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  1. Micheal that was an LS460 by member SH20
  2. Yep! We have top of the range BMW 5 series in the family and last couple of days when temp has been 26 the toasty leather was a bit uncomfortable - not in the LS though!
  3. I think due to the fact they are ventilated and softer than the ones in the 400 they tend to develop creases sooner and wear starts to show - The cream leather ones show wear and dirt alot more than grey and black ones. Having said that regular maintenance will prolong the life and condition of the seats - mines are grey and after 135k miles show only a few creases and thats if you look closely - I regularly clean and feed mine with Gliptone leather products. On the same note the interior plastics are of the best quality you can get - the steering, gearknob and interior door handles still look immaculate with a nice matt finish once cleaned.
  4. yes - as messi said been for sale over 6 months atleast
  5. Peter i think you should atleast advertise it once to the World Wide Audience and see what happens
  6. Hi - because I have owned both I am pretty sure the rear section of these cars is the same - I am sure it will fit - but wait for a few more replies before committing
  7. Me too - im thinking of bypassing the 460 and going for the 600 . . . . . . . . . . . . . eventually! - to me that is the only natural upgrade and i get to experience the hybrid side of things! I do keep thinking about the gs450h from time to time and really want to experience the CVT box but really I want the 600H
  8. well im a perfect example of premature aging! I havent hit 40 yet and and i have been driving LS for the last 8 years ! lol
  9. Hi Martin did you ever have an ls430? If so how does the ride and cabin noise compare - if not how does it compare to the 400?
  10. We have 2 BMWs in the family and I have noticed that seats warm up very quickly and are unbearably hot on the 3rd setting - I really like the under thigh heating - this also goes for the heater airflow - you can not have it on too long on the hottest setting. The LS430 on the other hand has a more controlled a subtle approach - the seat heating takes longer to come on and base does not heat the thighs - but I don't have any complaints. If im wearing a shirt only then i cannot have the seat heating on too long - it starts to burn. The cooling functiion ( which the BMWs don't have) is very useful on hot days when the leather is very hot.
  11. Check your cabin filter behind the glovebox and turn of air recirculate on the climate control I.e set it so air is taken from outside.
  12. I stand corrected as Shahpoor has pointed out.
  13. Hi Malcolm The 600 was as you know a very expensive car when new and limited in numbers compared to other models. We only have a handful of members owning one - For this reason there is not many posts on faults etc. If the selling dealer agrees, I would get Lexus to do an inspection expecially the suspension to ensure everything is ok - it is a heavy car and with the added weight of the battery pack the suspension has to cope with alot weight. With regards to the battery: Its too old for a Lexus warranty or Hybrid Health Check - the cutoff is 10 years or 100,000 miles - this is something that you can talk to your dealer about. If you do have a battery fault - its normally just 1/2 of the many cells and there are specialists around who will remove and dismantle the battery - check and replace the weak cells and recondition the battery for around £700 - this is better than Lexus replacing the whole battery which is around £2000 - 3000. Hope this helps
  14. I did this a few years back - you're right it's packed with wiring - I used an electric driver and a long flexi bit holder to screw and unscrew the switch. I noticed on the old faulty switch that the back was slightly loose - this was causing the electrical connection to break causing the blackout.
  15. Yes i noticed that too ! - the blue one with cream leather looks lovely and a bargain price too