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  1. Or maybe an analogue version using a peg and a piece of card just like I did in my youth with my bike!
  2. I asked the service department what the rubbers are for and apparently they are only there to stop dirt getting inside the door panels. Apparently they only touch the glass when the windows are closed.
  3. I found this quite fascinating but how someone can make an interesting technology sound so boring is beyond belief. I wish he'd show a bit of enthusiasm! However, the most amazing thing is finding out that I have a reindeer under the bonnet!
  4. I've driven a few IS300h's as courtesy cars. With regards to performance in every day use it feels no different than the GS. 0 to 60 times are irrelevant in my mind unless you plan on maxing it every time you pull away. Where I live you'd probably end up rearing someone! The GS is generally more refined which suits me fine.
  5. I agree. Personal tastes are just that, personal! My only criticism was the fact that someone could make a judgement on a vehicle that they admitted that they'd never driven. That to me is bizarre!
  6. "I have not tried GS300h but it must be extremely annoying machine " It does amaze me when someone can say something is awful without even trying it! I find the GS300h more than adequately powered, especially in S and S+ modes. I thought I'd miss the mid range torque of my previous IS220d but not at all. More than enough power for overtaking and pulling away from tailgaters.
  7. "As far as I'm aware I have seven 'electronically' selectable gears. My wife's Jazz has the same". Actually I checked this morning and I only have 6. The Jazz has seven though!
  8. I'd be interested in reading that. I've very little knowledge of how it all works and want to learn. Am intrigued about how the electronically selectable 'gears' work.
  9. Is that true Rayaan? I thought it was all to do with the two electric motors. As far as I'm aware I have seven 'electronically' selectable gears. My wife's Jazz has the same but I believe that has a metal belt system like the old rubber band daf.
  10. This is an interesting watch:
  11. Not sure I'd just really on the brakes when driving down a mountain road!