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  1. Should be done at 100k/10 years but not a major problem - just get it done if you like the car. Is this the silver one in Lancashire? Priced fairly well overall but has some issues which can be easily sorted looking at the pics - depends on how fussy you are
  2. Few things to remember - Lexus Assistance contract their work out to the AA who deal with everything. The IS300h cannot be towed due to the hybrid system and needs to have all 4 wheels on a loader so that's not exactly their fault. They send out the nearest AA man and they don't all have low loaders lying around, hence if one is required, you'll have to wait. Are you with Lexus Insurance? If so a loan car should be provided. If not, they don't have to supply you with a loan car unless you ask for one and tell them to bill the insurance company. You've sent your IS to an insurance bodyshop? Good luck with that one - it'll come back with panels misaligned and a poor paint job. Frankly I'd be impressed if they even managed to put the suspension back together as they're unlikely to have ever seen one let alone work on one
  3. They also point out that the NX whines and groans and isn't as good as a german car........
  4. My service documents say the air filter and pollen filter are changed but they're RRG group specific documents I think the service on the Lexus website is the minimum that gets done.
  5. Very nice, If I was younger and didn't need the extra doors and seats I would have snapped it up tonight! May I ask what you're moving to?
  6. Should be yes. Only situation they should make noise is on full lock going around a sharp turn in car parks for example but it'll be a minor squeal.
  7. It's on the right of that - it's really small and round. Almost feels like a nipple
  8. Rough steering sounds odd - perhaps they meant the bearing was rough? not sure. Regardless, check it yourself as it may be a potential problem lurking. It may have something to do with the power steering system. As for the 69k mile one, like I said before, on older cars a service history is not an issue. Once a car is over 10 years old, buy based on condition. However, you should be able to ask the owners where it was serviced. If done at Lexus, they would have a full history of their services. If at an independent, a quick chat to them over the phone would get you some answers.
  9. Yep this button is also on the RX Awkwardly, the IS doesn't seem to have a button to lock it from the rear
  10. Sounds like its faulty TBH. It should just work unless someone lost it and the replacement hasnt been programmed properly as it wont be coded which is what it sounds like.
  11. Lexus Bradford only take £60 + VAT for the F-Sport 18" wheels
  12. Ah would make sense then.
  13. Well I can't say I got a comparable vehicle but hey, atleast it wasn't the CT that they seem to give away all the time! Yes, didn't get on well with the rotary controller personally. Not sure about DAB as I didn't use it, brought along my own CD which I put in the car. And I agree regarding the seats - didn't find them as comfortable as the F-Sport seats and the easy entry/exit feature is very useful to get in and out of the car so that was a shame.
  14. Never had this seal issue in my RX or in my previous one. Didn't know it was a thing to be honest. What happens? does it just fall off when opening the door or something?