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  1. Thank you all very much for your help and suggestions. Brechin, I did try the eBay details you so kindly sent but only the spray is available now. I forgot to mention that I just want brush/stick Thanks again to all
  2. Hello again I need some touch up paint for a 2007 IS250. Colour is Brechin Slate 8R6. Where can I find this animal please? I Have checked Amazon/eBay without success.
  3. Thanks to all for help.
  4. Thanks very much. Is this stuff suitable for external use? It's actually the exterior window surrounds that are a bit ropey.
  5. Hi folks The black rubber window surrounds on my IS250 are ratty with age and I want to restore them. Can anybody recommend a suitable paint etc that can be brush applied? Also my wiper arms are in need of some restoration. Again anyone have any advice please. Please bear in mind that I have the DIY skills and technical knowledge of a hamster.
  6. Hello It was not a Lexus dealer. It was an independent from which I bought the car ( 2007 48k miles) last November. There is a Lexus dealership here but you know what they charge.
  7. Thank you all for your advice. The problem seems to have been solved by my dealer inserting a length of foam rubber centrally between the dash and the windscreen. Pretty basic but has done the job at no cost so I ma happy with my silent 250
  8. Hi folks I have a 2007 IS25o with 49k miles and an annoying intermittent rattle that seems to be coming from the mid upper section of the dash. AS long as the road surface is good there is no problem but when things are less than perfect then the rattle starts. I previously had an IS200 which was silent and solid so am disappointed to encounter this. I am hoping that someone can come up with some sort of solution other than leaving it with the supplier (non Lexus) while the dash is removed, examined and replaced over a protracted period of time with substantial cost. HELP !
  9. Thanks for all advice. I forgot to mention that I only bought the car 3 months ago and not from a Lexus dealer. The guarantee I have been offered is not therefore underwritten by Lexus but some other company that deals in these things.
  10. Hi all I bought my 2007 Is 250 a few months ago and it came with a 3 month guarantee from the dealer with an option to buy a further 12 month warranty when the 3 month one expires (25/2/17.) Cost is £193 Car has done 49k,I only do about 5k a year and car has good service history so is it worth buying a further guarantee? I appreciate these are limited and not like a guarantee you would get with a new vehicle. All comments and thought would be gratefully receive as always
  11. Have unpacked Denso wipers and they are good. Made in Japan.......I love to read those words.
  12. Thanks to Normski for steering me to the right area. Have put it in my favourites so hopefully no more confusion.
  13. Densos have arrived from Carparts4less. Haven't opened them yet but very inpressed with speed of delivery and price so thanks to all who helped. I had been using Bosch Aeroflat Twins on my previous IS200 and found them very good. I was quite surprised when I noticed the difference between the blades on my IS200 and those on my IS250.
  14. Thank you for your help. I was under the impression (evidently mistaken) that I was in the right area. I will move to the correct section. I am happy to admit that I have little understanding of cars in general and Lexus in particular which means I often seek guidance and opinions from other vastly more knowledgeable members. I am now somewhat stricken in years and am often bemused by the level of complexity of modern vehicles. So different from my first car (1966 MGB Roadster.)Hopefully if I follow your advice I will be directing my questions to a more relevant audience.
  15. Please accept my profound apologies and direct me to the correct section. I regret my error and the resulting inconvenience.