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  1. Thanks Brian. If it's there there must be a way to turn it on and off. In France it's illegal to have a speed camera detector!
  2. Thanks capese21 will give that a go tomorrow when the beers have worn off! But why do they make something that should be so simple so complicated?
  3. I wanted to change the 3 flash indicator thing to 5 flashes and noticed that it has to be done by a dealer so I asked the dealer to it and they said it would take about 3 hours and cost about 90 quid! Does that sound right and has anyone had it done? Surely it should just have been something they could have put in the car settings?
  4. Have just got rid of my IS220d and the overall average over 101,000 miles was 38.7 mpg (according to the car). Have just bought a GS300h with 38k on the clock with an average of 42.2. Went for a long weekend in Belgium over Easter in it, did about 700 miles(mainly motorway - or whatever they call them in Belgium) and the average over two tanks of fuel was 45.6. Best I've seen so far was just over 50mpg on a tank but that was as boring as hell! I think the IS300h has basically the same engine and it's a bit lighter. I do agree though that if you do plenty of town miles the electric motor and engine cutting out when stationary really improves the mpg.
  5. I can switch on or off the speed limit sign (which was pretty dubious in Belgium - lucky the police were too!) but haven't seen (or heard) about camera warnings.
  6. We only bought a Lexus 6 years ago from LHE when we were replacing a much loved Volvo (sorry!) but they were the only dealer that treated both myself and my wife with any decency. We looked at BMW's, Audi's and Mercedes and the salesmen thought they were better than us. They may have been but that's one hell of a presumption!
  7. Just want to give a thumbs up to Lexus Hedge End. Bought a three year old GS a couple of weeks back and when I picked it up they pointed out a small dent in the rear wing that I'd not noticed. Taking it in tomorrow to get sorted. Many unscrupulous dealers would say bought as seen!
  8. Have I got this on my 2014 gs300 premier? No mention in handbook!
  9. And you can set it so that the rev counter shows all the time even in Eco and normal modes which is what I've done. It can be changed by using the button thingy on the steering wheel and selecting rev counter. The one thing I can find on the GS is for a light ring to come on at a predetermined speed, or revs, which was useful on my old IS.
  10. Thanks Ed, not sure I could be bothered with that as when I'm enjoying the comfort of the seats I can't see my rear! However, as much as I'm enjoying the GS experience I'm struggling to get the dab radio to work. All I'm getting is "no signal". Is there anything I need to do?
  11. Thanks Jay and Rayaan. Just hauled myself away from a Tungri Blonde to have a look and miraculously the clear lens turns red! Mystery solved. However I do think it's a bit tight of Lexus to provide only one reversing light and one foglight on the back of the GS. Am sure my IS had two of each.