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  1. I've never used the online thing as I'm a bit of a luddite so don't think it can be that!
  2. Hi James, I can't find where this is in the menus to turn off. Which menu is it in? Thanks
  3. I haven't got any areas to avoid set so don't thin k it could be this James.
  4. I guess I'd better visit a few more pubs then. All in the name of research! :-)
  5. Don't know When I use sat nav they're on the route that I'm travelling on and also on the opposite carriageway. They're like tiny little circles. When I first noticed them thought they were to do with density of traffic but they don't seem to have any correlation to what I can see out the window!
  6. I'm also intrigued about what the dots on the road on the sat nav mean. Didn't get them on the IS.
  7. I've saved some new locations in memory and a couple of them have a strange symbol next to them. Can't see anything in the manual. Does anyone have any idea what they mean? Have attached a picture. Thanks.
  8. I find it useful sometimes putting it in d2 or d3 when driving in traffic that's travelling at 20-30mph. I find I don't need to keep braking as just lifting off the accelerator slows me down enough.
  9. I agree. I was very fussy over spec and both interior and exterior colour. We were lucky that we popped into the dealer the day we did. I think we paid a bit over the odds but don't regret it at all.
  10. Actually planned on getting an IS 300h but they didn't have one in the spec I wanted. Saw the GS took it for a spin and was smitten!
  11. Right, I’ve now had the GS for 6 weeks and have done just over 2,000 miles. I thought I’d do a comparison between my old IS (previously my favourite car) and the GS. What can I say? Well, in almost every respect the GS is better! One thing I thought I’d miss would be the IS’s mid range torque which made for quick overtaking. Don’t miss it at all. Although I spend most of the time pootling around in Eco mode a quick right of the dial to Sport gives me plenty of power to rapidly pull away from those Audi tailgaters! There’s no point me making a bit by bit comparison because as mentioned the GS is better in every respect. Therefore thought I’d concentrate on the negatives. This took a lot of thinking. There are only two things I miss about the IS. The first is the lights that light up around the speedo and rev counter when you reach a certain speed/rev. However, I can live without that as the HUD more than compensates. The other thing I miss is the TA button on the dash where I could just quickly switch traffic announcements on and off as required. Just wish the GS had the same rather than having to go through the menus to do what should be an easy thing. However, I think I can live without that! Am a very happy chappy and glad I made the change. The GS is now my favourite car. PS Also managed to break the 50 mpg barrier during my last tank of petrol. Was lucky to get 40 on the IS!
  12. Thanks Jay, will give your tips a go. I must admit that the GS does encourage me to waft around at a relaxing pace. My boy racer days were well and truly over years ago! I find keeping a big gap between me and the car in front makes for a much more stress free drive.
  13. Same Lexus route as me and same thoughts re: best car! Mine did more miles than yours (101,000 in 9 years) and I did have both the EGR and DPF replaced between 80 and 90K. Both done under extended warranty. Other than that it was faultless and inside looked as fresh when I sold it as when it left the showroom. Planned on getting an IS 300h and ended up with the GS!