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  1. Lexus insurance a joke!

    Their prices are always stupid. Although not as stupid as Adrian Flux. I got a quote of £1300 on RX and £1100 on IS. Admiral covered them both for £1036 and gave be £50k lifetime personal injury insurance. Adrian flux are something else - £4k for the RX so just howled in laughter and told them to stick it where the sun don't shine. Chris Knott on the other hand were brilliant - even beat Admiral's quote but I didn't fancy the hassle of changing over for £36
  2. Ive not really researched into but I thought they were the same company as they tend to use the same shipping methods, have all the same products but just at different prices. They're probably using the same bloody warehouse to get things out of as well because everything from CP4L comes via Heathrow on a plane, same as ECP
  3. Keyless Entry

    Although every vehicle we've mentioned so far in the Lexus range that has it on all 4 doors are in higher price brackets.....
  4. Cazana - shows up all the previous registrations
  5. Were there no traffic cameras etc? When someone reversed into my father in law, I sent the local council an email to see if they could see anything. Luckily they did and sent me the footage with all identifiable things blurred out due to data protection but the main thing was that my FILs car was stood still whilst another car reversed and hit him.
  6. Thats a good find and certainly cheap enough so theres not really any reason not to buy one
  7. Use carparts4less next time - same company as ECP but cheaper prices - almost always. They are £24.38 with NOV12! Every little helps! This particular example is a bad one because its only a few pennies but on some stuff it seems to really add up, especially on Bosch wiper blades.
  8. Good stuff but I think I prefer the standard ones - think they suit the sporty theme better on the F-Sport models. What happened to your rear door seals? Mine are fine and its a 2016 model.
  9. Is this related to the RX specifically or other brands?
  10. why buying a lexus lc 500

    Most cars north of £70k will be dropping pretty swiftly in price apart from say the RR and I wouldn't expect the LC to be any different. Ive seen pics of the new Vantage - looks almost like a bigger version of an MX5 RF. Also has cues from the Chevy Corvette.
  11. These Denso blades are OEM by the way and the part numbers match Lexus. You can even change the refill out but Lexus charge more for the refills than the blades from ECP. Having said that Carparts4less is almost always cheaper than Eurocarparts (same company, different market) They're showing both blades as £18.74 delivered with NOV12 compared to ECP £20.09 with BLACKFRIDAY
  12. The trim level initially went SE, Luxury, F-Sport and Premier. SE was most basic but did have parking sensors from memory. Did have option of Premium nav (8 speakers) with reversing camera as well. Luxury was next. Had some more bits but the main thing was the 17" wheels and option of electric leather seats and premium navigation F-Sport is basically an appearance and handling package with sportier seats and TFT dial in the instrument cluster. These had options of leather seats, premium nav, sunroof and Mark levinson stereo Premier is fully loaded as expected but still had options of sunroof and adaptive cruise control. Advance, executive and Sport models are special run out models. Executive was basically SE spec with the addition of 17" wheels, basic nav and manual leather seats. The advance also came with basic nav and 17" wheels and leather seats. Not sure what else it came with - probably the reversing camera. Sport model is basically an SE with 18" wheels and unique interior choice This little featurette may help http://blog.lexus.co.uk/lexus-is-review/
  13. These things are bulletproof. More so than any German car will ever be and will certainly pass 200k if needed with rarely any problems if serviced properly. Have you read the 100k CT200h test? They basically unscrewed the whole car to see what had failed at 100k. They were shocked to find nothing had failed and nothing even looked close to failing at 100k. On a Merc or BMW, you'd end up changing the timing belts, the water pumps, this and that by 100k let alone 200-300k. For reference - there is a 1 owner IS300h F-Sport on Autotrader with 121k miles on it - passed its 1st MOT this year with only 1 advisory of front brakes being lipped! There's another IS300h with 116k miles on it which passed its 1st MOT this year with no advisories at 114k There's only one IS300h over 100k which failed its MOT, but that was because the tyre was less than 1.6mm and tyre pressure indicator was showing low pressure!
  14. Right so original reg of that particular car is showing up as a range rover. It's also been under another plate reg M1YAN. DVLA hasn't updated yet so the MOT history is still under M1YAN
  15. Not on the facelift models with the new screen