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  1. Good choice.. had exact one in Silver 02 plate sold it for the GS430 fun car to own and drive def a future classic..enjoy
  2. Sure an IS250 manual/auto will fit this bill? depending on how long you looking to keep the vehicle, spend around £4-£5K on one and use the rest saved for fuel will def work out cheaper in fuel bills alone over 3.5 years than buying an £8k diesel returning 50 mpg and running it over the same period.?
  3. Thats why I'm a petrol head
  4. Just get a 93 1.9 TTiD?
  5. some fare points there.. but i also think it boils down to how a car has been engineered.. i think from what i have seen so far Japanese cars like Lexus, Toyota and Honda tends to have major engine and gearbox and exhaust parts designed to last at least 100 k miles. all my cars have been 2nd hand the the only time i suffered an unexpected break down was in my Ford Cougar V6's alternator and Rover 45 head gasket but was still driveable which were both understood to be a design problem for those manufactures bedsides that i tend to do the preventative parts change every time i get a car like spark plugs auto gearbox oil change, cam belt change if its belt driven, basically anything related to oil or cooling i change them and by following this principal has mainly not left me stranded 9 out of 10 times in a second hand car. 'touch wood' That's not saying 2nd hand Lemons don't exist but there are some decent cars with 50-100k miles on them that will do another 100K without encountering an unexpected break down and will still have performance and drive like it just rolled off factory if of course taken care of which wont cost an arm and leg either to maintain.
  6. With 15K budget, you can buy decent cars for £10K and spend £5K on warranty that's if warranties cost that much these days.. thing is most confuse buying new as being reliable which is not always the case..
  7. To be fair, not everyone runs off to by a new model the moment one gets released. some owners by choice prefer to keep their cars longer than others do. I tend to change mine every 2-3 years as i get bored quickly but that's me.. where as my work colleague keeps his cars for 10 years. I also personally think financing a new car is flushing money down the toilet so makes me a cash buyer again that's me. Others might have also driven a newer model but might not have found it to be a 'major' improvement compared to theirs so cant really justify paying more for less gain/benefit in their case. Others prefer to tinker with thier cars and buying new does not give one the freedom to do this without some form of consequence from the dealer come the time to return the car back after the contract ending. So in some cases its down to personal choice and mentality and not necessarily not being in the position to..
  8. gee you selling the merc well to me lol.. i think you made a good choice for CLS AMG as they are very rare i see lots of C63's not the CLS's... enjoy
  9. I am guessing you would find such people in europe/UK? if Mel Gibson whose net worth is over £400 Million can afford any car on the face of this earth but chooses to drive Lexus that should tell us Lexus GB might be missing a chance here.
  10. Me neither... actually Gen 3 might be my next Lexus.
  11. you mean like this. how you finding the Merc Tiger??
  12. not everyone who got £80-£100k to blow wants to be seen in a Range Vogue or X6 so i suppose there might be some sales being lost but hey Lexus knows better than me i guess..
  13. I've always thought gen 1 and gen 2 GS's are the best looking 3rd and 4th gen looks boring imo ... makes me miss mine now ...
  14. what will be the drawback or disadvantage to the Lexus brand if they offered all models available in US into Europe i.e GX, LX, ES, and larger engine variants of the GS and IS? for sure there are some sales to be made in Europe/UK if these models are made available rather than not at all? not everyone is bothered about VED tax band and running cost in terms of fuel.... I think Lexus is missing out on potential sales revenue for not making these models available.. They Just need to accompany the models with some good marketing/advertising. make it the best thing since sliced bread
  15. 3 IS250's jee who buys the same car 3 times