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  1. NX Tyres

    I see now you can get Michelin Cross Climates for the NX. It's not been an option before as they were not made in 225 60 R18 size. So although the most expensive premium tyre at £180+ they are a serious consideration. Although the other Michelin option of Latitude Tout HP are still a very good tyre, but about £40 cheaper. The Goodyear Efficient grips are of course also a very good all weather tyre. Spoilt for choice.
  2. First NX Clean

    Nice job, the car looks brilliant. I do like the protection strips. They don't look right on some cars but on the NX they look good.
  3. Am I young and urban?

    Customer demand to switch it off? Seems like a backward step to me. They could have given you the option to switch it on/off. That would keep everyone happy.
  4. Side Protectors

    I think they look quite nice on the NX.
  5. NX Three likes/dislikes

    I think that whenever cars are offered with cloth seats, and leather as an option, the sales are so low thee manufactures prefer to add them as standard in most premium cars. I think it is fair to say that most people prefer leather, but not all. I quite like them, but would not buy them as an option, my wife prefers cloth. I think the seats are very comfortable, in fact it is one of the best features of the NX. Sorry to hear some people don't get on with them. I suppose we are all different.
  6. NX Tyres

    The Michelin winter tyres that fit the NX are the Latitude Alpin LA2's. I think you would need to buy the wheels too, as most (if not all) tyre centres won't swap tyres on one set of rims. Or so I have been told. So if you go down the winter tyre route you need to budget for a set of wheels too. Oddy enough the NX winter wheels that Lexus sell are 17", not 18" which the NX has as standard. Not sure why they change the wheel size. Or you could go down the 'all season' route and get Latitude Tour HP which are much better in the winter than summer tyres, but maybe not quite a good in the summer as summer tyres. By all accounts they are a good all round tyre. That is what i will probably do when I need to change mine, as I live in the south so don't really need full winter tyres. If I lived in areas of higher snow coverage I would get winter wheels/tyres.
  7. Panoramic Sliding Glass Sunroof

    I have one and I like it a lot. I close the blind on a hot sunny day, but when it is overcast and cloudy it makes the interior much brighter. My grand children love it when they can see the stars at night or the moon. Maybe that is why in the USA they call them moon roofs. :)
  8. Sat Nav Update

    Had my car serviced today and asked about updating my Sat Nav and was told it was about £200. I don't use it that much and it is rare that anything is wrong, so i will leave it at least another year.
  9. NX 1000 mile review

    I didn't realise that either. Thanks. :)
  10. NX Three likes/dislikes

    Dislikes: Having to go back to set up to turn Sat Nav volume on/off. Too many buttons to do this, there should have a one press option. If the radio is on quite loud the Sat Nav voice cannot be heard. Back door seals get really dirty. Likes: Lovely seats. The high quality of the interior. I paid extra for a panoramic sunroof, which makes the interior nice and bright on a dull day.
  11. My little review of my (loan) NX300h

    I didn't either. I find that when I use the hold function the car jerks a little when starting off again, rather than removing the foot from the brake which makes the car creep forward slightly before you hit the accelerator. I prefer the latter. but still use hold if I am going to be there for a while.
  12. NX 1000 mile review

    Nice review. Looks great too.
  13. New F Sport

    Looks superb. Enjoy.
  14. New tyres - change make?

    S o how important is it to use 'all season' tyres? Most of the tyres on sale are listed as summer tyres. I suppose in the UK most summer tyres would be fine for all year with our mild winters, unless we had a real bad winter with lot's of snow and ice. I do not want both summer and winter tyres, I have never had them in the past and do not want to go down that route. My current Yokohama BluEarth's are summer only.
  15. The new 2017 survey is out. The Lexus NX does well: 15th overall, which is not at all bad considering newer cars always do better. 1st for Exterior Design and quality of fit, finish and materials. I always said it is the best looking SUV out there right now. :) 5th for Interior and comfort. The RX is 2nd. 3rd for Safety Features. The RX is 1st. 9th for Reliability. The RX was 5th. The NX scores low for MPG and running costs, and below average for Engine/gearbox and Infotainment. No BMW SUV mentioned! Best Audi was the Q3 at 13th. And what happened to the Tesla S, which won it hands down last year.