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  1. Back in a ISF

    All serviced and ready to go.
  2. Back in a ISF

    I dont know if i mentioned this before but im sure my car feels quicker then my last but more louder (just right). So i decided to have the car checked out by Lexus (free visual safety check). First thing is yhat all was good.. no red warning, a few ambers on tyres and discs (for me its green for now). I was sent a video of the check and discovered the exhaust resonator has been deleted.. no wonder it sounds louder then my last stock ISF, it sounds great. It was somrthing i was going to do anyway.. so saved me a bit there. I'll see if i can get a video up soon.
  3. Back in a ISF

    Update: had the car for 2 weeks now and i have ordered the parts from Lexus: Oil, oil filter, air filter, pollen filter and sump washer.. all for £108. I was not willing to pay £595 for a 100k service which mainly consists of a majority MOT check and coolant change.. i rather do all these with satisfaction its done properly. At the same time i managed to get the GS300h parts for £110 too... again same story of £595 for a 100k service. Gona get my hands dirty on Sat.. cant wait.
  4. My RR-Racing Supercharger Build

    It looks like a car that has a infected alien inside ready to burst out the cover.. take that as a compliment.
  5. Oh btw.. welcome to the silvia club.
  6. I love the drop.. i was thinking of doing the same.. drop us a link of the springs you bought.. beacuse i saw some on ebay for 168£.
  7. Only 5 on Autotrader right now

    @mrfunex i like the idea of a central meet.. would be great if one of the dealers could host it.. id be up for that.
  8. Just spotted this article

    When ever i read a article about ISF with postive comments it puts a smile on my face.. just beacase i have the thought of "i told you so". This car was very under rated back then.. slated for the exhaust, slated for a 8 speed box, slated for the fake air intakes.. but guess what, it looks like the japs set the expectaions back then and only they knew why. . . and those who own this beauty know why.
  9. My RR-Racing Supercharger Build

    Any car over 600bhp is monster...period. I must admit its a crazy mod for 10k, and the cost sounds very good for a common performance car like audi, bm or merc. But to do it on a very rare car like the ISF which lets face it probably zero performance specialist in thr UK would have touched is imho very good price. @Peter P18correct me if im wrong, im guess you must of paid about 1.5k in duty? I would love to see it toe to toe against the likes of a nissan GTR Remapped etc. Will be watching this post closely.
  10. My RR-Racing Supercharger Build

    @Peter P18 what gains are you hoping to get from it and if you dont mind me asking whats the cost involved for this excercise, Sorry if i missed it if it has been mentioned.
  11. Soon to be IS-F owner

    Id agree.. under warranty id stick with dealers as i plan on doimg this with my GS300h. But on the ISF i have no warranty on and tbh i have no intention of getting it serviced by them unless they give me a big smile discount. My car has been looked after by toyotec in Lincon for the last 6yrs of its life after couple of Lexus visits, and their prices would you believe are same as Dealers , otherwise i would have gone to them again (mainly for a stamp). My dad all his life worked on Toyota's and ive picked up invaluble experinece. Im planning to do all the services myself and keep the receipts to prove the work has been done at a fraction of the price dealers charge. I noticed people value receipts more then a stamp in a book. Some may disagree. Sorry that was slightly of topic.
  12. Soon to be IS-F owner

    Welcome to the club... excellent choice you will not regret it. They are Half the maintainance cost compared to the german rivals and much much more robust. Light interior should deflect the sunlight, so you car should be slightly quicker lol.
  13. Sad End to Mesa Red is-F

    I remeber that meet at bluewater, i had a good chat with Gary @finchy40. I had my white ISF then. I loved his cars exhaust note and had a little spin in it. I wasnt a fan of messa red till i saw his.
  14. Let’s see your Fs gleaming

    @Big Rat agreed on the silver lining Best thing about silver is you will never notice small imperfection on/in the paintwork, and even when its dirty it looks clean lol. I've had all the other colours in different cars and they are a nighmare to stay on top of to keep clean.. especially black! Thinking if it white is good too .
  15. IS-F gearbox problem

    I had a issue with my GS bumper after a small scuff against a kerb cracked the bumper from a area which they told me had "a scratch" and needed painting, which i took Sheffield Lexus word. I was shocked to have seen a massive chunk of plastic missing and fillered like no tomorrow. They didnt get back to my messages at all which lead me to complain to head quarter's. I managed to get bumper of them in the end. Its defo worth a shot.