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  1. This phenomenon seems to be tyre dependant. My car does it with michelin PSS fitted, but not with the winter tyres it has now, or with my previous set of summer tyres (Hankooks). Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  2. IS winter wheels

    Yes, probably OEM sizes. Don't they (Lexus) offer to store your other set for you when they are out of season? If you buy from them, that is. Re: Winter tyres. I always run them, have done for a while. I've got a 2nd set of wheels that I change over in November, and remove again around March/April. I don't like the idea of having smaller ugly wheels for the best part of 6 months though, so my winter wheels are nice-looking 18's (same as OP's summer wheels). I've been stranded and unable to even leave my street too many times in the past with previous RWD auto cars to not have them. On older manual cars you could sometimes get away with just giving it some welly, using higher gears etc and eventually free yourself with copious amounts of wheelspin, but modern cars have these nanny systems that cut in even when supposedly switched "off"...
  3. IS winter wheels

    You can fit any of the 18" wheels from a normal IS.
  4. Why cant you get back winddeflectors for 220d

    www.climairuk.com Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  5. A silver RC-F has been sitting on Lexus Edinburgh's forecourt for the past week or so. Just sayin'...
  6. Any particular reason why you want a full-sized wheel, John?
  7. Not to mention, UHP tyres will never be in their optimal working temperature at this time of year. They effectively remain rock-hard and generate way more noise than normal. Grip and ride quality is significantly reduced too. I recently switched from UHP summer tyres to a winter set, and purely in terms of noise and ride comfort, the difference is quite staggering.
  8. Was tried on ClubLexus. A no go I'm afraid.
  9. Servicing IS250 F Sport

    Definitely not. That's what Lexus charge you.
  10. Exhaust options

    Here's the "money no object", option...
  11. I'd imagine the Lexus dealer will service your car as per normal as long as the tyres have nothing wrong with them, but they'll probably acknowledge that the sizes are non-standard (and try and sell you a pair of new ones).. In my experience, they'll even pick up on things like your car having non-OEM wiper blades and stuff. As for any negatives going with the 35 profile tyres; The ride quality will probably suffer slightly The speedometer will over-read and rack up miles at an accelerated rate The smaller tyre will create an unsightly gap between wheel & arch None of which is especially critical, and on the plus side you can choose from a wider range of tyres at lower prices. The car will also feel more lively when pulling away from rest (because of the smaller overall diameter), but you could consider 245/40R18 instead. It's not quite as popular as 255/35, but there's plenty of tyre choices available and it has a minimal effect on how the car looks and performs. I currently have 245/40s on the rear of my car.
  12. It'll take you all of 5mins once you examine how they are attached/removed.
  13. I'm all for modifying cars and individual taste etc, but I will NEVER understand the appeal of this "stanced" and cambered look...
  14. Feeling Nauseous, Trembling and Dizzy ...

    Absolutely insane
  15. Xenons

    Yes but the spec seems to have changed slightly during the production run. Most, if not all of the earliest Advance models tend to have halogen lights and 17" wheels, whereas later examples on 61/12/62 reg plates usually have 18" 5-spoke wheels and the dark DRL-equipped headlights. If your car has these headlights, then yes it has Xenons.
  16. Nope, @Rebecca has a full-fat V8 beast now. As for IS250 performance, I find it adequate. Acceleration feels pretty good from a standing start, but mid-range acceleration (ie: for an overtake) feels a bit sluggish.
  17. Xenons

    Still on standard bulbs, myself. They're nowhere near 8 or 10K, but Osram Cool Blue Intense are rated highly.
  18. Xenons

    The Xenon bulb size is D4S. I don't think all Advance models have Xenons. Does your car definitely have them? In any event, yes. You can swap the bulbs from under the bonnet (plenty of how-to videos on youtube), but you might need to remove the air filter housing (or at least move it out of the way). Plus, the washer bottle filler neck on the passenger side.
  19. Yes from me. Let's have those LFA owners pipe up.
  20. Which to choose

    Nah, there is no other engine. The 2.5 hybrid is the only option and the power output is the same across the range.. It's just (for whatever reason) the power output of hybrid cars sometimes gets listed with a lower number on Autotrader etc.
  21. Which to choose

    Same engine fella, it's just you sometimes see the output quoted as petrol only vs combined (petrol + electric) power.
  22. When I had my IS200, V-Power would cost well in excess of £1.50/L at times, plus I would have to go out of my way to access a Shell station, but I would make the extra effort and buy V-Power every time because there was a tangible difference that I could feel. The car ran much smoother and felt much more responsive - almost like flicking on a "ECT PWR" switch. With my IS250 though, I don't think I notice the difference. I run the car in "PWR" mode all the time so maybe that's masking the effect. I still buy it now and again though for it's cleaning properties.
  23. @SCB Lots of information in this topic regarding the PO-40 module. Where to buy, installation tips etc.