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  1. Why he left Lexus Ownership

    This guy might have over 14,000 but he is not a true performance guy. we was comparing apples and oranges.. he kept on going on about how the RC-F lacks tourqe... No it doesnt lack torque for an NA engine. infact the 5.0 in the RCF produces the maximum torque per litre an NA engine produces which is between 100 to 110 NM per litre. most high performance NA engines do not produce anymore torque per litre than this figure. The ZL1 hes currently driving is supercharged. the new M3, M5, E63, C63, RS6 are all Bi-Turbo engines which translates to having more power and the ability to artificially generate ample torque at low-mid RPM. The RC-F is indeed a heavy car and could do with some weight loss... lets wait and see the turbo engines Lexus releases for their new F performance models... Video below proves a TRACK car as he puts it does not need to have a lot of torque or 650 BHP to be fun to drive.
  2. New IS 300 owner saying hello!

    always miss mine when i see a clean example like this... these models age very well. fun cars to drive but saying that, i do find these Accords more fun and predictable than the IS...Enjoy
  3. We sure need Gangzoom to chip in on how he's getting on with his Model X so far... had a black Model X parked near my street a few days ago and it looked quite nice and unusual. the doors alone might attract too much attention and I am not an attention seeker so will def pass on a Model X if i had that cash. Model S looks ok but does not have a wow factor if I am being honest. I have seen a lot on the M'ways lately so they are for sure becoming very popular cars on UK roads. I think its like when the apple iphones came out they were the trend setters in modern mobile phone design and every one wants one but they are now copying your likes of samsung in thier latest models. although electric cars are the future the novelty of owning a Tesla will wear off once the BIG automobile companies start releasing their own versions. seen lots of negative vidoes on Youtube from Tesla owners from over heating batteries to being unable to start the car after a few days to running out of charge due to miles range over reading leaving owners stranded to poor build quality and list goes on... if i was lucky enough to lease on an £80K car there are far more better cars like LC500 which will blow the socks off any Tesla in terms of build quality, how it makes the driver feel and driving enjoyment even through some Tesla models can hit 60 quicker. the LC will just hit 60 in style... Tell me if you disagree...Nothing a fast Tesla can give you
  4. RAC breakdown renewal warning

    My RAC breakdown cover was £20 times that by 12 months = £240 article below states most breakdown companies will charge about £110 for a call out if and when one has broken down and needs to sign up so based on my maths it actually works out a cheaper option to hold off. considering i rarely need their services frequently, i have decided to hold off and break down before signing up. money saved wont be life changing but hey every little helps
  5. RAC breakdown renewal warning

    Which brings the question; given the in frequency of our cars suffering a sudden break down are we flushing money down the toilet by signing up to break down services or as i mentioned wait until car breaks down and you need them before calling for their services. they do offer ridiculous low rates for 1st time joiners anyway... I have always had break down service but not at the moment...
  6. RAC breakdown renewal warning

    Yeh noticed the sneaky hike in my direct debit and canceled mine last week. still debating if it's worth having one or wiat untill if and when i break down before calling and signing up to one there and then.
  7. Am I Mental?

    We had my first when i still had my IS300 ans we managed by mrs sitting at the back behind me and passenger seat moved a bit forward to accomodate baby benefits of having her at the back aswell was to keep an eye on baby and also feeding whilst on the go then got the GS when second one came which didnt require adjustments as the rear leg room was like a football field lol and as they a bit older and using normal seats i now have the Accord.
  8. Am I Mental?

    I quite fancy Robb's IS to be honest.. and would have bought it off him but have other financial commitments at the moment maybe a GS300 when I am ready
  9. Am I Mental?

    you might have a point regarding the padding.. just noticed the IS actually has more front room space than the Tiguan.
  10. Am I Mental?

    this is a screen shot for the rear leg room dimensions for 250 and the Tiguan and difference between them is 133mm or 13.3 cm so as you can see not a lot in them. most assume SUV's have a lot more room than larger saloons but in reality not a lot in them same applies to boot spaces as well.
  11. Am I Mental?

    not sure how tall you and mrs is but I am 5'10 and my mrs is 5'6 and no issues in the both cars.
  12. Am I Mental?

    i have two kids 4 and 2.5 years and both my prevoius GS430 and current Accord serves us well.. most always feel the need for an SUV once kids comes in the picture when a large saloon with a big boot does the job perfectly without any discomfort.
  13. I think you need to ask your self what might really go wrong within two years of ownership? the 250's engine and gearbox are known to be bulletproof and i would rather pay to have the water pump and auto gearbox fluid changed for peace of mind and use the money saved to carry out a complete service engine oil, brake fluid and spark plugs service will work out cheaper than both warranty cost's and will also be a preventative maintenance as you are already capable of doing your own servicing.
  14. New IS 300 owner saying hello!

    Good choice.. had exact one in Silver 02 plate sold it for the GS430 fun car to own and drive def a future classic..enjoy
  15. Did Lexus ever fix the HG issue?

    Sure an IS250 manual/auto will fit this bill? depending on how long you looking to keep the vehicle, spend around £4-£5K on one and use the rest saved for fuel will def work out cheaper in fuel bills alone over 3.5 years than buying an £8k diesel returning 50 mpg and running it over the same period.?