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  1. My guess will be it's there to brace the chest of the middle passenger in case of a collision so they don't go flying off into the front passengers or windscreen. its more secure when compared to cars with the waist strap seat belt alone in the middle.
  2. why spend on a limiter when you can quickly glance at the speedo when driving. takes less than a sec to quickly glance at the speedometer and adjust your speed accordingly!
  3. due to manufactures delibarte speedo errors/inaccuracy you are permitted at least 10% leeway so a 30mph zone will allow up to 33-35 mphish over same applies to 60mph or 70 mph. if you want to feel/hear the road more you can lower the ride height and fit poly bushes . 1 mph over a speed limit will not result in a ticket due to varying car speedo errors/inaccuracy set by manufactures so when cruising at 30mph your real land speed is around 25-27mph
  4. not sure if its the same rad as the GS430 but when i had to replace mine, it was a dealer only part at nearly £300 so might be worth phoneing up a few lexus dealers to ask if the rad would fit the Aristo. alternatively have a look at based in US worth ringing them as well to see if they have the part in stock might be the same rad as the 97' Supra.,1997,supra,3.0l+l6+turbocharged,1317563,cooling+system,radiator,2172
  5. i think trying to expect 6 cylinder characteristics from a 4 cylinder in terms of sound is asking a bit too much. any 4 cylinder car be it from Bmw, Mercedez, Audi or Lexus will never be as smooth/refined as a 3.2 V6 engine from Vauxhall or Ford. its just the nature and characterises of a 4 cylinder engine so expecting the 200T and 300h with 4 cylinders to go about their business in a similar manner like the V6 250 is a recipe for disappointment, test drive any other 4 cylinders from Bmw, Mercedez, Audi and let us know if they are any better!
  6. Yes you 100% right a Civic Type R rice rocket will not be luxurious as thats not what Honda intended it to be. it was built to be light on its feet, fuel efficient, punch way above its weight and sound trashy you will be surprised there is a market for trashy cars like these as the intending market would hate something too heavy to throw around, too much sound proofing, with a too refined engine which might put them to sleep.. over the years, ricer cars like Type R's, WRX's, Evo's, have always had these trashy characteristics and have been succesful. Lexus can if they want to tweak the RC200 to hit 60 in the same time as the RC350 just a fiddle with boost pressure and maybe a 1st to 2nd gear ratio tweak might achieve this. BMW has done it with their 428i which also has a 2 litre 4 cylinder identical power and torque of the RC200 but leaner on the weight side and hits 60 in the same time as the RC350. my guess would be lexus wanted to charge more for RC350 so detuned rc200 to make the 350 superior in performacne terms for customers. i agree and also disagree in your mention about the 2 litre 4 cylinder not matching car, brand etc.. i agree in the sense that you, me and a few prefer larger displacement models in these sort of cars. explains why i went for an IS300 over the IS200, again went for GS430 over the GS300 and recently own an Accord 2.4 over the 2.0 litre model but not everyone is like us and the premium car manufactures know this. The premium German manufactures have done this for a long time and it seems to have worked for them their bread and butter models which sells like crazy are the 2 to the 2.4 lire 4 cylinder petrol and mainly diesel models which you see everywhere and these are in no way refined engines but people are happy and willing to buy and drive them and care less about cylinder harmonic manufactures know the 4 pot will be lighter and thus more fuel efficient when compared to a 6 cylinder be it petrol or diesel. And what does the term 'Luxury' car mean these days? I mean besides the badge and more sound proofing what does the term Luxury car mean when new Vauxhall Insignia's comes fully kitted with start/stop technology, electrics everything from electrics heated/cooled leather seats, self parking technology, premium speakers, bluetooth, reversing cameras... you name it! when compared to say a C220 CDI Mercedez of the same calibre? premium car Manufactures are now combining two into one they are now building something which meets in the middle rather than extreme ends of each remember when some people shunned early lexus models due to being too refined and quite for their liking and opted for a BMW instead now Lexus cars are less sedate as some LS owners say the newer models dont drive anywhere near older ones. BMW has now moved more to the middle ground and are taming down their models and you also hear their hardcore owners say newer models dont drive like the older ones which were more raw and connected. They now build cars which fall into he middle ground rather than extreme of either side...
