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  1. The pump failure fix has been documented here atleast twice - the bearings are pennies And can be changed Fairly easily and quickly without even a lift - the other main issues are the batteries cells which are £700 to put right from an independent and leaking shock absorbers which is a dealer only part.
  2. I owned a Mark 2 Toyota Carina and 1992 Camry which had indicator stalks on the right
  3. Ok Guys - filled up earlier and this time paid attention to the inside of the filler cap cover and YES it does have a slot for the cap to be temporarily hanged - the designers didn't miss anything - brilliant!
  4. He's got one just like mine - I'm Ashamed to say despite owning it over 4 years I don't know there is a cradle?
  5. Glad you got it sorted - your car looks amazing with gleaming paintwork and immaculate body! Love it
  6. Hi Nick Have a read here :
  7. Joseph there is no definitive answer but i read somewhere on the forums is that the problems relates to the heat generated within the battery cells - the cells in the middle of the battery are unable to be adequatley cooled therefore shortening their life - the result is the charge they hold drop causing the check hybrid error
  8. The squeak is dry bushes due to the hot weather - should resolve with weather
  9. Yep - I saw that too - definatley a bargain at that price - I can't really see the mentioned imperfections in the paintwork
  10. Sorry I cannot answer your question but wanted to ask how the gs450h compares with mark 4 on ride smoothness and cabin noise?
  11. There is no definitive answer - when I had my mark 3 and 4, I never experienced any problems starting after flat battery or battery changeover - however from Time to time I have come across articles where some of the mark 2 s and 3 s have been fitted with an aftermarket scorpion alarm system which does need resetting - I would just put the battery back and give it a try and see what happens - I reckon it will just start as normal.
  12. Atleast one meme her had the Acc fail because the sensor at the front behind the grill had water ingress - might be worth checking - if it is faulty you could approach the dealer to pay for repairs
  13. I have a facelift 430 and have driven a pre-facelift The ride quality is margianally better in the pre - this may be down to tyres The Keyless function in the pre I found was a bit hit and miss - in the facelift its faultless Thepre suffers from quarter glass de-lamination - facelift does not. The pre suffers from door and boot lid rust which starts on the inside - there has been mited reports of this on the facelift The pre has aluminim dash inlays - the facelift has wood ones which I think look better The suspension and radiator problem is present in both albiet in very limited numbers. Reference the seat cooling - I did not notice any difference and seats are identical Some facelift models have Radar Cruise Control (look out for clear square around the "L" on the front grill) - The pre did not have this option The pre sufferes from broken bonnet release cables - the facelift does not Hope this helps I have had mine for over 4 years wiithout any major engine or suspension problems
  14. Well if this is the hybrid battery cells starting to fail the we know what the Lexus dealer will say - they will only install a new battery - battery problems in the gs450h are known on this forum and can be expected after 100k miles - individual cells start to fail causing the above messages - but let's see what the dealer says.