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  1. This happened!!

    Sorry to hear about the mishap Alan. Hope you can get it sorted without too much damage to the wallet!! It never ceases to amaze me how little damage can result in having to replace panels/doors etc. It wasn't always like this.............................was it?
  2. I've just read the first post on this thread and the letter from Lexus, what an absolute load of old codswallop to say that the reversing lights aren't there to aid driving. I have mentioned elsewhere on this subject that I have. on numerous occasions, found myself in very narrow lanes in total darkness, no lighting whatsoever, and, having to reverse. It's a total nightmare. Whoever thought up the idea of having only one reversing light needs their head examining. It's fine in a lot of situations, but certainly not in many others.
  3. New Owner - Just a Hi!

    I'm not 100% certain of this but I think that the dipping mirror function only comes with the top of the range jobby's i.e. the Premier versions.
  4. New Owner - Just a Hi!

    A big welcome Andrew sounds like you really know your stuff/ Enjoy your new car.
  5. Abit of urgent help please

    I have had another look this morning and the power cable definitely seems to go into the centre console at the back of it and not across into the drivers side footwell. I'm wondering if they have made the connection to something in there. How easy is it to get into this area, anyone done it? Also, how easy is it to remove the trim (without breaking any clips!) around the base of the door openings. If it's not too bad I might be able to get the rear camera cable out and just leave the power cable in situ.
  6. Abit of urgent help please

    The necessary wires etc for mine come in at around 75 euro's. I have a rear camera and a GPS unit in the windscreen. I might still leave it as it is a lot of hassle really. Thanks for the input chaps.
  7. Abit of urgent help please

    Hi Matt, thank you for your input. As I said in my original post, I have dropped the panel that is beneath the glove box and I can see the power feed cable and it definitely either goes somewhere within the centre console or passes behind it to some power source on the drivers side. It definitely doesn't go into anything on the passenger side. I haven't been able to find your instructions yet.
  8. I am trying to take the dashcam out of my car and have run into a bit of a problem and am wondering if anyone might be able to help please. I have managed to partly free the trim at the passenger side of the windscreen and have got at the cables. I can't seem to be able to (easily) get the trim completely out though. I have dropped down a panel that lies beneath the glove box and can get hold of the cables but, I think that I need to remove the glovebox itself. I have removed the three screws across the top of the glovebox but cannot see any other fixings in order to get it out. has anyone removed theirs? The main power cable seems to go behind the centre console, is there a fuse box there or perhaps it goes behind the console to the other side of the car. If anyone has any tips on getting this out, I will be forever grateful. Many thanks
  9. Service information

    Thank you Carl/
  10. Is it possible to check the service history of a Lexus on-line via the Customer Portal or suchlike? Thank you
  11. SatNav

    I just love this. Read it in bed at about 5.30 this morning and had a good chuckle. Great way to start the day with a smile, thanks peachy.
  12. SatNav

    I put this in another section and whilst it's had a number of views there are no replies so I thought I would try it here. Someone must have an answer I would have thought. Is there much of a difference between Lexus Navigation and the Premium Navigation. Bearing in mind the many adverse comments on here about the SatNav in Lexus cars (along with the considerable cost of updating the maps) , if you were buying a car now and you wanted to stick with Lexus, would you buy with or without satNav and make use of a standalone jobby? I know that some people use their phones very effectively. Thank you.
  13. I've always stuck mine on with sticky pads and have never had a problem. In fact they take some getting off when I'm doing a vehicle change.
  14. SatNav

    Hello folks, is there much of a difference between Lexus Navigation and the Premium Navigation. Thank you.
  15. Can anyone confirm that the 2012> RX450h Luxury comes with Cruise Control please? I can only see it mentioned in the spec for 2009> SEL-Premier and then I don't see it mentioned again until the 2012> FSport Model and that's as an option with the Pre-Crash System. Many thanks