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  1. Nah, those seats would be too much in a light coloured car IMO, plus I like my Alcantara ones anyway. I'd be more interested in the front hubs & Brembos though.
  2. Shame to see it in that state. I'm guessing no-one was in the passenger seat during the crash as the bag didn't deploy. Nice white leather still intact.
  3. Depending on how wide your new wheels are going to be, I'd suggest 205/55R16. Like you say it's the OEM fitment for an IS supplied with 16" wheels. It's also a very common size, especially when it comes to winter tyres so there ought to be plenty of choice re: brands. I used to fit a set of RX300 wheels with 205/55R16 tyres during winter months on my old IS200.
  4. Sounds quite normal to me too. My commute home from work each morning is about 12 miles and I'm usually most of the way home before the car feels fully warmed-up.
  5. After months of truly miserable weather that ALWAYS seemed to coincide with my days off, I finally got the weekend I'd been craving. So I gave my car the first proper clean its had since its been in my ownership. Not a full detail, but I'll hopefully get a chance to do the stuff next week that I didn't have time for today. Products used were mostly old favourites that have been in my kit for a while, but new to me was Autoglym's new flagship Ultra High Definition shampoo. Like their other HD products, its quite pricey but with the current Halfords offer plus LOC discount, it cost me £12-odd for a bottle which isn't too bad because it's really good and well worth the money IMO. Anyway, as my aching limbs will attest, I spent about 6hrs in total washing, claying, polishing & waxing. The fact I was doing everything in direct sunlight made the job more time-consuming and harder work than it should've been, but I don't care. The end result was very satisfying. Products used; Powermaxed Traffic Film Remover Bilt-Hamber Auto Foam Autoglym HD Shampoo Farecia G3 Clay Mitt Autoglym Glass Polish (outside) Autoglym Fast Glass (inside) Autoglym Rapid Detailer (door shuts, wheels) Meguiars Endurance tyre gel Autoglym Super Resin Polish Soft99 Fusso Coat (Dark)
  6. Doesn't the 3IS have one of those "sound generators"? That would explain the difference.
  7. Nice car for a 19 year-old! First mod I done to my IS200 was to lower it with Eibach springs. Maybe you could also get a wheel refurb. Looks like a bit of kerb rash on the rear?
  8. Yep, plus you can flash the card at the till in Halfords for 15% off.
  9. I think the mud flaps can look OK on certain colours. They look fine on that Sport since it has lots of other contrasting bits of black trim etc for them to blend in with. On the other hand, I seen a white facelift model in the dealers recently that had them fitted and they stood out like a sore thumb.
  10. Aftermarket sat-nav unit is an option. Most of them can be configured to alert you when you're speeding or approaching known camera locations.
  11. Yes, 245/40 isn't that much smaller than standard. Its only about 6 or 7mm, something like that. Regarding the self-levelling HIDs, I stand to be corrected but I believe they still work off a set base level and can only do so much. In the past I had the 245s on the rear, along with 235s on the front, so I had the scenario of the front sitting higher than normal, as well as the rear tyre being undersized, and with that setup I did occasionally get high-beamed by other drivers. Fitting the correct 225/40R18 size back on the front stopped this from happening though. I reckon you would probably have to manually adjust the base level aim on the headlamps if you go with a 255/35. I think that Tyre Change option is for re-calibrating the satnav.
  12. The speaker cover was probably damaged by someone spilling a drink or something. I'm pretty sure all F-Sports will have an HDD-based system as the trim level didn't exist before the facelift, and yes you can input a full postcode. My 2010 F-Sport had HDD, and so does my current car (2011, "2nd" facelift) but they aren't the same. The earlier system was a £3K option and is referred to as a "Multimedia Pack" in Lexus terminology and also incorporated Mark Levinson hi-fi, DVD player etc. The nav option in the newer F-Sports is known as "Full Map" navigation and cost £2K, and the sat-nav/reverse camera is the only real features you got for the money - no ML upgrade, no DVD playback, nor the ability to rip your music CDs to the HDD (I could do this in my previous car). I believe this more basic "Full Map" variant is also the system that could be optioned on the SE-I and Advance. Inidentally, the more basic nav system isn't the only cost-cutting that happened with the 2011 . Electrically-adjustable steering wheel, reverse-dipping, auto-fold mirrors, memory seats are all missing too. The ideal F-Sport for me would be a 2010 car with 2011 headlights and front bumper.
  13. The intake and exhaust are just the same as any other IS250. Expensive F-Sport ones are available as accessories though.
  14. 255/35R18 is the fitment on the 3rd Gen IS, and a far more common size but the rolling radius would be a full inch smaller than the stock 255/40R18 size on our cars. The speedo would be quite inaccurate and you would rack up miles on your odometer at an accelerated rate.