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  1. "I mean the GS is hardly going to be considered a 'lifestyle' car, unless one counts bimbling sedately across the village to play bowls to be a lifestyle. Certainly not in rich-pensioner-spec Premier trim anyway" bimbling sedately is a lifestyle for some and I'm hardly a pensioner but I did enjoy hammering my premier across France last week for a game of boules!
  2. For 18 grand you could afford to have hundreds of fridges delivered first class!
  3. I'm sure all your points are valid Rayaan, I'm just not a fan of SUV's. However, I do think Lexus do a better job than most in making them look less like boxes on wheels!
  4. I reckon an estate GS would be an interesting proposition. Not sure why Lexus don't do estates. A slightly raised one like the Audi all road would be nice. Update - maybe they do!
  5. Mine's got a spare wheel. At least it did last time I looked! Although I'd need to get the kids out first to get at it!
  6. Did you see the LC? Can't say that's boring or anonymous!
  7. Not driven the 450h I'm afraid so don't really know. My boy racer days are well and truly over so am more than happy with the performance of the 300h. Wafts along most the time but when I want/need an extra shove just quickly put in in Sports mode and there's more than enough power. However, those who have the 450h seem to swear by them! I thought I' miss the mid range grunt from my IS 220d but not at all.
  8. I believe that the GS actually has more boot space than the NX with the seat ups so with kids in the back seat not a great bit of difference. I agree it's probably easier to get the kids in and out of the NX - from the the seats that is, not the boot! Not so sure how important AWD is as most SUV drivers only go off-roading when they park on the pavement! I agree about the new E class. Maybe when I get bored with Lexus................... Anyway, what is it with people these days? My parents bought up three strapping young lads in a Ford Anglia. To be fair though, it wasn't just the Anglia, they had a house too!
  9. There are rumours that the fwd ES will replace the GS in Europe?
  10. I have quite sensitive eyes and especially at night find brake lights irritating when sitting behind them in a queue. Maybe it's just me!
  11. It's the same with me Daniel. I stayed with Lexus because of LHE as much as for the cars themselves. I had the extended warranty on my previous IS and they never quibbled about any of the work that had to be done. Good luck with the LC. They wouldn't let me take it but it's a beautiful looking car, especially in the red that they have it in. The white GS you had may be the one I used too! With regards to looks I think that's subjective. I'm not a lover of SUV's but I do think that the NX is probably one of the best lookers. I actually like the anonymity of the GS. I didn't know that they discontinued the GS. That's a shame.
  12. Have disappointingly just discovered that when using the 'Hold' function the brakes lights remain lit. I have been using it in stop start traffic thinking I was preventing blinding the driver behind!
  13. I've just popped out to check mine and disappointingly discovered that the brake lights remain lit when on 'Hold'!
  14. Trim levels are a minefield. At least with Lexus it's simpler than many manufactures who have endless lists of options!
  15. I think that one is a luxury not a premier, hence the smaler screen, but it does mention four driving modes! A good reason not to trust Lexus adverts! The GS is definitely a relaxed cruiser but also good on windy roads in sport+ mode. My IS before this also had cream leather and after seven years I had no problems keeping it clean. Hope I'm not tempting fate here! 😉