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  1. Crikey, that is good. It really all depends on the average speed you can manage. If you keep up a constant 40-50 on a longish trip I think that is when the car will be at it's best, so A and B roads with no hills. :)
  2. Looks great in black. Enjoy.
  3. I am sure they had that Ultrasonic Blue in Guildford Lexus today. They had a photographer there taking a few snaps. They had a cool looking black one too, with black alloys, both looked stunning.
  4. It suits certain cars, but I don't think it works on the NX. It would certainly stand out mind.
  5. Good review. The NX does have its faults, but luckily they are not many. You are right about the infotainment system, although it does the job, it is a bit behind the competitors in this class, the best being the BMW idrive in my opinion. Real life MPG is well down on what the quoted figures are, although that is the same in most cars. Despite the few drawbacks, it is a lovely car drive and a good long term ownership prospect.
  6. Crikey, that's a relief!
  7. Crikey, you are going for it then. It will be interesting to see how it pans out. Looks like a lot of hard work to me, but if you enjoy doing it then that is good.
  8. My dealership tried to sell me Gardex but I said no. They did it anyway, for free, including the seats with the interior version.
  9. I had them fitted on my NX, and I think because the wheel arches are also black they don't look too obvious. Do they help keep the car clean? I am not sure, but I am told they do. My son in-law does not like them, but my son does, so it's all a matter of taste.
  10. My last car, a Lexus CT, was black. It looked brilliant when clean. Black cars do tend to show the dirt, but as long as you don't mind washing your car frequently it will look great.
  11. So which did you go for? I don't think there is a poor choice to be honest, I think it looks great whatever colour you choose.
  12. My NX Luxury is Sonic Titanium. It is brilliant. I would say it has a bronze tint to it rather than gold. It all depends on the light. It does not show the dirt which is great. It was a good choice.
  13. I test drove several SUV's and found the NX ride was much like other German alternatives, but firmer than the Freelander I drove. This was before the Discovery Sport was available. The Freelander had a lot of body roll on corners though which the NX does not have. I suppose it's all a balance, and getting that balance right is not easy. i do think Lexus have got it almost spot on, but everyone views it differently. If I was being really picky I would have liked an option to have some sort of damper control to switch to softer or firmer ride, like in BMW's Variable Damper Control (VDR). BMW's without VDR are very firm in my opinion. As for seats, without doubt the ones in the NX are far better than all the other SUV's I tried, only Volvo can match them. Lastly, I have never found the NX under powered. Only once in 18 months of driving when overtaking a slow lorry on a steep hill did the engine wine a bit, but it was not too bad and when I slipped it into Sport mode it was fine. For all normal driving the car is superb and quiet, unlike diesels. It is also a nice place to be, unlike some other interiors which have far too much cheap looking plastic etc. It is by far the best car I have ever owned. Ohh and it never let's you down, on the reliability front it is simply the best!
  14. Mine is booked in for next week. Yes, I was told 60-90 mins. Maybe they will clean it too? I live in hope. :)
  15. I just received a Safety Recall letter regarding a Lexus NX Hybrid Brake Control Module Software Update. It appears there is a possibility that the parking break may not be set automatically when the system is deactivated under certain conditions. If this occurs, and the transmission is left in gear other than 'park' the vehicle could creep forward or backward increasing the risk of a crash. Anyone else had this yet?