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  1. Yes Lexus Bradford would move it closer as its part of the same group as Stockport. Having said that, Stockport isn't too far away. Speak to Jason Ozanne if you fancy the Stockport one, I bought my last car from him and the condition of their cars is mostly very good. Worth remembering that some of the demos are actually manager owned cars so those ones will be in very good shape. most of the demos I have seen are in good nick, the odd few are not and they usually get bunged up in auction once they dont sell for a while.
  2. Blue/Grey is one of the more common colour combos for the RC. If you buy approved used, the cars should be in pretty good nick and any issues sorted before you drive it off. There's no two ways about it, financially its almost always better off buying a used car. I recently travelled a 3 hour round trip to get my new RX - was 1 year old and with 12k miles on - £16.5k off list!! Also worth remembering that if its at a Lexus dealer, if there's a dealership of the same group closer to you, they'll move it over so you can take a look - bear that in mind as it can be quite handy Lexus Stockport have a demo with 18k miles on it, sunroof and Premium nav but it has the black interior - they've listed at £32k which would be £4.5k under the discounted RC price. They are part of the RRG group so will bring the car to Lexus Bradford if you want for viewing If you're not too fussed about the Road Tax, check out the RC200T - Nottingham have one with sunroof listed at £29k.
  3. Its a very specialised part so its going to be difficult to find on Ebay - having said that, there is one on ebay but its the same price as what Lexus want for it. I'd definitely recommend going to a breaker and getting it from there. The RX300, 350 and 400h ones from between 2004-2009
  4. Yes, but rarely get to drive the IS! Only on the odd occasion.
  5. That wiper behaviour is odd, I haven't had any vehicle where the wipers just stop mid sweep! Potential worry there and didn't you just have your screen changed? The regenerative brakes do make it difficult to come to a smooth stop, yes, so perhaps its that but you could also have warped discs.
  6. Can't be altered. The 12 inch screens have a different set up. It's not like the previous IS. The 2017 IS now has the same system though.
  7. Nope, i suspect its a projector. It doesn't display the nav screen, its different.
  8. Yes the interior really is a love it or hate it kind of affair. My wife didn't like it, I thought it was fine. Main problem was the front interior space - or lack of it. It felt like a higher version of the IS i.e. had that cocooned feeling and didn't feel any bigger inside to me and smaller than my 3RX which is about the same size. How do you find the drivetrain knowing that the NX is heavier and has less power than the IS? The drivetrain was the deal breaker for me - I would have ordered a Mesa Red/Red F-Sport NX with Premier pack and pan roof but I just couldn't get on with the drivetrain after driving a 3RX for so long.
  9. Ours is an early 63 plate with Premium nav and has it so I would assume its also on the other models. You had to go into the audio settings and then click on the next tab where it gives you options for surround and leveliser. I would think its the same on the NX too.
  10. No idea But I know that the HUD is built into the dashboard and the dash is cut out which is not there on the ones without You can see it just in front of the steering wheel where the dashboard meets the windscreen Cars without the HUD don't have this cutout. Either way, it'd be a dash removal job.
  11. As mentioned already in the LC section, the figures are wrong. A 4.0l twin turbo V8 is going to produce a heck lot more than 500 pound feet of torque. Lexus have a new 3.5l twin turbo V6 in the LS500 that has 450 pound feet.
  12. A detailed and we'll written review. I agree with your views on the interior and im disappointed Lexus haven't come out with an all new model as surely it would be popular. I'm not so sure on the ride of the Advance. I found it incredibly firm, more so than my 3RX F Sport and much more than my 4RX F Sport. My wife's IS F Sport feels about the same as my 4RX. I find that my sons Golf manages to be the same size with better suspension and more useable space although it's not as smooth
  13. The option should be there. It was in my 3RX as well and should be exactly as Graham has showed Make sure you do this when the car is fully turned on. You can have them to lock when taking out from PARK, and also when getting up to speed. Having said that, I believe there was a safety issue in RXs post 2014 and issue remember reading that vehicles had had this option removed. Mine was an early post-facelift 2012 F Sport. Can others confirm which year there's is?
  14. Blame certainly does lie with the dealer. It should have been done before sent off to be delivered. As David said, it's very unlike them, usually they even deliver the car personally and show you all the functions for an hour afterwards. Anyway, atleast it's done now so you can get on with enjoying the car
  15. Interesting thoughts after 40k. I still think the IS is good looking and still looks futuristic. With regard to volume control, do you mean the audio or the sat nav? Wife's definitely has the audio control at speed which counters the slight road noise. You can hear the volume going up very slightly and down again mainly on and off the motorway. Think its called sound levelizer or something like that.