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  1. This was also one of the contributing factors i decided not to bother with a new or nearly new as i also found out newer models within my reasonable budget did not have most of the toys which were standard on older models and if i decided to go full spec will be in my case too much £££ for what i need a car for when an older model packs pretty much the same spec..
  2. 4 pot engines be it NA or Turbo can sound nice and not trashing as you put it.. i have owned a V6, Striaght 6 and V8 and can tell you the 4 pot engine in my Accord is just as smooth and less trashing when compared to the V6 and straight 6 infact it actually goes about its business like a 6 cylinder. cruises like a 6 and has its own 'race' engine note at top end. below is one accelerating and i couldn't hear a trashing engine if any thing it sounded/accelerated in a composed way infact it actually got quieter the faster it was going...
  3. how does an engine making 350NM from 1600rpm feel underpowered?? ... its not like its any heavier than the IS250... the reason why the 200T will out accelerate the 250 in any gear at any speed is due to the artifcial flat torque the engine is able to produce from around 1600 to around 4500rpm couple that with 8 close ratio gears so if any thing the 200T will drive and feel powerful.. we all know the 250 sounds better but does not mean its going faster.. certainly no slouch the 250 as i have seen one pull 160mph easily..
  4. i agree the CT needs the 2.0T engine to take some market share from petrol turbo versions of BMW 1 series and Audi A3 not sure which corporate executive at Lexus makes these decisions but their decisions dont help sales and Lexus brand in Europe. This is how the IS200T fares against closet rival BMW 328(2.0) auto. not much about half a second to a second difference between them. but the BMW is very light in weight..
  5. recon an IS350h and IS450h would be a better model for UK/European market.. maybe thats where Lexus might be aiming. below is the in gear acceleration figures for 250 and 200T.
  6. wouldnt be surprised if Rayaans turns up with this .. New&onesearchad=New&postcode=mk160ay&radius=200&advertising-location=at_cars&make=ASTON MARTIN&body-type=Saloon&page=1 one of my fav Super Saloon's
  7. you are right but i don't think you got my point.. I am not talking about racing the cars at illegal speeds.. cars like the Toyata MR2,Celica's . S2000 and compact sport Saloons/Coupe do not have as much sound insulation and not as heavy so e.g. even when taking a corner/rounbabout at a permitted 50 mph it sounds and goes about it in a fun way than an LS400 taking the same corner at the same 50mph...
  8. Yes but we all know an LS was not built with sportiness in mind as you say its more for refinement and wafting but will get up and go when asked which was the same case with the 430 i had.. it had power but i wouldn't call it a fun car and the LS400 falls in that bracket aswell. some drivers dont want refinement and wafting rides and thats where cars like GT86, Celica's and MX-5 and compact Saloons come into play.
  9. i do agree i find my 190bhp accord to be much more fun to drive than the GS430 V8. Yes on a straight line speed the V8 comes into its zone but the edginess and being able to do more with less in the Accord just makes it so much fun to drive.. and i think most make the mistake of say going for 400-500bhp cars with the notion of bringing driving enjoyment when 90% of the time they cannot extract the full potential of the car when all they need is a car they can drive at 10/10th even at legal driving conditions..
  10. I knew you was a TESLA fan like Gang.
  11. its faster and "may" handle better... but i will have an F-sport GS450h over one..
  12. By Dave Ramsees take, the Joneses are broke so no point trying to keep up.. i find his topics very interesting and educational as well..
  13. I second that... RC300h with the 2.0Turbo + 50bhp shot of battery power would near 300 bhp easily that would get a lot of interest in Europe for sure. Lexus could even badge it as RC350h. Dont understand why Lexus makes these decisions and example was the IS350, GS350 not sold in Europe but the guzzling IS-F, GS-F are?? were is the sense in that if the V8's could achieve around 24-25 mpg as stated sure the 350's could do 28-30 mpg? which in my books is not bad for the power output and reliability aspect compared to say Turbo 335 offered by BMW which might be good on MPG but wont be as reliable? Lexus cliamed they wanted to attract 25-35 year old with the CT but only offered it with a combined output of 135 bhp which is OK for most that dont care about driving dynamics and performance but they sure needed a performance version of the Hatchback CT either a Turbo or 2.5 Hybrid version to rival 1 series, A class and Audi A3's no wonder i see lots of younger buyers flocking to these brands.
  14. There is a 2.0 version of the Accords as well with performance similar to the IS200 and better mpg figures being a 4 cylinder.. the 2.4 is still better on fuel than IS200. never heard of rusts on Lexus cars but saying that, would depend mainly on where the previous owner lived in UK as cars near the coast will tend to show signs of rusts compared to ones that dont. below is a link to the one i picked up as you can see, no rusts for a 14 year old