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  1. Dunno if the IS-F is any different but a regular IS has a 14.3mm knurl spline diameter and 36.5mm thread length.
  2. Presumably because it incorporates a spark plug change. Even more alarming is that an RC300h owner has to pay £500+ for every major service, not just at 60K. Those with 200T models appear to be getting shafted too.
  3. You can still buy a new IS with a V6 engine, just not in this country.
  4. Colour-coded grille surround is a definite no for me. It makes the grille appear smaller, less aggressive. Gloss black gets my vote.
  5. No idea how to rectify your situation but yes, In my car, it reverts to or keeps the last used setting. If I have A/C enabled, it'll always be enabled every single time and the temperature and fan speed will be set to whatever I used last. Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  6. Same story with the one I attended. The "track" was just an old concrete runway with some cones laid out. Still, its the cars that matter so I still enjoyed it.
  7. We need more pics of this Ultrasonic Blue LS460!
  8. Was the £114 for the plugs or the 1/2 hour Labour? 😝 Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  9. Can't go wrong with OSRAM bulbs. Nightbreakers for maximum visibility, or Cool Blue Intense if you want more of a blue-ish tinge to the light output. Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  10. The bulb size changed for 2003 models, so...maybe! My old IS200 was a 53 plate and had H3 fogs. The earlier size was 9006/HB4 if you want to check what's in yours.
  11. Would love to tell you but I didn't even receive a printout of the emissions test when my car was MOT'd a couple of weeks ago. I thought that was strange.
  12. Lovely sunny weather this past weekend, so of course some detailing of the Lexus was in order. Ideally I would've liked to have put a coat or 2 of wax on my car, but I felt it was a bit too blustery for that since, a), I don't have a garage, and b), a large tree overhangs most of my driveway. Throw in some neighbours doing various DIY projects and who knows what kind of crap would be landing on my car whilst I was working. So, instead I focused my attention on my wheels since I could remove them and safely wax them from the confines of my shed, plus I was motivated by having a bunch of new products to try out on them. Before OK, so not exactly filthy. I tend to keep my car pretty clean and the wheels have only been on my car for about 6 weeks and they were freshly-refurbed before I bought them, so no months & years worth of baked-on brake dust, sticker residue etc. Nevertheless, Having been seriously impressed by the quality of their Rapid Detailer spray, I splashed out on a few more of Infinity Wax's wares over the Easter weekend when they were on offer at bargain prices, and intended to use a few of them to fully decontaminate and seal my wheels with a few months worth of protection. Step 1 was to hit the wheels with a strong dilution of Power Maxed TFR and then thoroughly rinse a few minutes later with a pressure washer. This removed a lot of the dirt present, but not all, so this was followed by a 2BM seeing-to of bodywork shampoo, delivered by some newly-acquired Wheel Woolies (sadly this was not pictured). After rinsing, a liberal soaking of Incinerate Wheel Foam was then agitated with a soft detail brush to remove anything that might still be present. The wheels were then hit with a dose of Liquid Fire, but this step proved to be quite unnecessary as only a minute amount of contamination was still present (so, not worth picturing). Still, at least this particular bleeding fallout remover has a bearable scent compared to others I have tried (Bilt-Hamber Korrosol, I am looking at you) which smell absolutely awful. At this point, I was prepared to clay and polish the wheels but deemed it unnecessary so dried them off using Sonax BSD as a drying aid and applying a coat of it in the process. Next up, an application of high-temp wheel wax. This was really easy to apply, and remove later once dried to a haze. It's said to be good for 2 months of protection. Applied Buffed Then my attention turned towards dressing the tyres... Rubber Wax applied to the inner-facing sidewall to see what type of finish it provides. Hmm, and then the outside... I quite like the idea of using a proper wax on the tyres instead of the usual sticky products, and this leaves a really neat and clean-looking finish but against really dark wheels I didn't think it stood out very well. I also tried it out on the radiator top hose and that came up a treat, so I can see me being a fan of Rubber Wax, just not for my tyres as I prefer a bit more of a sheen on my sidewalls. So, out came the Megs Endurance... Job done.
  13. Looks pretty good! How is it attached? Drilling required or does it utilise some of the bolts already present underneath?
  14. PCD is 5x114.3mm, 60.1mm centre bore, M12 x 1.5 studs.
  15. There's also one of these HADECS3 cameras (the only one in Scotland as far as I'm aware) on the southbound M90 "spur" that runs between the Forth Road Bridge and J1A of the M9. I was flashed by it around a month ago during a temporary speed restriction. A 50MPH limit was being displayed on the overhead gantry for no apparent reason (it was nearly 11pm and the road was quiet) so I ignored it since I was "only" doing 70, the normal speed limit. Seconds later I got the dreaded double-flash in the rear-view mirror, but thankfully nothing came of it. Perhaps it was just being tested as that sign was still present. Anyway, lesson learnt - the cameras will enforce a lower temporary limit.