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  1. Defo get some pictures up im interested in that lip they sell.
  2. Yes it was a outside job, so it can be removed if the next person who buys it dont like it or if i decide to change to a different shade.
  3. Got the headlights tinted today, happy with the results, just waiting on the plastidip and will post some more pics soon.
  4. Im not a big fan of high owner car but if the car was well looked after and serviced on time it wouldn't stop me from buying. Sports car tend to have high owner tbf.
  5. 58 on 95k and still looking good. Only 2 previous owners too. Talking about owners would love to hear who has the highest owners.
  6. I managed to get my roof spoiler on friday and fitted it yesterday, also added some tints (50% all round) and bumper wrap in satin black). Next week im going to get the front headlights ever so slightly tinted and the front grill plastidip (not the bezel). I seen the ISF on the vossen wheels and i love it. I got a few things i want to do in the next few months: Alloy refurb (same colour), unless i find the right offset 5 spoke 19" (without spacers) Blue Calipers (like IS250 f sport) with Lexus F on them. APEXI TC Spacers and 25mm fromt drop has been put on the end of the list for now.
  7. Airbag recall

    So... i called Lexus bham today and firstly thanked them for completing the air bag recall then thanked them for cleaning the car inside out then explained how a 12mile round trip turned into a 25miles run (being very calm) The explaination: after the airbag(top dash) is fitted we check to see any rattles etc to make sure there are no issues and also if any warning light may appear. Me: is you test run up n down the road were GSF parts is? Lexus: yes thats correct it about a mile. Me: so how do i have 25 miles on my trip i reset on collection when the whole process is about 15 miles.. 10 miles is nothing but the fact is my car had been driven additionally to my approval..why? Why is my gauge showing just over a 1/4 when i gave you just over 1/2.. 20£ wont make me richer or put a dent in your dealership..but it a matter of principle. Lexus: sorry sir i will get to the bottom of this and call you back..i can assure you the car had not be abused..we have a GSF, a RCF packed as demos to drive and so on. Me: look i dont want petrol cost or anything of you all i want is a explaination by tomorrow. Lets see what they come back with.. i also need to take the sat nav out a readjust it as there is a gap on one side bigger then the other (happens when one side is tightened before the other). I'll update once i get a reply.
  8. Airbag recall

    So the car went in for the recall.. car collected from home and also dropped back off, looks nice and clean. The one thing which i will complain to Lexus Birmingham is that my car went in with just over half a tank of petrol and come back with just over a 1/4.. so one of two things have happened.. . . The 5 mile route took 3 times longer or the 5 mile route was completed in half the time.. either way im not impressed and want a explaination
  9. Matching cats

    Probably more like my last white J was clearly in no mood to take pictures here. You can see the quad exhaust set up.
  10. I probably mentioned this before, in comparison to its german rivals or other cars in its range, maintainance on this car is a heck cheaper. I mean who gets Brembo front discs amd pads for £160 (ECP...wait for the 50% discount on occasions) not to mention other bits which are common faults like ... errrr none Thats why i came back to a ISF. The block on these are great and reliable.. cars at 130k in good looked after condition are still selling, just shows how people believe in its reliability. Id be more worried about the warrenty running out on my hybrid then the ISF. I would advise stick 2k aside for worst case scenario which i doubt you will need and enjoy the ride. Brakes and tyres will be the biggest cost other then that not much.
  11. Its a piece of cake to do.. what i would suggest is to do it in summer because mine took ages to dry out the UV sealant. Ive just ordered another sealant so i can coat them every 6months to keep them looking fresh
  12. No doubt.. the difference before and after is night n day. The xenons swiched on gave it that extra sparkle, i guess that was the masters desire yeah @Big Rat Booked it in for this sat to get some 50% tints all round and rear diffuser wrap like i had on my last one. Ordered the rear roof spoiler and plastidip for the front grill too. I'll get more pictures up when everthing is done later in the new year. Btw totally off topic, but its snowing in Brum. . .again!
  13. So was sitting on my lazy backside thinking what i can do. . And i remebered i ordered a Visbella headlight restoration kit last month for the ISF (from ebay for about £15). The lights had the yellowish cloudy stuff coming on now. So i started in excitement and forgot to take the before pictures..doh.... Anyway i did take the after pictures . I do recommend this product and the results were very good. How long it lasts only time will tell. The kits come with all the stuff you need (bit tight on the masking tape). And imo its enough for 2 cars. Took about 2 hours.. need to take your time or you can scratch the car.
  14. @Jgtcracer give us some more details on your experience after having it fitted.
  15. Zoom into the road kill and you might just see a 225 40 19 Bridgestone print. . . Definatley a ISF in that picture 🤣