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  1. Maybe in the IS250/220d section of the forum, we are IS200/IS300 owners here..
  2. Use 5w30 oil, it's best for our cars and that's all i've ever used. Also if you type in ebay IS200 oil filter you will find a genuine Toyota filter amongst the items for sale. I bought mine from there and it came from a Lexus dealer.
  3. IS200 1G-FE Engine map

    Try Lexus, these ECU's are self learning, so you should never have a problem with it being standard/basic
  4. Clock not working

    I knew you would get it off, just takes a good tug that's all.
  5. Clock not working

    You wont break it, I had that same fear when I was tugging at mine for the first time, you have to give it a good yank. I've took mine out more times than I can remember. It wont break. All you have to do is make sure the icons you have on your dials are the same that's all. SO compare your imagine to what you can see on ebay and match them up that way. If you want, tomorrow i'll make a video of how easy it easy to pull top tray out, and mine is a sat nav so more bulky.
  6. Clock not working

    You have to pull the top tray out (heater vents are part of the tray), it does take some force. Remove the unit under the stereo which houses the heated seat buttons etc, this pulls out. Then there will be some bolts exposed 2 at the top 2 at the bottom, 10 or 12mm it's been a while since i've done it. Unscrew the bolts and the units come out, there should be some screws that hold them into the brackets on both sides. Let me know if you get stuck.
  7. Clock not working

    Type in 'IS200 Climate control panel', that should work.
  8. Clock not working

    I would replace the unit, they can be found on ebay. Just make sure it's the same as yours as they are slightly different through the years
  9. Light on dash

    Reverse is next to first gear, was an added safety feature incase reverse was accidently selected instead of 1st gear. I can say it has saved me once!
  10. Gearstick wuestion

    Yes it is normal, nothing to worry about :)
  11. Stereo wiring

    I'm not sure, but if you buy a new amp bypass lead it will solve your problem most likely.
  12. Need sum help

    Ask a local garage..
  13. Buying a used Is200

    Cambelt should be changed at 6 year/60,00 mile intervals. For peace of mind I would get that done if it hasn't be done by Lexus and proven. Rear sills will rust from the inside out. Lower ball joints are common to go. Other than that, treat it well and it will treat you well. Seen some with over 300k miles on the original engine!
  14. I was going to say try scrap yards, glad you found one. 100% it was stolen, that badge can't come off simply by rubbing over it. It took me some effort getting mine off with a screwdriver! I would use Epoxy Resin to stick the new badge in.