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  1. just sold the gs 430 sport ..going to new owner in "france" ? guys who viewed it spent 1hr and 35 mins going over it took @ 70 pics between them even took pics of the oil filler hole !!!!!!! volt meter check header tank check for co etc etc etc etc etc etc etc ... paid drove away it must have been as good as i said it was . but have used the monies to buy the wife an is 250 se-l auto over to the is section ...bye
  2. Excellent IS250 SE-L for sale! £3,995

    hi did you sell the "is "
  3. hi CustomIc do you still have the ctalxusb002 as i have a gs 430 on an 03 . would this work as i have the dreded cassette
  4. popped into Halfords today ( well it was that or next with the wife) and spotted the "black box" by turtle wax ... half price 12 quid it has a pre wax a canubra wax and a spray finisher 2 cloths and an applicator pad , specially for black cars ... bit dubious but for 12 quid ???? any one tried it on here ?
  5. I recently had my exhaust replaced I wanted it noisier as I could here the fan on the heater running whilst doing 50 mph ? my wife has a leaf (all electric) and there wasn't much diff in my gs 430 ? re tyres .. Michelin tyres are one of the quietest on the market
  6. my gs 430 lasted 4 weeks on 50 quid ? sat on the driver for 2 of those weeks lol
  7. tyres can be of diff sizes between manufacturers kuhmo are very wide in my exp even tho they all say 225 etc if you put a load (of same size diff manuf) together is very visual
  8. hi I had my 430 sport done 2 weeks ago by CUSTOM CHROME in Nuneaton warks from the cats back full stainless with tips 650 ... took it to them @ 10 it was ready by 4 ? bit far to travel tho.
  9. just ordered one of the above off ebay then found this had to order it as ell ...
  10. hi , direct from off their site pics off phone not brill
  11. As the title says , took the advise off a member on here and bought some hsd coilovers , had them fitted a couple of weeks ago , then yesterday took it down to a friend of mine who runs a Porsche suspension shop ( CENTRE GRAVITY IN ATHERSTONE WARKS ) THEY SET THE CAR UP TRACK /. CASTER AND CAMBER and fettled with the settings on the adjustable coilovers WOW .... it is utterly fabulous to drive ....the turn-in ...the control ... the ride ... just stunning .......and that's on crappy tyres ( waiting on some Michelins ) so thanks to the members on here and chris & pete at centre gravity ( not cheap but OMG its worth it ) ...

    some pics after a polish ...