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  1. Only about 2 miles from where I live. Looks like a shed though - fairly nasty accident by the looks of it
  2. Its fine in normal driving and you won't notice the extra weight unless really pushing - and I mean 3 figures on the B roads. The problems is more with its width, its hard to judge where the car sits on the road - its extremities are hard to see - don't really know why but I don't have this problem with my RX which is bigger. The manual M3 is a little bit scary IMO and a bit blunt - its got too much torque and the power delivery is peaky at best. Changed from 3rd to 2nd mid-corner and it threw the back end out so far I thought Id had it.
  3. Yes they would have been refurbished - not a bad thing - just worth checking to see if there's any bubbling/peeling. Carshop is a bit rubbish TBH. The only reason they sell loads of cars is because most people don't really pay attention to the details like service history, condition, etc etc. Any news on the IS?
  4. Warped discs would give you vibration through the steering wheel when braking. I=
  5. 450h sounds like it'd suit you better - goes like stink and should do better than 29mpg on the motorway. It got roughly 35mpg on the motorway in my hands.
  6. Most likely the brakes are grumbling from not being used much Do some emergency braking and see if that helps. The brakes on the hybrids do grumble at low speed though.
  7. Ah yes, she's the one who opened her arms in that film! Or was it her legs......? Honestly can't remember but she got famous for something or other
  8. Lexus dealers have a knack for making prices up and trying to manipulate the market - I guess its because most of the newer cars are generally cycled through dealers and they try to keep them as high as possible. However, having said that, why the 2011 IS-F is more than the RC-F is beyond me. Its almost like they're making it out to be a collectors item, yet dealers don't decide when it becomes a collectors car, the consumers do! Having driven all variants of the F series (bar the LFA of course), there are differences between how they feel and how they drive. The IS-F certainly feels more nimble and agile than the RC-F which is a more of a muscle car. Having said that, I do think the GS-F is the best one so far, especially with all the kit it comes with as standard and how it manages to feel smaller than it is. It certainly feels more polished than the RC-F and undoubtedly handles better, has better brakes and feels more stable at cruising speeds. With regard to the RC-F, I think the main problems is its lack of 4 doors and usable rear seats. For a car bigger than an IS-F in all directions, the internal space is lacking. Get the 3rd gen IS, drop the 5.0l V8 in and give it a £3k drop in price compared to the RC-F and it'll be a much better seller.
  9. Very interesting. However, how would this bode with insurance companies? Would you have to tell them? Im assuming you do as it could become quite catastrophic should something go wrong with the cruise control system.
  10. Very nice Hope you're not using that TFR very often - was initially designed to be used on trucks to remove the crud and comes with a set of problems. Its potent stuff and will also degrade the Fusso so go easy on it.
  11. Getting too old I think. Becomes problematic when you start thinking into it too much. Seems to be a buzz word among the youngsters at the moment and I wouldn't worry about it. Its just another swear word. Remember that the service guy works on the car around the back in the service bay. He doesn't work in the showroom and he doesn't talk to customers, therefore, the language he uses is irrelevant. It'd be a different matter if he was a salesman. Id say give the guy a break and let it go - the only reason you know what he said is because you were essentially spying on him!
  12. I believe the wiring for the cruise control is already built in, just needs a stalk fitting but best check The finance thing would put me off immediately. Wouldn't buy a car with any sort of finance showing - only proceed when its been cleared and its showing up as cleared OEM parking sensors work very well i.e. tell you when an object is there but dont expect it to do crazy things like pick up a really low object or a thin 5cm pole.
  13. Wait.....What?! What do you mean by the original cover being oversized?
  14. Im also enjoying it. Much better than with Chris Evans and seems more about cars than messing around Comparisons with the old top gear and the grand tour will always be there - GT is ****** me off though, especially with that celebrity brain crash - doesn't make sense to keep doing it over and over again as its become too predictable
  15. Yes, but there's no difference in the powertrain itself - it just pumps more noise into the cabin