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  1. At 10k you are looking at good to very good 400h's or well used 450h's. Personally I'd be looking at a 400h SE-L or Executive Ltd Edition with the post 2008 facelift (blue lexus badges) for that money. The 400h never came with air suspension so you can cross that worry off your list and the SE-L has all the kit you could want including rear entertainment. Some ELE models also have rear entertainment but not all iirc. Some SE models are specced with everything (usually not rear screens) but you have to be careful as some don;t have seat memory or other refinements that were optional so you have to scour the pictures of the cars rather than rely on the advert to get a proper idea of the trim level. Hybrid batteries? Sometimes a cell will go out which can cost a few hundred to replace or if you know what you are doing there are web guides to DIY. This is rare though. My 57 RX400h has zero battery issues after 10 years and has only lost 1 bar of capacity. Really this is not an issue. Electric motors, probably the most reliable part of a bullet proof car, I don;t think I've ever heard of one dying. 4wd is at the computers discretion, still fared better in an uphill muddy field in the rain than the jeep cherokee behind me (probably because I was driving slowly but maintaining momentum rather than spinning my wheels like a muppet - my tyres were borderline too ) Downsides: 1) I'm a big lad and could do with another few cm's of seat travel and width. 2) No USB or music playback via bluetooth - this can be remedied for £100 though so not a huge deal - my iphone 6s pairs for phone calls fine though. 3) Handling is a bit roly poly but then it's a massive 4x4. ummmm that's it really. Fast, comfy, quiet, spacious, OK off road, 30mpg average with 40+ on a run. Can't think of a better car for me.
  2. We've had a couple of cars from new and always regretted it due to depreciation - the worst being a 30K nissan leaf worth 6k after 2 years 24k miles (loved the car though and will definitely go full electric for one car in the next 5 years). We still own the other 'new' car - a diesel kia ceed which is still under warranty so we're trying to get our money's worth out of it. That said I've also had a number of disastrous 2nd hand buys - a £600 audi A6 which lasted less than a month before cylinder head failure and a peugeot 407 coupe which destroyed it's gearbox (warranty paid 3k to fix) had multiple sensor / electrical gremlins and then started making a road speed noise which no one could fix so that got handed back under halves and thirds. They were learning experiences though, I'll probably never buy another new car as I don;t like the new cars I could afford , I hate the idea of losing thousands the moment i take ownership and I'm much more inclined to walk away from a used car if anything at all 'spooks' me - a noise, a wobble, a salesman's attitude I've walked because of all of them safe in the knowledge that the right car is out there and will come along. The only thing i will say is that when buying 2nd hand the right car is often a fair distance away so don;t be afraid to travel.
  3. If you are looking for some decent cheap tyres I've just had a pair of Event Semita tyres fitted at ATS for the princely sum of £137, I bought the car with these fitted already and have to say they tick all the boxes for me - good grip wet or dry, decent wear characteristics, quiet and comfortable so I replaced with the same. I have to say I've had pretty decent results from 'budget tyres' in the past and never been effected by their so called ditch finding tendencies so from experience I tend not to pay for 'name brands' any longer.
  4. Keyless is a really bad idea as it currently stands, there was an article about how entry to your car can be gained simply by walking near you with a signal booster / re-transmitter with an accomplice stood next to your car with the matching receiver. Once in a simple OBD2 device can start your car and eventually be used to generate a new key. No amount of encryption or security will prevent this. The best solutions are - go back to needing a physical button press to unlock the car or tie it in to the NFC on your mobile or watch, this would require an app to be started in order to unlock your car. Unfortunately this reduces the convenience some people demand. Car manufacturers are damned if they do and damned if they don't but personally i'd prefer the option to specify 'high security' (need a physical interaction with the keyfob before it transmits) or 'ease of entry' (always on) settings. I suspect insurers will increase premiums on keyless entry cars quite soon which may force a change in thinking for manufacturers.
  5. No idea if this is apocryphal or true but I recall some discussion about this elsewhere, the main thrust of the discussion was that 400h wheels were stronger than other models (or aftermarket wheels) due to the immediate torque of the electric motors, thus the recommendation was to stick to 400h specific wheels. No idea if this was just 'internet BS' or not but might be worth a dig into.
  6. I was more referring to the in dash unit (the bit with the screen). If it's intermittent with mode though then i'm not sure. If it's only in nav mode then i'd look at the boot unit and the cable between as you say. it may even be something as simple as the cable has worked loose. Personally I keep my dash screen on the energy monitor and use my phone for satnav but that's just me.
