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  1. The one in the Ford is right annoying. At night you can see the wires due to oncoming lights from cars and also in bright sunlight. I believe they're a PITA to sort out if you happen to crack the windscreen and some insurance companies are saying the excess of approx £70 for a new screen applies to standard screens only. Tank is 62L on 3RX and 4RX. It should be getting roughly 400-500 miles per tank but the cruising range is very cautious. When it shows low fuel, Ive still only managed to fit around 47L in
  2. Gap insurance and Smart repair cover is cheaper elsewhere. Id pass both those. I didn't bother with either.
  3. I dont think the new VED is going to make much difference in all honesty. People with more than £40k to spend on a car have £450 a year to spend on road tax. I dont think itll make much difference to cars less than £40k as I reckon they'll just start adding greater discounts on them.
  4. Yes the weight does help. The IS300h is the same, its pretty good in snow for RWD and the snow mode helps as well. Previous Merc was atrocious but it was sorted by sticking 2x25kg bags of coal in the boot.
  5. The lag on all the current hybrids is pretty much exactly the same which would suggest its probably been built in. TBH I would say its saved me a couple of times at traffic lights behind those plonkers who don't move off until 2 seconds after a green light and the ones who stall. Cant remember the lag to be as bad on a 400h. It was there on my 300 but I think that was more the gearbox being a bit hesitant sometimes.
  6. It'll probably have to reach Lexus reliability standards first. They'll test their version so much it'll be around 2020 before it makes it on Lexus models
  7. Worth pointing out that software updates don't happen overnight either so it'll take a while. They'll be coming out circa 1 year after any incidents have been noted and logged
  8. The CT is being replaced by the UX soon anyway
  9. Should be coming. It's a worldwide recall Doesnt mean that it happens, it only happens in certain occasions such as when removing the seat belt
  10. The lag has been built in by Lexus due to "unintended acceleration" lawsuit in the US. My lighting is also pretty good. It's bright enough. If you want to change the bulbs, use a credit card to get to them.
  11. Because ford has the patent for heated windscreens and I don't believe Lexus has been given permission to use it. The MPG is never going to hit claimed mpg. That's with all cars, not just the RX
  12. Doesn't work well with the CT. It handles better but it's harsh. The facelift CT Advance model has harder suspension than my RX F Sport and IS F Sport. The RX handles about the same as the CT but the IS will run rings around it. I find it very odd and can only assume it's down to the short wheelbase
  13. Premier has more kit - LED headlights, Mark Levinson to name a few. I find the F-Sport to be pretty harsh in the CT.
  14. The current F-Sport CT is harder than the pre-facelift SE-L thats for sure. Id probably go for a Premier TBH.
  15. Thats a silly idea. 1) the new VED is going to be used for repairing public roads. If you only have new car purchase tax (which already exists BTW and is called VAT), not only is the price of the car going to go up meaning less people buy new cars and hence government dont make any VAT, but also, there won't be any "running" tax year on year which means revenue will go down. 2) Price of fuel in the UK is already atrocious. Much of the price we pay is tax. Adding more duty onto fuel means more expense for anyone who travels and busineses who pay for fuel. But again, I dont think they can generate enough income from it. Take a Ford Fiesta which will now be on £140 a year from April. If driving 10k per year, with an MPG of 50, you need 200 gallons of fuel per year so about 900L. To make £140 per year off fuel, you need to raise the price of fuel by 15p which is ridiculous really as its already so high. The whole idea is that C02 has nearly been taken out of the equation is because currently, everyone buys eco cars which are peanuts to tax per year and hence reduced revenue to a point where it makes it unsustainable. The most popular car in the UK is the Ford Fiesta - generating £140 from them will probably generate the same amount as it currently does with all cars combined.