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  1. This car is now at a dealers on AT priced at £2795
  2. Many years ago I started the Lexus ownership with a green Mark 3 - I had the same problem - drovers seat was cracked where as the others were fine. I ended up buying a replacement seat froma breakers and swapped mine over.
  3. Sounds tempting - or atleast a contender if the LS owners want a change - enjoy - and IIRC you always say we all like pictures!
  4. Alright phil give us a run down between the ls430 and GS Build quality Cabin noise Fuel Consumption Ride difference thanks
  5. there is another one on ebay - which reads very nice also:
  6. Looks a nie car - it does look to sitting a little high all around maybe it was set to high suspension when the took the pictures.
  7. There is an explanatory video here:
  8. A couple of members in the past have reported better MPG Have a read here:
  9. Hi phil once you adjusted the tire pressures you need to reset the warning - the button is located just above the pedals - you need to switch on ignition and press and hold the button for a few seconds - hope this helps
  10. I noticed 2 LSs in the video - thats a rare sight!
  11. We are not the only ones - We had 2 struggling BMWs this morning in the family - one decided to stay put despite the rear wheels spinning! - The other managed to move but the driver was scared due sideways manouveres its was pulling that he gave up and came back home 1 mile after setting off. The LS on the other hand is snuggled up under a nice white blanket (of snow). I think it will be even worser tommorrow after the temperatures drop overnight
  12. Hi - Yes is lexus official names - its basically light green with cream leather
  13. Chiltern is the colour of the car - rutland is the colour of the leather