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  1. IS300 2JZ-GE NAT #no compromise

    New bearings come today, Paul from whifbitz got them quickly sent out, top man 👍should have the pistons, rings and rods assembled on the weekend.
  2. Is your car male or female?

    Mine is a she but going through the change 😂 shes mid op to become a he
  3. IS300 2JZ-GE NAT #no compromise

    Yeh its a shame about the bearings but whifbitz are sorting it now, paul has emailed me today and ive sent them back. Made a start on the rings too, got 3 pistons assembled 3 more to go. Its very easy with the proper ring filer, just took my time and followed the instructions to the letter. Pictures coming when the other 3 are done.
  4. IS300 2JZ-GE NAT #no compromise

    Yeh its a little annoying but these things happen i guess, whifbitz are a good company so i have faith in them. Im not entirely sure how its happened because the turbo looks like it has come in from another company, so i dont know if whifbitz have recieved it and put the bearings in the box and shipped it on to me or if the other company has put them in there. Either way there was no protection for them at all. There is boost lab stickers all over the box which is an american company so it may have been them.
  5. IS300 2JZ-GE NAT #no compromise

    So my rod bearings and turbo have come....... but the rod bearings are damaged. Ive emailed whifbitz about it and just waiting for a response, it was just poorly packaged and the turbo has dented/crushed the bearings so its a little set back but its ok im sure it will be sorted. The turbo on the other hand ......... jesus ***** it is huuuuuuuuuge!!! Alot bigger in person compared to looking at pictures of it! Just for comparison ive placed a 2ltr coke bottle next to it, keep in mind this is slightly larger than the normal 2ltr And 1 next to honey 😂 Will crack on with piston ring gaps tomorrow and hopefully my bearings wont set me back too much
  6. My IS200-99

    Yeh i think the UK took it from you 😂, we had around 20-25cm just before xmas
  7. My IS200-99

    Ah you are use to the snow then! Yeh will be nice to get her in there and out of the snow
  8. My IS200-99

    Where is it you are from? Bet you cant wait to get it tucked away in the new garage!
  9. I remember when i was a tech at lexus there was an official repair for this cracking noise from the heater/radio controls. You had to strip the panel down and remove the circuit board, then had to stick these small circular stickers on the board where it bolts to the casing then refit everything
  10. Lexus 06 IS220d Heating Problem

    You only get mayo like substance in the filler cap if coolant is leaking into the oil system some how, 220d normally get compression into the cooling system and or coolant into the cylinder bore where it is burnt off this may keep the temp gauge sitting pretty but cause an air lock in the matrix. Classic sign of this is black stains and exhaust gasses in the expansion tank, rock hard coolant pipes to the point you cant even slightly squeeze them and coolant stains all over the engine bay, where the expansion tank cap has relieved the pressure and blown it out of the small pipe off the tank filler neck across the engine bay. As you have said though it could be a blocked matrix or any of those flaps/motors on the heater box. I would definatly start with the coolant level check.
  11. Dinho where are these meets organised through? Looks like there was a decent turn out on that video with some nicely modded IS's
  12. Lexus 06 IS220d Heating Problem

    Is there any coolant in the expansion tank? 1st easy thing to check. If its empty its leaking somewhere, water pumps are known for leaking on these and dare i say it ......... dreaded head gasket failure but it may not be this so dont panic
  13. Lexus Almost Gets Hit!

    People are just thick sometimes arnt they! I know this place well, can just see the wolves ground in the distance
  14. IS300 2JZ-GE NAT #no compromise

    Had another part turn up yesterday thanks to co-ordsport (part box) my mishimoto oil sandwich plate is here. Got this trial fitted to just to see how it went on, it can be rotated to sit in what ever position you need for the ports. This will now allow me take an oil feed for the turbo and also fit oil pressure/temp sensors for gauges. Rod bearings are going to be here on monday along with my turbo, cannot wait to get some momentum back to this build! Hope you guys are enjoying the updates, ive been toying with the idea of doing a youtube channel dedicated for the build, not that confident infront of the camera though so we will see how that goes
  15. IS300 2JZ-GE NAT #no compromise

    Thanks, ive always been to car shows and seen really clean engine bays and shiny parts fitted and everything looking brand new but alot of my cars have been clean under the bonnet but not to this level, i thought i may aswell go the whole hog and do it