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  1. only thing is the tips at the end slope downwards - im not sure they do slope on the 430 because of the chrome tips
  2. glad you got it sorted - I have been meaning to get mine checked but finding a decent garage is a mission
  3. Kelly did you get this sorted? or atleast find out what was cauing your symptoms?
  4. It will feel like a new car to you! - when you go to pick her up check all the electrics work - the dealer looks very reputable
  5. I would do the same - would'nt feel content and I know it evades the whole point of the deposit!
  6. That's a nice car - hope the rest of the purchase goes well mine is silver aswell - silver doesn't date and gleams even after a simple hand wash
  7. I agree with most of what micheal has said - ive had mine for over 4 years - 136k miles - I service it every 12 months with castrol Edge 0w-30 - everything still works on mine and I havent had any huge failures or repair bills in my time. The body work on mine from a few metres looks shown room but on close inspection it does have its imperfections - I always take it to the car parks and can comfortably reverse park between 2 cars - it does stick out a couple of feet though. I think in the future I will naturally be opting for a 460 or 600h I hear the 460 is even more refined and has a bit more floaty ride than the 430 - try both and see which strikes your fancy hope this helps
  8. Yes upto 03 is the old shape - 53 onwards has a more sleeker look
  9. My ls430 passed last week - no advisories but did need to replace the headlight ballast
  10. Hi Stephen - Air con problems on the 430 have been limited in numbers so there is not much information available on the forums. If the compressor is working then you should be able to hear it cutting in and out when air con is selected. If they tried to regass it then did it hold pressure? if not why not - did they detect a leak? A common problem on the 430s is the air con pipes corroding resulting in loss of gas - could this be your problem? I would take it to an air conditioning specialist and get a second opinion - if possible watch them while they check it and at the end ask how they reached they diagnosis. If it is the compressor then the cheapest route would be a second hand unit - preferably with some warranty. If it is the pipes then there is 2 options - the costly one is buy the pipes from lexus and get an independant to fit them - this involves alot of dismantling including removing the petrol tank. The second option is is to cap off the pipes for the rear aircon and regass - this leaves you with front air con only but in reality it does not make a huge difference since we don't get many hot spells here and most cars come with front aircon anyway Hope you get it sorted soon
  11. A true testament to the quality of materials and workmanship - shows no signs of wear at 185,000 miles - Wow!
  12. Yes phil I have noticed that problem too - but only on long night journey - Good Tip!
  13. Mine also always looks like this too!
  14. Richard are you saying you can't fix batery problems with the 600h's? or is it just the ones with rear relaxation pack?