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  1. Well folks, I am still waiting to get my bum on the seat of a 3rd generation RX450h but today I managed a test drive in an NX300h. I did 67 miles on A and B roads, Dual carriageways and motorways and fortunately, most of the time I was able to drive at whatever the speed limit was, i.e. 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 and 70, only a couple of minor holdups to interrupt the flow. On arrival back at the dealership the computer was showing 46.7 mpg which I thought was pretty good. I was very impressed with the comfort and handling of the car. It doesn't have the turn of speed that my IS has but then it is a considerably heavier vehicle. I just love the Adaptive Cruise Control, I thought that was brilliant. One of the worst things about the car (in my opinion) is the ridiculous location of the radio, it can hardly be seen. Now, I can either wait to see if my dealer gets a 3rd gen 450h in or, try to find one that is not too far away that I can test drive. I'm really looking forward to comparing the drives and to then make a decision.
  2. Good to hear Keith, what sort of mpg did you get on the 8o mile run?
  3. Anyone have any thoughts on this item, taken from the Parkers site. Uninvolving to drive Despite its turn of speed, the Lexus RX is not the most involving car in this class to drive and ranks only in the lower orders for handling ability. Even with a choice of three chassis settings for buyers to pick from, the RX doesn’t come close to matching the likes of the BMW X5 or Range Rover Sport for the way they can travel along twisty roads with accomplished ease. It’s not good news for the Lexus on straight stretches such as motorways either as it picks up on too many small surface imperfections to ever feel settled and comfortable. In all, it makes the Lexus more tiring to drive that it should be, which leads to driver fatigue in longer trips where other cars in this class leave you wanting more miles to have fun.
  4. You might get lucky and not have any problems with the 220d. However, I would strongly suggest that you heed the advice of other members on here and take your time and find a nice IS250, you most definitely won't regret it. There are plenty of threads on here outlining all of the problems associated with the car. As I say, you might just get lucky, better still, don't take the chance. Good luck with your search and welcome to the forum.
  5. Yes rayaans, my thoughts were indeed that a drive of the 4 would be pretty pointless and, from your post my thoughts have been reinforced. The changes you mention do seem quite significant. I can go ahead with a test drive of the NX which I think that I will do at some point next week. I will have to see what the dealer can do with regard to getting hold of a 3. They did have one at another branch about a week ago but it went very quickly.
  6. Thanks for that Chris. Is the gen 3 body exactly the same as the gen4 sizewise? The reason that I ask is that I am likely going to be test driving a gen 4 as the dealer doesn't have any 3's at the moment. As a matter of interest, what are the main differences between the two cars? (3 and 4 that is) It looks very much as though I am going to be restricted to purchasing a 13 or 63 plate at best I think. Hopefully I should get myself a decent buy though.
  7. Went to the dealership today but was a bit short on time really. One thing that I was definitely able to do though was to discount the CH-R as an option, at least that's a step in the right direction. I have provided all of my details, licence etc, and will now be arranging for a test drive in both NX and RX. I think that it will now have to be next week but at least I am progressing.
  8. Just as a matter of interest, if you didn't record it, download this mornings episode of Rip Off Britain (BBC 1) and watch the article on Smart Entry/Locking on modern cars. Some will find it quite alarming methinks.
  9. Been waiting for your response Rayaan, thank you.................................enough said
  10. New member with first Lexus

    Welcome Michael, I had an 07 250-SEL myself before my current car. Excellent motor, you will get great pleasure from driving it. Lots of good folk on here, always on hand to answer questions etc.
  11. I will happily continue to use my paddles. It's much easier sometimes to 'change down' to third gear to maintain the car within the speed limit, especially in a 30mph and even more so in a 20mph zone.
  12. I've been thinking about this since I last posted and I know for certain that both my mirrors dipped on my 250 because I was able to ensure that I had centralised the car between the white lines when using a parking bay. I have just been outside to check my current car and yes, they do both dip. I'm sure that Lexus are still using the same innards on current mirrors as they were on the earlier cars. Here's a little tip if you aren't aware of it, if you have your mirrors set to dip EVERY time that you engage reverse (i.e. with either L or R selected on the button) and you have an occasion where you don't want them to dip (but you are already reversing), for instance you might be parking with the passenger side close to a wall, just press the illuminated button (L or R) to switch the mode off and the mirrors will return to their normal driving position. When I first had mine I thought that I had to make the choice, to dip or not to dip, prior to engaging reverse.
  13. Boot Size

    Hi Mark, the measurement from front to back is exactly 1metre (100cm). The measurement was taken with the tape held level with the rear lip, where the boot lid closes to. The measurement from the boot floor to the underside of the rear parcel shelf is 420mm. Hope this helps.
  14. Boot Size

    If like me you are not happy travelling without having a spare wheel, then you have yourself a problem. This is one of the reasons that I am looking to change my car at the moment. The IS300h is without doubt the best car that I have ever owned but, it does come without a spare wheel and, the gunge supplied is absolute rubbish and so I purchased a spacesaver which obviously has to go in the boot and, takes up the room needed for a suitcase. The good thing though is that the seats fold down and this is of considerable help but, it aint so useful if you have kiddiewinkies! The supplied gunge is OK if you have a nail type puncture but, anything worse and it's no good whatsoever. I know a couple of people with the CT200h who encountered problems when they had a puncture and were left stranded for quite some time whilst a new tyre was sourced. I was told a while ago that about 85% of new cars come without a spare wheel but, there are thoughts that this may be changing. A friend of mine owns a tyre supply/fitting outlet and they positively hate the gunge, that is my word for it by the way, not sure what it is correctly called. Mark, what does the good lady not like about the internal styling of the 300h?
  15. I use my paddles all of the time to keep within the speed limits when going downhill.