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  1. This surprises me slightly. I have a gs450 and the difference between normal and sport is huge. With both sport and power mode switched on the car feels like it's on steroids, it just wants to go at the lightest throttle where as in normal mode it's a much more laid back and lazy drive. If you think you can't feel any difference then I can only presume something isn't working correct because the difference is very noticeable.
  2. I noticed eBay selling a few of these underun trims for the rx300 at pretty decent prices if someone wants to spruce up there RX. Look at this on eBay LEXUS RX 300 FRONT LOWER BUMPER COVER FINISH SILVER GENUINE PZ415-K0951-00 Carl
  3. I've seen them on a few advanced models. carl
  4. Nice! Do you have the front as well or just the rear?
  5. Guilty, that said, I agree it's silly money for what it is but I don't drink or smoke so I kinda justify the expense if it's on my car which is pretty much my only real luxury. Carl
  6. Yeah, my old is220 was the same colour and I quite liked it as it's a bit different and like silver hides the dirt a bit better than the darker colours.
  7. Just lexus plastic😉
  8. Yes, I agree it's a lot of money for what is in effect a shaped piece of plastic. I paid £259 for the part. some times you just bite the lip and do it.
  9. I know these are not everyone's taste but I always felt, from the rear at least there was too much black plastic at the bottom. I think the silver trim breaks it up and also gives it a slightly cleaner look. It was a bit more effort to fit than lexus said it would be as you need to loosely fit and mark where holes will be, then remove existing black plastic under tray. Once off you drill elongated holes and fasten new trim loosely to it with the provided bolts. You then refit your original under tray with new trim loosely attached as you have to tighten two bolts which will be under the new trim. Once the original trim is all bolted back up you offer new trim up to bumper with the 3m tape strip that adheres to existing bumper along its top edge then tighten four bolts to keep everything nice and tight. its not a difficult job but does require a little bit of thought and care. anyway, I'm pleased with the result. I may consider the front underun at a later date although this cost nearly £500 and I'm not so concerned about the front look of the vehicle as this looks ok. carl
  10. It's interesting your comments on the LS460 being too eager and thus making it less relaxed. I can understand where you are coming from and this is where performance has it's place for certain models. take my GS450, it's something inbeteeen and I think it's performance adds a certain excitement to the drive. The car is fairly firm anyway and seems to lend itself to the extra eager throttle response. My RX450h on the other hand I feel is the complete opposite. It really makes me drive much more sedate and you feel cosited about. Despite being the same slightly detuned engine it feels quite lazy in comparison to the GS. if I'm honest I feel it could do with just a little more performance to make it a perfect balance, sometimes I feel the weight which indicates to me the necessity for a little more from the engine. i liken the LS in drive to the RX in that it should also be driven in a sedate manner but when needed and only when needed have the power delivery on tap. it should not be a case of the lightest touch of the pedal interfewrs with an otherwise tranquil ride. sounds like lexus are forgetting the heritage for relaxed, comfortable drive and compromising it for handling and performance BMW style rides. carl
  11. I find my tyres very good so far. They are Pirelli scorpion verde 235/55/19 105v all season. I don't think they are the quietist road tyres due to the tread pattern but I imagine they are good all rounders. how they would fair in the mud is another matter.
  12. I mùst admit it's unlikely I will ever need to go off road but I just wanted to believe if push comes to shove the RX could get me out of a sticky spot. maybe I should lower my expectations to just deep puddles. carl
  13. Even after many years of Lexus ownership I still cannot understand how some parts cost so much. Surely there's a cheaper solution somewhere? other than the price of parts, well done on doing an amazing job carl
  14. Great read and the calliper look great. I put the same tyres on my GS450 last time and have been very pleased with them, they are more than grippy enough for most driving conditions and more importantly to me, they are quieter than many other brands I have tried. carl
  15. I used to service my own cars many years ago and the only reason I take mine to the main dealer is because of the warranty. Im fully aware of how little is actually done in a service. i always find it ridiculous that even replacing an air filter seems to be an additional cost. the only real benefit is they do seem to thouroughly check for any potential problems or wear when it goes into the ramp . This highlights any pending problems which I then often take else wheee to be fixed. i have a lexus service agreement which softens the amount over the year so makes it a little easier to swallow. Rest assured soon as the car warranty runs out it can go to a good third party garage at half the price for just as good a job. carl