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  1. No idea but the stuff from Wilko appears to be out of stock anyway. Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  2. Just Lexus dealers AFAIK, and only certain ones at that, but the ones mentioned earlier (Bristol, Birmingham, Wolverhampton) are all onboard. A Toyota stamp in the service book wouldn't particularly bother me. In fact I'm sure my own car has been serviced by a Toyota garage in the past, but if I was a potential buyer and I noticed a Halfords stamp, I would walk away and look elsewhere.
  3. I can also recommend the cheap A118. I had one installed in my old car and it came in handy when it was written-off by an idiot. I installed mine the same way as Steve, but a hardwire kit is available.
  4. I've also experienced that strange front end scrubbing/hopping with Dunlop Sportmaxx RTs, but it hasn't been an issue with other tyres I've had (Hankook, Pirelli).
  5. Sounds like you've already booked your service, Rebecca, but for future reference. Since your car is 5+ years old, it qualifies for Lexus' reduced-cost "Essential Care" parts and servicing program. ie: a major service is £329 instead of the usual £445. LOC Gold membership discount can also bring that price down to under £300. There's very little difference between an Essential Care service and a "normal" one btw. When you compare the 2 checklists, the 4-wheel alignment check (and it's only a check, adjustment is extra) is about the only thing missing. The service book still gets stamped and if applicable, your Lexus warranty is maintained.
  6. 15mm F, 20mm R
  7. Wow, so even with the current exchange rate, international shipping and import tax, it would still cost twice as much from a dealer? I would guess the size of the exhaust pipe is around 65mm, but that's just a guess. Have you tried cleaning up the ones that are on your car? You'd be surprised at the results that can be achieved with some metal polish and a bit of elbow grease. The reason I had that part number to hand was because I planned to buy a new pair for my previous car until I had a go at cleaning them up. Metal polish, and a bit of rubbing with steel wool and a scouring pad from the kitchen had mine looking very respectable.
  8. Importing a pair direct from Japan (via would cost $83.50USD + potentially some import duties on top. Due to the terrible exchange rate it might actually be cheaper to buy from your local Lexus dealer. The part number is 17408-31030
  9. Not the biggest fan of them myself. They are hopeless in light drizzle and misty conditions. Also, it's probably best to leave them OFF when you park up at this time of year to prevent them trying to operate when your screen and wipers are frozen.
  10. Yes, wheels from another IS will fit no problem. For example, my own car is currently sporting wheels from the newer Mk3 model. Actually most Lexus wheels out there ought to fit since the majority of them are at least 16" and share the same 5x114.3 stud pattern and 60.1mm centre bore. Only wheels off a CT200h or current model LS can definitely be ruled out (different stud patterns).
  11. Heh I work in Newbridge and didn't even know this place existed until now! Would you recommend them, Rick? And did you just wait on site whilst your car was done?
  12. A popular trick is to fit the TPMS sensors inside a wheelbarrow wheel and leave it in the boot.
  13. If it's anything like the setup in the 2nd Gen IS, then the display won't use night mode if the dashboard illumination is set to maximum brightness. It will just stay bright all the time like you are describing. Try dimming it a touch.
  14. MOT Testers don't seem to like them much. I'm guessing they also help get rid of some engine noise too.
  15. A good refurb place should be able to restore wheels that are in just about any condition - buckled, kerbed, even chunks missing etc. I had a set of 300h F-Sport wheels done last year that were taken off an accident-damaged car and they were in pretty bad shape prior to refurbishment. They came back looking like new with the OEM black chrome effect finish restored. I also like how those original 17s look. I prefer them to the later smoothed-out version you get on facelift cars. Re: that Sportmaxx RT thing. I also experienced that when I had those tyres on the front of my last car and got a proper scare the first time I tried to park my new-to-me car at work. I turned into the empty space like I had been doing in an IS200 for years beforehand and found the car just under-steering massively and heading towards another car instead of going where it should be going... Needless to say I ditched the tyres a few weeks later. Funnily enough, for more Dunlops (Sportmaxx GT though) to match up with what was on the rear. Problem solved.