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  1. Yes due to 'race cam' lobe they switch to at higher revs.. so its designed to take advantage of it.. last i checked its the 9th highest car with fastest piston speed in the world. Redline: 7100rpm Piston Speed: 4615 Ft/min
  2. test is flawed they used a 2013 Chevrolet Cruz which comes with a 1.8 litre 140bhp and manufactures recommended fuel says 'regular unleaded' of course they will not see any benefit from using premium fuels!! engine is not designed to take advantage of it.. best to test with other cars like higher revving, larger displacement and turbo'd cars whos manufactures recommend premium fuels to then draw a fair conclusion. Lexus recommends 95RON or more, my Honda recommends premium i.e 97-99 RON did back to back tests in my IS300, GS430 and now 2.4 higher revving 4 pot and on each car, the standard 95 RON fuels all made the cars run slightly sluggish, noisier, and revved slower. moment i switch to premium mainly Esso 97 they all run quieter, accelerated smoother, revved happily and felt powerful. switched back to 95 RON and same symptoms arise again. this was on 3 cars. so i personally use Esso premium 97. if the engine is not designed for it then you are wasting your money.
  3. Old Car Adverts

    this was when Lexus held fastest automatic saloon in the world i had to own one...
  4. Old Car Adverts

    rock on, you beat me to it.... always liked the look of these Accords and bought one a year ago..
  5. Commuting in a CT

    managed to get decibel noise levels from this site and seems the IS300h is quieter at most cruising speeds than the IS250 and CT200h not by much but still enough to make a difference
  6. Commuting in a CT

    £7500 buys a lot of tax insurance fuel and suspension parts...
  7. Commuting in a CT

    agree with Linas... most look for economy ways to run a vehicle but only factor in fuel, servicing and road tax cost...whilst forgetting the initial cost of the vehicle its self. e.g. a £15,000 2 year old CT200h wont be cheaper to run over say 3-4 years than a 1 owner 7 year IS250 SE-L costing £7500 which is essentially half the CT's price tag.
  8. in a nut shell yes in my humble opinion new cars are a wast of ££'a but i will happyily buy a one owner depreciated Nissan GT-R than a new RCF
  9. An this is the problem we have these days when you let accountants/sales persons dictate its all about how many sold, future predictions, emissions etc.. this has caused the demise/discontinue of countless enthusiast vehicles. sometime its not all about how many were registered its about putting your name out there doing something out of the ordinary. the ISF was the first ever high performance car from Lexus imagine how much attention if a lightened version CSL like model was released to mark its 10th year. and no I personally wouldn't spend my £65k on a new car performance car. , i would invest instead. do you know how much £65k would be be worth in 5 years if it was invested in facebook shares or bitcoins?? enough profits to buy me a second hand performance car which will just be as fun to drive and wont own the dealer a dime. but that's me..
  10. if you know about cars you would know i was not on about M3 i was on about M3 CSL edition.. read up on CSL eddton and what BMW did to that model and you wopuld see the idea i was trying to bring.
  11. so is this New&onesearchad=New&radius=200&page=1 This has next to no toys all stripped out... just man v machine New&onesearchad=New&page=1 why would some one pay that kind on money for one? Answer = its scarce/limited ed. I am not saying it should be priced as such but fact that the chasis is 10 years does not meant hard core enthusiats/collecters will not buy. i still think the RC/GS-F move was wrong. lets see how much of those will sell..
  12. rid off sat nav, electric seats, sound proofing, lighter dashboard?? why would you think there wouldn't be a market for it?? so long its marketed well there will always be a buyer(s). limit it to 500 world wide enthusiast and collectors will snap up scarcity sells ..
  13. i think this was a wrong move by Lexus... how about a 'stripped' down/ lighter version of the IS-F remove 'unnecessary' toys leaving only man + machine produce 500 units all in matt grey... that would have been a better marketing move than using RC and GS platforms...
  14. The car for you can be found at Infiniti in form of Q60 3.0T (which I am guess the interior does not appeal to you even though i personally think its a cracking looking beast) the BMW 435i Luxury Audi A5 3.0T or Ford Mustang 5.0 either one you pick will have a compromise...
  15. could the fact that its direct injected be the issue? if this is your first petrol car with direct injection, you will notice it sounds slightly harsh/noisier than an indirect fuel injected petrol car. i noticed my IS, GS and Accord all prefer esso supreme fuels in that they all idle quietly, acceleratde smoothly and don't sound harsh on this fuel than the standard 95RON some might disagree but i have done back to back tests between 95 shell/esso/bp and 97 esso supreme in all above cars mentioned and the difference was clear thats why i always use 97ron fuel.. try it for a week and see if it makes a difference