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  1. Infinity

    Nope, especially when you're dropping 400 quid a week, at least, in depreciation, assuming the figures I linked to are representative.
  2. Infinity

    Looking at Infinity for sale at Motorpoint, LINK HERE, they seem to be selling for under half the new price, at a year old. Bearing in mind that is Motorpoints retail price, just imagine what you'd be offered as a trade in. Also, aren't these Nissan, by another name, who are, in turn, now owned by Renault? Considering these things are chock full of complicated electrics, any connection to Renault would put me off.
  3. Sorry, senior moment, it wasn't Atlantic convoy, but Arctic convoy.
  4. We went right up as far as Loch Ewe, last August, to see where my father in law set off from, as part of the Atlantic convoy. Beautiful area, and they had a little museum there and a monument to those who lost their lives, very moving, and even more so for my wife and her brother. We set off, in two motorhomes, from Yorkshire, early evening, so by 11.00 pm, we were ready for sleeping. We pulled in to a garage, filled up with diesel and asked the woman on the till, if there was anywhere near that was suitable for stopping overnight. We were pleasantly surprised, when she pointed to a quiet spot behind the garage, and gave us permission to park there. What a difference to the rest of the UK, where motorhomes are actively discouraged. Anyway, we had a great week on fantastic roads, with breathtaking scenery, excellent campsites, right alongside the lochs and a lovely welcome wherever we went, thoroughly recommend the place.
  5. RAC breakdown renewal warning

    That's the thing though, RAC actually lower the premium every year, if you haven't claimed, as indeed they did this year, and I agree with you about automatic renewal, but they always send you a letter of renewal, giving you ample time to cancel. The difference this year, which I'm sure many will have missed, was the addition of a "Arrangement & administration fee" of £30!! Everything else though, I always decline automatic renewal, you'd have to be daft not to.
  6. RAC breakdown renewal warning

    Hooray!! I posted about this rip off here, and the other forum I regularly use, and you are the first reply, in over a month. I was beginning to think it was just me they were trying it on with. From the lack of interest, I assume the sneakiness is paying off, or people are happy with a 35% increase.
  7. Two beauties.
  8. Just arrived in my inbox, on ebay, looks a belter. HERE
  9. Success, got a set for LS and my camper van. Thanks for the link.
  10. Hi Normski, yeah I did, but I'll give it another go now.
  11. Just tried, said offer expired. 30% off is available though.
  12. I've had RAC breakdown cover for a good few years now, renewed automatically by direct debit, but only after they've sent a renewal letter, giving the amount they will be taking, alongside the previous years cost. This year was £85, compared to £90 last year( they do a discount if you haven't called them out). However, they were going to add "Arrangement & administration fee for your Roadside and Recovery Rescue", an extra £30, taking it to £115. Needless to say, I rung them and cancelled my cover. What a rip off, and I'd bet that many customers won't notice this sneaky method of adding 35% to your bill.
  13. Traffic light Grand Prix.

    Nope, not at all. To be clear though, I only linked to 10p to show that the police can, and obviously do, look in to peoples internet history, not to compare you, or anybody else, to him.
  14. Traffic light Grand Prix.

    Mark, if you check google, as I suggested, you'll see that the blokes posting history was used in evidence. That said, I'm not bothered what people post, I just wanted them to be aware of what can happen, if they're luck runs out.