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  1. This thing sounds pretty beastly!
  2. How much would resurfacing the discs cost? When you can get decent quality replacements for under £100 a pair, it would have to be dirt cheap to be worthwhile IMO.
  3. I'll throw this in here... Whilst attending Driver CPC training a couple of years back, the instructor was a former tanker driver who operated out of the Grangemouth refinery and one of the claims he made regarding supermarket fuel, was that it was basically all the sub-standard crappy stuff that wasn't good enough to be used in a "brand" fuel. So, instead, this "sludge" would be shipped out to a refinery in The Netherlands that was allegedly operated or funded-by the "big four" Supermarkets, and there it would be refined or re-refined, and subsequently get shipped back to the UK as "supermarket fuel". Whether this is true or not, who knows, but I didn't trust supermarket fuel long before I heard this. The internet is filled with conspiracy theories, rumours and people questioning the quality of what's being sold by the likes of Tesco & ASDA. Are they all wrong? Are they all nutjobs? Usually in this type of "urban myth" scenario, there's an element of truth at the base of it all. Plus, as a former BMW owner, I'm all too aware of some of their engines being ruined by cheap, poor-quality fuel in the '90s.
  4. I voted Michelin because they make what many consider to be the best performance tyre in the World - the Pilot Super Sport, and at the time this poll appeared, I was giving serious consideration to buying a set of them for 19" alloys I've recently acquired. After weighing up the pros and cons though, I came to my senses and decided on Goodyear Asymmetric 3's instead and saved myself £200. Something I find really Interesting is that there's not a single vote registered for Pirelli so far. All those millions spent on being the F1 tyre supplier and a major sponsor doesn't appear to be working out too well. Or, perhaps the fact their F1 tyres fall apart within a handful of laps has had an adverse effect in terms of marketing and made people more wary of them...
  5. I would guess Lexus now view them as unnecessary and deleted them. The blurb regarding the triple LED lights would have you believe they won't be missed. OP: Car looks GREAT in Graphite Black!
  6. There shouldn't really be that much of a difference with 10mm narrower tyres, or by downsizing to 17" wheels in general. Of course they will feel a little different, but you certainly shouldn't feel seasick! What brand are the tyres? Are they matching pairs on each axle etc?
  7. Also, are the tyres fully-inflated? Steering response etc will definitely be inferior to the 18" setup, but what you're describing sounds abnormal!
  8. There are at least 3 different types. The bright chrome ones are usually found on early cars, then slightly darker ones were fitted at some point. Maybe around 2002 when some other minor changes were made. The darkest versions of all are usually seen on the run-out models circa 2004-5.
  9. Dark Grey was one of the choices available in 2010 according to the brochure I have (dated Oct 2010).
  10. Presumably it's similar to cquartz and will last for ages? Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  11. Just looked it up. £22 for just 15ml Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  12. Nice job Rayaans. I have the same wheels on my car at present and they look great when they're clean and the black chrome effect really "pops". At this time of year though, that lasts about 2 days max before they're covered in filth again and wearing a brown tyre. Can't wait for the better weather so I can keep my car looking decent all week-long!
  13. Not planning to change my car for at least 3 years, but when I do it'll almost certainly be another Lexus that takes it's place. The logical decision would be a 3rd-gen IS (my choice would probably be a 200t F-Sport) but I completely agree with what was said earlier regarding how "inferior" the newer model feels by comparison. Granted, my only experience of one has been with a loaner 300h base-model when my car was in for a service, but I couldn't help but notice how noisy, unrefined and cheap it felt compared to my own car. With that in mind, I think I'm more likely to go after a 450h next (either GS Mk4 or RX Mk3) or maybe even an RC-F if they depreciate heavily enough...
  14. I think it depends on the dealer, but Lexus Edinburgh did stamp the book for the normal fashion although they also added a small handwritten note to state that it was an "essential care" service. Probably best to ask beforehand. I'm sure they'll oblige if you threaten to take your custom elsewhere.
  15. Nice. I had these wheels on my previous car.