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  1. When my car is due for service, my dealer always collects and returns same day. I can also use the car that they leave here too if I want, providing I have given them my licence details. It usually costs a tenner to cover the insurance excess. Great service.
  2. For me that's as ugly as it gets. Aaaaaaaarrrrrgh! I suppose it can be tempered by the old saying 'Beauty is in the eye of the beholder'
  3. I have read pretty much all of the 'wheel related' threads on here and, I have always wondered about Lexus wheels and so, I will ask my question. Do Lexus manufacture their own wheels and further, do some/all motor manufacturers make their own wheels or, are there specific wheel manufacturers from whom car makers buy wheels? I must admit that at the moment my wheels are fine, the car is 3.5 years old. My car is under extended warranty until December 2018 and so I am wondering, if I have a problem with my wheels will they be covered. I must sort out the paperwork for a look see. There is a VIP Event at my dealers this coming weekend, I might go along to see if there is anything that catches my eye. If I change, I won't have to worry about the wheels for a bit longer
  4. Thanks for the kind comments chaps. Enjoy your weekend.
  5. Hello Wayne, I wonder if you might find something here
  6. Thank you for your kind comments Lee. I bought the unit second-hand from a chap who was buying a much bigger one. It was nothing like it looks now when I got it. I insulated walls and roof with aluminium backed bubble wrap and then lined the inside with T & G cladding, my wife wasn't keen on me doing that but she is well pleased now that it's finished. I had some repair work to do at the base of one of the doors and also to the roof and then I put some decent shingles on the it rather than plain roofing felt and I then painted it inside and out. My wife wanted a whitewash look to the inside rather than solid paint. The coffee table and shelf unit were made from scraps of wood that were lying around the garage. There is also full electric power installed too. We are now looking for a pair of decent chairs to finish it all off. The final thing will of course be the sound of the sea.................hopefully! You may be able to see progress via this link
  7. Hi Mark, thank you for your input. When I found this item, it did say that it was a free download. Hopefully I have managed to attach an image of it for you to see.
  8. Thank you NemesisUK, I have tried your link but I don't get the 'Stereo Mix' option which is apparently needed. I don't trust myself with downloading older drivers in order to overcome the problem. I would probably give myself a bagload of problems. Thank you anyway though.
  9. I have just installed a small summerhouse in my garden and, my wife asked me to make it appear somewhat along the lines of a beach hut. I have done all of that and I am now thinking how nice it would be to have the sounds of the sea constantly playing in the background. I have found what I consider to be the perfect recording but, for the life of me I cannot see how to download it. I am hoping that someone on here may be able to point me in the right direction to get it onto my pc. I can then transfer it onto a USB stick and then find some way of playing it in the summerhouse. I have provided a link below to the sound that I am trying to download. I will be most grateful for any help. Thank you. For those of you who may be interested in what I have done, I have attached a couple of piccy's.
  10. Hello Murray, a big welcome to the club/forum. Hope you enjoy your new car, I'm sure that you will. When I change my car I too will be looking for something with a loftier driving position, also easier getting in and out, but that's an age thing for me. Happy motoring.
  11. Welcome Laurentiu, enjoy the forum, lots of friendly help and guidance always available.
  12. I use mine (paddles rather than the brakes) all of the time to keep my speed down to within the required limit, works faultlessly. Having said that, I do touch the brakes if necessary to make sure that anyone that is too close up my backside is aware that I am slowing down. If they are too close and don't see any brake lights they could well end up clouting me.
  13. When I purchased my car I had the Gen3-Glasscoat applied and, I was given a number of very nice goodies all very nicely packed in a carry case. There are things like Bird poo remover, and glass cleaner etc but, the one item that concerns me most is the shampoo. It is classed as a ceramic shampoo and creates no suds whatsoever. When I look at detailing items on the net, they all seem to show lots of soapy suds being splashed about but, when I clean my car I get nothing of the sort. Is this shampoo any good or should I be changing to something else. Many thanks.
  14. I was driving my wife's Toyota Yaris yesterday and, I noticed what I consider to be an extremely useful bit of detail on the SatNav. When I was exceeding the speed limit applicable to any particular zone, even by 3 or 4mph, be it 30, 40 or 50mph, the speed limit sign in the bottom right hand corner of the screen changed from the number being surrounded by a red circle, to a number in a solid red block. I am wondering why such a useful option is not available in my car which probably costs 3 times as much as the Yaris. Anyone know if this might be an option in the IS that can be turned on by the dealer?
  15. If you do a search on the forum you will see very very quickly that your choice is an absolute no brainer. The 250 wins hands down. Good luck with your purchase, I'm sure you will buy the right one P.S. I have had both cars.