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  1. Just arrived in my inbox, on ebay, looks a belter. HERE
  2. Success, got a set for LS and my camper van. Thanks for the link.
  3. Hi Normski, yeah I did, but I'll give it another go now.
  4. Just tried, said offer expired. 30% off is available though.
  5. I've had RAC breakdown cover for a good few years now, renewed automatically by direct debit, but only after they've sent a renewal letter, giving the amount they will be taking, alongside the previous years cost. This year was £85, compared to £90 last year( they do a discount if you haven't called them out). However, they were going to add "Arrangement & administration fee for your Roadside and Recovery Rescue", an extra £30, taking it to £115. Needless to say, I rung them and cancelled my cover. What a rip off, and I'd bet that many customers won't notice this sneaky method of adding 35% to your bill.
  6. Nope, not at all. To be clear though, I only linked to 10p to show that the police can, and obviously do, look in to peoples internet history, not to compare you, or anybody else, to him.
  7. Mark, if you check google, as I suggested, you'll see that the blokes posting history was used in evidence. That said, I'm not bothered what people post, I just wanted them to be aware of what can happen, if they're luck runs out.
  8. Some of you need to consider what your posting. If you ever have the misfortune to be involved in a bad accident, and it goes to court, they may well search your posting history and use it against you. To see what can happen, if you aren't already aware of this case, put ten pence short in to google, and read his musings from his prison cell.
  9. You can usually claim on your insurance, without affecting NCB, I believe. I'd check first though, and also check your excess, to make sure it's not cheaper to DIY.
  10. Exactly. A good indy, especially one who specialises in your make of car, will beat a main dealer every time. If you want to pay for pomp and ceremony, that's your choice, of course. Rayaan, your experience has been the complete opposite of mine, hence my opinion being different to yours, I guess. My last main dealer experience, not Lexus or Toyota, by the way, consisted of parts being charged for, but not changed, materials, not even required for the jobs on the service schedule, also charged for and not used. They even tried to wriggle out of it, until I produced a dirty pollen filter, at which point they could hardly argue. The vehicle only went there, as it still had one year to run on it's manufacturers warranty, and I figured there'd be less argument, had I needed to claim. It's now out of warranty, so won't be going back there in my ownership.
  11. Buyers and sellers corner, cars for sale, your post is showing as well.
  12. I'm guessing you clicked the tab at the top of the page, which I think may be a general cars for sale, as opposed to just members cars. Click on the forum tab instead, then scroll down to find the section you want, near the bottom of the page. I searched your posts to find the thread, by the way.
  13. It's not just the cost of main dealers, it's often the fact that they are also rubbish. As to the lists of what's done on the services, come on, a lot of items could be checked by anybody, in ten minutes flat, and some, if faulty, would be apparent as soon as you drive the car. They just pad it out, to make it appear more than it is, as above, a glorified oil change. I usually do my own work, mainly so I know the job's been done, and done properly. The savings are a welcome bonus.