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  1. That sounds like the drop link. They are not expensive to replace, I had both of mine done. The 'knock' is still there though. 😕
  2. You will - I've enjoyed mine for eleven years, even with the knock.
  3. Give it a day or two - my knock goes away when it's been up in the air with the suspension relaxed, then it comes back.
  4. Mine's all the time when I go over bumps. Like a 'clunk'
  5. I'm going to revive this thread. I've had my IS200 for 10 years, with the knocking all that time on the front o/s. I've had shocks, upper shock mount, lower ball joint and drop links changed. I've also fitted new guide pins to the calipers and put new discs and pads on. The car has been inspected by a number of people who cannot find anything wrong. Still the same knocking noise. It goes away for a day or so if I raise the front of the car and let all the suspension relax, then it comes back. Any further ideas people? Paul
  6. Warped Hubs?

    The tiniest of rust bumps can cause excessive run out.
  7. Warped Hubs?

    I had my wheels refurbished by Lepsons this year (fantastic OEM finish). As part of the process they test for out of true. One wheel was , so they straightened it. The only time I had a wobble though was when I put new (Lexus oem) discs on the front. The hub surfaces weren't flat, causing excessive run out. I spent some time flattening the surfaces by sanding and scraping. Job done - no more wobble.
  8. Warped Hubs?

    It may be the wheels, or perhaps warped tyres- try swapping the wheels front to rear but suspension issues can also be to blame. Lower control arm bushes are a common culprit - have a look at them to see if they are degraded.
  9. I've got an extra button on mine - Snow. It reduces the throttle response and in the snow it.... doesn't help at all🤤
  10. In it's life mine has had one offside front lower ball joint and all round damper renewal, and that's it suspension wise. I recently spent a satisfying day replacing the radiotor and while I was there I also did the water pump, which didn't really need it. That is is all I've ever replaced in the car
  11. They are such robust cars. Mines now on 145k and has never failed an MOT.
  12. My seal is not breaking up but it is starting to distort a bit so id be interested to hear the response to this
  13. Warped Hubs?

    I had my lower control arms off a few months ago. After 145k they are fine. It seems rather variable when they deteriorate.
  14. Would you have a link to these?
  15. If these Michelins are still noisy I'll go to the dealers. They're not far from me in Woodford - I see you're in Essex like me.
  16. Fitted new wipers to my IS200. These are Michelin ones, I'm hoping they will be quieter than the last Bosch set. I've always had trouble with the drivers side being noisy, and never quite got to the bottom of it.
  17. Warped Hubs?

    Runout 10 mm from the outer edge of the disc should be no more than 0.035 (IIRC). The smallest amout of rust on the hub surface can throw this outside of tolerance. Ask me how I know... I didn't have any problems getting the magnetic base held steady, I think I attached it to the arm that goes to the upper wishbone. It was a couple of years ago though so I'm not sure about that.
  18. I have a small weep at the top left of my rad (128k miles), so looking for a replacement. Anyone used these:
  19. Is200 none starter

    Codes and codes again. Get them read. It will almost certainly point you in the right direction, otherwise it's a bit of a guessing game, with possible needless expense.
  20. possible fuel gauge issue

    Not too up on the senders bobble - never had an issue. They would be behind the rear boot lining though on the tank I would think. Surely though if the tank is filled up and he's getting a ot of miles before the next fill, then the tank is fine. Interesting you tube post here. Barry1 year ago Hi there, if I remember correctly with engine off remove petrol cap and push on the tab inside filler neck that normally gets moved over by the fuel dispenser at petrol stations. Start the car and leave to run with the tab still pushed over to allow air out, it has something to do with the float sticking as the tank in the IS200 is in 2 halfs.
  21. possible fuel gauge issue

    One question - how many miles is he getting from a full tank? If it's 300+ then the tank is filling correctly so it suggests the sender. Or, in extreme, even the guage itself but I've never heard of one doing this in any car.
  22. Hi Rich


    Where did you get your wheels refurbed?  I'm in Essex and will be getting mine done soon.  I want to keep the diamond cut.




  23. New Pics Of My Is200

    Rich OB. Where did you get your wheels refurbed? I'm in Essex and will be getting mine done soon.
  24. Ipod connection for is200

    Get the one that includes bluetooth, well worth it.