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  1. Roy this is a very good forum - I am having some audio problems and a member here has offered to send me a replacement CD player if I need it - The forum at its best
  2. Ok Looks like I on my initial check I did not wait long enough for the codes to display - Now I know the car is recognising a problem - so as planned to dig deeper into the dash and check the wiring behind the unit.
  3. This is what keeps putting me off buying one: 1) There is no aftermarket alternative 2) Lexus know of the problem and havent done anything about it i.e revised the part so the problem does not keep re-occuring - even where parts are replaced they keep failing. What makes it worse dealers show no sympathy at all and even warranty claims are being rejected. 3) The part is quite over priced. For this reason and ofcourse potential battery cell issues I think these cars will quickly get scrapped and disappear from our roads - something I would not expect from a high end marque with its unique performace figures.
  4. Hi This is a common occuring problem on the Mark 3 - To fix you need to clean the throttle body - hope this helps
  5. Morning Guys I have tried Gee and peters suggestions and there is no change I'm afraid. Neil: Thanks for the post - I might take you up on that offer but firstly I want to check the connections on the back of the unit - I will also try the battery disconnect - In my haste I did not do it when swapping the amplifier over although I should of done. Will update as soon as I can
  6. Hi John I check this and there is no Fault code - I could not even find a menu for codes to be honest. I have come across a handful of posts with the same problem on LOC USA - but some of them are mnay years old with no resolution post whilst others say its the amplifier which in my case its not.
  7. Thats a definate improvement. I remember doing my sidelights many years ago - once you have removeed the top screw there is no indication of how its fitted - you cannot insert a screwdriver between the light and wing for fear of chipping the light or paint - you can't even grip the lght properly - I did manage it in the end but only after I skinned one of my knuckles lol.
  8. Thanks for the replies guy Gee: Thanks will try that Peter: Will also try that If the above fails then I intend to remove the CD player and screen and check the connections at the back Other than that I'm out of ideas at the moment
  9. Ok Guys I need your help on this one On my 04 LS430 i have no sound from the CD/Tape and Radio (power is fine). I also cannot hear any beeps when the temperature is adjusted. Initially I though it was the amplifier but I have swapped this over and this has not cured the problem - I know the amp is working becuase I can hear the fans spinning. I have also noticed that i press Audio and then Sound - all the options are greyed out. This is a very unusual problem and i havent come across any problems like this on LOC Any help will be much appreciated.
  10. Thanks for the reply guys Yes you are right - you really have to put some muscle power in there to get it off. When I was pulling the whole mechanism behind the mirror was moving so after reading your posts i tried again - I used one hand to keep the mechanism in its place and pulled the mirror reallly hard with the other hand and that done it! - the rest was very easy just 2 connectors and 4 screws - mirror is as new now. I also had to replace the Passenger side xenon bulb - that proved to be a challenge aswell - in the end i had to remove the airfilter box and undo the coolant bottle from its place to make room for my hands and also to be able to see the bulb housing and clips. I still have one problem pending which is no sound from the audio - I will start another thread for this. thanks once again again aguys
  11. Hi Guys I need to replace my mirror housing - to do this i need to first remove the mirror from the hosuing - does anybody know how to remove the actual mirror from the housing - i have tried pulling at the bottom but its not releasing. many thanks
  12. Is it the blue one at UK Performance?
  13. Lovely looking LS430 - same colour as mine