthrough about how to go about it?
  15. These are the push down type that secure the covers in the engine bay. I have bought these in the past from ebay but are either too small and don't hold the cover that well (without rattling) or too big and break. Anyone have any recommendations of good ones that fit well (other than OEM)