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  1. Too late - this was bought by a trader - the price has now gone upto £1500?
  2. Someone mentioned the the gs450h has the problem because if poor cooling set up - the inner cells tend to overheat causing premature failure
  3. Mark 4 with 100k on clock just listed on at for £1k - advert sounds like a member
  4. Few wee mods

    how Easy was the bulb replacing for you? I had to remove the air box and overflow bottle to manage the change?
  5. Keyless Entry

    The LS430 has it in all four - Its a very useful future and very reliable
  6. The car does look as if it has had a leak but I would not consider it a deal breaker if the buyer is happy with other aspects of the car. Just make sure the electrics are not effected and there are not rust issues in the boot. Just needs the carpet removing - giving a good clean and replacing - perhaps a second had carpet which is not stained . . . . . oh and the boot seal replacing or resealing. Stuart: My handbook recommends I regas my aircon every 2 years - I do just that and my aircon works just fine
  7. Why does the rev needle bounce at 1:22 - just curious?
  8. Hi Ron I dont know wether you read the whole linked post but I would get your battery tested or if possible swap it over with another one to see if it fixes the problem. If that does'nt fix it then you may be looking at replacing the screen with a second hand unit perhaps.
  9. Suspension air pump bushes

    Yep - I have same probem on mine - I bought blue prints bushes and just waiting to find some time to change them - I may take it to a garage since its getting colder outside and as you the wheel arch is well secured
  10. This car has been advertised before so obviously has not sold. I think you need to ring the seller and ask all the questions over the phoe including the queries members have suggested above. This will give you a clearer insight into the condition, history and seller. This will help you in making in decision wether this car is for you or not
  11. There clearly is a shortage of good examples - They key is (if you can) wait................check all sources of car sales several times and be prepared to act quickly when the right one turns up - all too often good examples often end up in the hands of dealers with extortianate mark up.
  12. Ahhhhhh - eye therapy! - I used to have one exactly like her R614
  13. Well I normally use Castrol Edge - but i might try Shell next time - current price at ECP is under £16 for 5 litres
  14. Yes Shirish - You are right - it is Baz's car!