  7. how can the RC200T be classified as under powered? thing makes 350NM tourque from around 1500 rpm and holds it to around 4500 rpm tourque does help shift the weight of a car even though its not the only factor when it comes to acceleration of a car but for one to say the engine in the RC200T is under powered is an understatement. i haven't driven one but based on its figures the RC350 generates only 25 NM more tourque than it. but RC350 does it at higher revs. RC200T is not a high performance sport Coupe car like the RC350/G37 Coupe and wont beat most modern hothatches with 290-300bhp to thier name but based on its performance figures it certainly wont be a slouch for day to day driving.. PS. i do like the look of the Infiniti Q60 more so the 3,0T version with 400 horses..will give 440i, M4, 435d's a run for their money
  8. Thanks Guys, they sure are nice cars to drive 3 months in and 3,000 miles driven so far and nothings gone wrong.. everything in the car still functions including the AC, Satnav, sun roof, DVD, 6cd Changer, Cruise control etc.. credit to the previous owner..will still do detailed write up when i have had it a bit longer
  9. the benefit cars with normal keys have over keyless is without the key being cloned in the first place, 9 times out of 10 the car cannot be started due to the immobiliser not allowing it making it much more secure but in the case of keyless one does not need to have the key cloned any more a thief will just use electronic device to amplify your key fob signal from your house and thats it they drive away in your brand new shiny car
  10. Thats my point i i can understand any car of any age can have its keys clonned and be stolen..but the keyless tech has made this process that less of a hassle for thieves. the benefit cars with normal keys have over keyless is without the key being cloned in the first place, 9 times out of 10 the car cannot be started due to the immobiliser not allowing it but in the case of keyless one does not need to have the key cloned any more just use electronic device to amplify the signal from your house and thats it. which makes it a step backwards in car security not forwards,
  11. point i was trying to make is how much of an effort does it take to press a button to unlock a car? the problems and uncertainty keyless technology has out weighs the minut benefits it brings to the driver. manufactures didn't have to change it resulting in cars being stolen all over the place. there are some technologies which are a step forward and some which are backwards and never thought through well and keyless technology is one of them.
  12. i have never understood the whole purpose of keyless tech. what was soo wrong with having physical keys to unlock and start your car? keyless technology just doesnt make sense as one still needs to carry the key fob with them in order to access the vehicle or in this case use radio waves amplifier. walk up to the vehicle touch the door handle wait a second or two before door unlocks. old school remote keys, can unlock a car about 5-10 feet away from the car and walk straight to open the door without having to wait few seconds whilst holding the door handle for radio signals to link together. someone might argue but what happens when you have a handful of stuffs and cant trigger the remote to open the doors? well the solution is to put the shopping bags down and trigger the remote its that simple and takes next to no effort. Again how much effort does it take to insert a key into the barrel and turn it?? next to no effort.. just like pressing a push start button so again what benefit is the keyless tech bringing to the table? with my old school keys i lock the car and check its locked by pulling the handle with key less tech there is no way of confirming your car is locked as door will always open once you walk up to it and pull the handle so how does one confirm their car is indeed secure? so after spending ££'s on a car manufactures now expect key less car owners to spend ££ again on steering locks and pouches to store the fobs. last time i used a sterring lock was when i had my 1995 Renault Clio 15 years ago. steering locks on a car costing £40-50k is ridiculous in my opinion. Even the Lexus LFA which is the expensive Lexus ever comes with an 'old school' physical key. LFA engineers knew keyless tech served no purpose.
  13. one of the other aspect Lexus needs to improve on its their advertising. I mean i see cars like the Audi quattro S and RS lines being advertised on TV lately with the models making their way to a racing circuit. even the R8 which will be purchased by a handful gets advertised on TV doing doughnuts..Audi knows 95% of these buyers will never take these cars to a racing track but sells that idea to us. look at BMW 3 series adverts all over the place which includes some scenes of it doing a rolling start acceleration with camera shots focusing on it taking winding roads selling us the ultimate driving machine notion same applies to Mercedes i see C and A class adverts pretty much everyday on TV. what I am trying to say is so long as you market anything right there will always be buyers. look at the Iphone i can name you some Chinese made phones which are faster, better camera better battery life etc at a fraction of the cost but yet still people are happy queue/sleep rough over night and pay over £700 for a brand new 5.5 inch version 7. apple just has good marketing. which bring me to question why Lexus does not or has limited their advertising capabilities on TV? take the launch of the GS450h which at that time was one of the if not the fastest hybrid car out there but yet still fuel efficient for its engine size and power output why did lexus not market it as such on TV show a few shots of how power is transformed form battery to wheels a few shots of instant acceleration and stress of it being a fast and fuel efficient hybrid sport saloon. take the IS-F again it had the worlds first 8 speed gear box in a high performance saloon again Lexus could have showed a cut away version of this gear box during advertising which can make an M3 automatic owner watching feel like they are driving an inferior car with a few twisty shots. The CT200h could also be sold with a 2 litre turbo engine with remap to around 250-300bhp along side the hybrid models which can then appeal to younger hot hatch buyers i do recall reading the new LS600h and LS460 having something like 1000 newly developed parts and features so why couldn't they throw a few tv adverts of the LS and mention this? all I am saying is you market anything well and make it attractive, you will always get some sales so not sure why Lexus does not adopt this and only leave it to what some board room execs decide. infact they can carry out surveys of their existing and potential car owners to find out which models or engines they would like to drive proir to releasing i know the hybrid models do sell well but they certainly are missing a market here as some mentioned the 30-40 year bracket who do not want to spend £50,000 -£70,000 on the IS-F, GS-F, RC-F. Lexus needs to get their marketing and advertising up to speed.
  14. Is this the concept or the real deal which will be going into production??