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  1. 2018 Lexus NX Facelift

    Selection of videos for those who may be interested - apologies in advance for the Safety on board a plane style narration and the funky music!
  2. Mylex

    Id be checking to make sure the wheels were balanced, alignment was OK and Suspension for a start.
  3. Your Dashcam Compilations?

    I do find his videos quite hilarious though. Seen his car pootling around Bradford sometimes as well.
  4. Your Dashcam Compilations?

    Copy and post the whole youtube link with in it. Otherwise it doesn't embed BMW driver was going at like 50mph down that road! Got some more footage in but itll take a while to make a compilation. Lets just say it involves a BMW, one that was marked for starters!
  5. In terms of selling I've used all of them. Sold most cars using autotrader but recently my sons previous car was sold on ebay within 1 week And then I sold a MINI on Gumtree for asking price within 3 days
  6. Your Dashcam Compilations?

    Nah no rants at all. It's my sons car and his videos. I've seen the original footage and he just says Oh ***** a few times or laughs Yh that's probably the Electric Dashcam Man lol
  7. Probably worth changing all 4 tyres and not just 2. How did you come to the conclusion that it was the fronts and not the backs? Low profile tyres are more likely to cause tramlining. One way to solve it is to check the load ratings, make sure its not overly high and certainly not XL rated as they can cause tramlining. Could potentially be a more serious issue ie suspension/bushes in upper suspension etc In terms of road noise from coarse tarmac - I have yet to find a vehicle in which it is exactly the same as smooth tarmac. The Lexus 4RX is pretty close however and I dont doubt that the new LS will be a game changer in the Lexus range for this.
  8. IS 300H RWD

    Better than a BMW/Merc, I can tell you that much. I think its to do with the hybrid battery pack sitting over the rear wheels helping in terms of down pressure. If you look at most BMW's/Mercs, they barely have anything over the back wheels so they just spin out - unless you put a few 25kg bags of coal in the boot that is
  9. Cross bars for panoramic roof

    Dont think you can on the NX with pan roof. It has no roof rails to attach to or even holes for them You'd need a rear bicycle holder
  10. Id check that vehicle out thoroughly before purchase. I bought my 4RX from cheltenham and wasn't happy with the prep and I had to sort out quite a few cosmetic issues myself which I wouldn't expect on a 1 year old vehicle. In other words, their prep is substandard. I wouldn't be worried about the mileage myself. Mine had 46k on when sold and didn't feel any different to when new. As long as the maintenance has been done, it's fine. Cheltenham sold my 2012 white/black with ML and tracker at 46k for £2350 for reference. It was on for £23990 Also wouldn't be worried about ebay either. It's the individual dealers that you need to be wary about.
  11. Lexus NX Reverse Light(s)

    yes - the other side is a fog light
  12. A Couple of 2017 CT200h Sport Questions

    Well lets just say you shouldn't really have to change brakes under 80-100k miles. My 3RX was on 60% wear with 46k miles on it! Unfortunately, the RX does chew through tyres though - my 4RX is currently on 4mm at 13k miles lol
  13. LC-F

    They'd be mad not to offer it in the UK or Europe but indeed it might be a special order. Still £160k is steep - circa £100-110k would be ideal. The LC is an odd one, Lexus themselves have stated it even competes with an Aston Martin DB11 and a Porsche 911. Both very very different vehicles IMO
  14. 18 Inch alloy corrosion

    Just to add to this - The Nisshoku wheels were indeed discontinued as not many people bought them and they did have issues with the finish peeling. I believe some owners were offered brand new original spec wheels for free to replace them. In the past, especially on the 2nd generation IS and RX, it wasn't really the finish of the wheel that was the problem. It was the metal underneath which was more prone to corrosion and therefore would cause the paint to bubble and peel off. In newer models, this does not appear to be the case. Corrosion on the 3IS, 3RX and 4RX is extremely rare and only occurs if using harsh acidic chemicals on the wheels every wash. These chemicals should not be used routinely but once a year will not do much harm if any (speaking from personal experience). On the older wheels, touch it with acidic wheel cleaner and you'd notice a new paint bubble the day after! I believe the new wheels are all made by BBS.