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  1. Or a vindaloo if you have an F!
  2. I think I've started the process. Used my curry hook for a vindaloo tonight!
  3. Maybe I need to start a gsf running costs thread!
  4. That little hook in the boot for take away Madras is probably up to vindaloo specs on the ISF!
  5. Is this ISF skin thicker than the is220d?
  6. Oh, I don't know. All that rubber.............. ;-)
  7. Thanks for all the comments and really interesting. It seems that it's 'normal'. If so then my concern is if it is doing any damage at all?
  8. If you do I'd be interested to see what they say as mine's still under warranty too.
  9. Thanks Steve, that's reassuring. It sounds like something is about to break!
  10. On my GS I can change the settings to show the rev counter all the time.
  11. Hi all, When I reverse out of my drive and turn into the road I get a strange juddering sensation through the steering as if the wheels are slipping. Doers anyone else get this or have any idea what is causing it? Thanks, Alan
  12. Thanks Lee will give it a go when the rain stops!