  7. That looks like one of the sync signals from the driver hardware to the LCD is failing, causing the vertical position of the screen to move randomly. My gut reaction is that the connector from the main board in the nav unit to the LCD screen is mechanically failing. Either causing vibration based fails or electronic fails due to the signals in lines nearby the compromised signal line (rf or capacitance changes causing spurious h/vsync signals). In all likelihood a competent repairer would be able to fix this or if you are confident with electronics, replacing the connector / ribbon cable may be an easy job - more likely you'd require a new screen. It may even be simpler to just buy a known working nav unit 2nd hand and replace the whole thing.
  8. they stop your fag and ash blowing back in the car when you flick it out the window. they also stop that annoying spit of rain from getting in if you have the window cracked slightly in a downpour. personally I think the old fashioned opening quarter light is a better solution to ventilation and tab disposal but they are no longer a 'thing'. Thinking of fitting some to mine - £40 off 'tbay
  9. to be fair, their competition for the C5 (the GS) was on a par and more advanced in some areas during the mid '00s, The RX is a very different thing being a 4x4, but yes you are right the tech in the RX is very '90s but then I don;t find I miss much other than a USB socket which has only really become 'standard' in the last 5-10 years. ACC/PCS would be nice though. My 407 coupe was fantastically well appointed for an 06 car far better than my RX but I still rate the RX better.
  10. Spotted this on that auction bay Which is a frankly ridiculous price. Wondering if anyone here had tried one and had an opinion on it. Next lowest price is over twice as much on amazon. Tempted to just buy it and see what happens but i'm a bit leery about ripping my dash apart as i'm not a big DIYer, I've watched all the videos and it seems easy but, well, a lot of things do but aren't so don;t want to waste money on something that's going to sit around for months unless it's actually decent.
  11. Just goes to show how 2 people can have very different experiences with cars. I've had 1 citroen and 2 peugeots and none was worth a damn mechanically. The last pug i had a 407 coupe v6 diesel auto, had multiple sensor faults and needed a new gearbox within the first year of ownership, the final 6 months i had it, it sat on my drive going nowhere due to a screeching noise no garage could diagnose and fix. I handed it back to the finance company once the rule of halves and thirds allowed and took the loss of deposit as a learning experience. Never again. I do know people who have had no issues with their PSA group cars however personally i'd not touch one again.
  12. The most vulnerable part for failure is the battery, this has a definite lifespan but in my 10 year old example the display has only lost 1 bar so i'm not overly worried about that - even if it did go bad the cost for (independent) repair is about the same as a turbo on a diesel alternative. Inverters have also been known to have issues but again these were mostly pre a warranty callback and are now very rare. Even so a 2nd hand inverter and fitting would be on a par with a clutch or gearbox issue on another car. The gearbox itself is not a known point of failure on these cars. There are other lesser issues (seizing brakes, heated seats, etc.) but these are all easily fixed with a bit of knowledge and access to a good independant mechanic - lexus will just charge you the earth to replace the problem part when not strictly necessary. Don;t be scared of the hybrid system, they are very reliable.
  13. my all time best (in the 4 months I've had mine) going from Wolverhampton to bedford has been 41mpg but that was in heavy traffic and roadworks all the way rarely going over 60mph. I average around 28-32 in normal driving, lowest has been 26 when I first got it and was exploring the eye opening acceleration 8¬D. I did have regular use of a Leaf electric car before this though so my driving style had changed to be more considerate towards battery regeneration (coasting for longer as opposed to late braking, anticipation, etc.) I have a '57 SE with guided xenons, levinson, seat memory( some don't have this), electric steering column adjustment, etc. the only thing missing is the rear screens afaik. Just pay attention to pictures of the interior rather than description - mine was advertised as an SE-L (because Levinson) when it's actually an SE but it had all the things I was after so it was just a bargaining point when it came to buying. Parking sensors are dealer fit options but if you remember to keep the camera clean are IMHO not really necessary as the backup camera is pretty good for this kind of thing and the front has decent visibility of the corners. I have to park in very tight allocated parking and haven't had an issue. The 400 is a lovely car, my only slight gripe with it is that the drivers seat doesn't quite go back far enough and the seat squab is a little short however I am a very large guy and I can still get comfortable certainly more so than in my previous Leaf and Kia.
  14. this might help?
  15. Yes it is, many have done so. Here's a decent guide Search for Grom Audio, vaistech, yatour, etc. there are youtube tutorials for pulling your dash apart too.