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  1. I have a GROM that would fit the head unit going spare - please messgage me if you would like it
  2. Older IS200 under £1500

    definitely good history, service book stamps. at the age they are now the cam belt should have been changed once or even twice. check for corrosion at rear of sills. Lexus quality means everything like windows/roof/electric seats should still be working.
  3. 4 Wheel Alignment

    Yes Wheels in Motion will get it sorted - click the link in my sig below
  4. Tyre Wear (rear) - 4 wheel alignment

    As above - go to Tony at Wheels in Motion - they will definitely be able to help http://www.wheels-inmotion.co.uk/
  5. IS200 SE

    Was thinking about the IS300 which is every ten years. So a lot of IS200s now should have had two cambelt changes?
  6. IS200 SE

    This is a good guide: Fully stamped service book, cambelt change at 10 years or 100k. Check the car is straight and that the rear sills are not going - some let water in and can rot from the inside. These cars are reliable so can go on well over 100,000 miles. Check there is no noise on full lock. Check tyres for inner tyre wear; they are notorious for this. Everything electrical should work. Check the sunroof seal and the sunroof mechanism - that is a costly fix.
  7. IS300 '51 Need some advice

    How much does a terraclean cost and what does it involve?
  8. Is it straight, has it got a full service history and does everything work on it? Does it have an MOT? How are the tyres? Also what is the price? Not saying you shouldn't buy it because the LS400 has a ridiculously high build quality so 200,000 miles does not mean its at the end of its life....
  9. aero alloys

    I've gone through quite a few of them in the thirteen years I've had my Lexus. Managed to find three for sale off a scrapped IS a few years back. One thing I will say is that they can be straightened and restored after taking a hit but not if they crack.
  10. aero alloys

    The aero 18" alloys in good nick are quite a desirable item as they can be fragile!
  11. Is300 Stereo

    You are probably best off getting a fascia plate adaptor and harness and fitting an aftermarket stereo. At the age that they are most of the original Lexus head units have serious issues with the cd changer (error3 code). Mine lasted ten years then I replaced it with a reconditioned one from a scrap yard, then not long after that ended up just getting an after-market alpine unit with Bluetooth.
  12. Yet Another Satnav Problem

    if the disc is spinning then not the fuse. have you checked all the connectors from the drive?
  13. Yet Another Satnav Problem

    perhaps the power supply fuse to the sat nav box has blown? it is a 7.5 amp one, either under the glove box or in the engine compartment? worth a try.
  14. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Lexus-IS300-3-0-08-01-02-06-Rear-Exhaust-Silencer-Back-Box-LEX6003-/311319340066 how about this?
  15. 300,000 Mile Report

    You must live in a quiet area not to hit traffic on your commute, or do you work nights? I'd like to think so, but I guess the biggest factor is that 90% of my driving is on motorways and fast A-road dual carriageways where the car just sits in 6th gear and I don't need to touch the clutch or the break for mile after mile.
  16. Sounds about right. Check your inbox as well Stuey
  17. MUCH better idea ;) yeah that is the way forward. you can get some really good systems for not that much money these days.
  18. To Change Auto Fluid Or Not?

    If in doubt, get it changed. It may cost a few quid but it's never as much as a ruined transmission.
  19. New Headunit

    Will this unit work in keeping the amp? http://www.metraonline.com/part/TYTO-01
  20. Jdm Dash Tray

    I know this is an old thread but does anyone know of one of these dash trays for sale at all? cheers
  21. Old Members

    I stil look on here once in a while, a few years back we were all on forums all the time relating to our hobbies, now fb, twitter and other distractions seem to have knocked message boards into leftfield. had my IS300 since 2003, got a grand total of 54,000 on the clock, don't want to change it! :)
  22. IS300 is a great car, I get about 280-300 miles from a tank which now costs me £85 odd. if you are light footed and use cruise control etc you can get 320 miles to the tank