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  1. New Lexus

    This one as well - most of the nice cars had "nappies" on the bumpers ..why bother with a nice car if you have to cover them in protection - didn't work for the one in the picture though ....
  2. Just back home from a trip to New York Saw this steam powered Lexus over there and thought I gotta take a picture ..!!!!
  3. I was thinking you could use the emergency unlock tool but I guess its in the tool bag in the boot?
  4. Thanks Shahpor Never thought to look in the manual
  5. Anyone know if its an easy process to take the two jets off in order to clean out - the drivers side on mine is still working but only sprays through half of the jet. Have had a quick look and it looks like the bonnet noise insulation needs to come off first?
  6. Best to take it off / sand and repaint like you have said as if replacing it then you would have to take it off anyway I know what you mean about the quality of the arms as mine have bubbled and I have often thought about repainting them. May well do so when I change the wiper blades.
  7. Mines an 07 and its in the location that Normski has pointed out - yours should be the same
  8. That looks quite similar, if not the same, as the IS250 centre section
  9. Ok - just to take everyones mind off the raging insurance debate that Linas has.... I have never quite understood the explanation of this. When we are told to reset the ECU, for whatever reason, the car re-learns what the driving style is. What does this mean? I get the fact that it will re-learn a few of the technical bits like fuel RON types being used etc / emmissions etc but driving style???? Does this mean that if I reset the ECU in the morning and immediately drive like Mrs Daisy to work then the car will "set itself up" in that driving style until reset again or does the ECU continually monitor the driving and amend to the different driving conditions and if I switched to F1 mode it would compensate for that? Not being ignorant, just not fully understood what this process actually does, a bit like the self check it does when you first turn the car on, in that instance what is it self checking that the ECU isn't?
  10. Nice ... question ... There doesn't seem to be any damage from the drop down the chimney !?
  11. Tyre wear

    Thanks - will get it checked this week
  12. Tyre wear

    I posted as you replied - from the picture it looks like Toe Wear - is it conceivable to think that there could be an issue with bushes on both sides - would one failing on say the passenger side produce the same wear on both tyres?
  13. Tyre wear

    Looks like Toe Wear from the pictures above but no where near as bad as in the picture
  14. squealing brakes at low speeds

    With the weight of the car it will roll "freely" down a hill - depends what he means by "freely". If you are doing it this way then its best to drive along a flat straight - when slow and at a crawl then put car into neutral and see how it stops - if it stops with a jerk then you have problems - it it gradually stops smooth with no jerk then chances are its ok. Check the alloys for heat after a run - all should be the same temp - if theres any that are hotter than the others then theres an issue with pads binding / seized calipers. How long have you owned the car and when were the slide pins last checked and greased?
  15. I greased the caliper slide pins today (front and back) - I make a point of doing this twice a year. When I had the tyres off I noticed both front tyres have uneven tyre wear - they are both wearing on the inner edge of the tyre - other surfaces are fine and while not bald (yet) its noticeable that the inners are wearing unevenly. I had an issue with tyre pressures for a while before I found out what that issue was (corrosion inside the wheel causing the tyre seal to break and leak air the same as a slow puncture. So it could be a result of that? When I greased the slide pins back in March I did not notice any wear on the tyres but I have done a bit more miles than usual since then. The first thing I will do is get the alignment checked as I do remember going over a bad pothole in April (felt like driving over a cave!!) - considering the wear is on the inner os both front tyres is there anything else that could be checked? Oh - and two healthchecks done by Lexus on the current recalls (fuel seal and airbag) - both this month have not indicated any issues with the obvious wear on the tyres but they did say the caliper operation were a bit tight !! Had a look today before re-greasing the pins and theres nothing wrong with them!!