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  1. They work fine, from a stopping point of view, and they were noisy from the start, having been fitted along with new discs. The noise did reduce after a few hundred miles, but it's still there, as I said above. Hope that helps.
  2. Mintex also grumble, especially if you creep the car forward on the brake, when parking in a tight spot, for example.
  3. Think yourself lucky, it was pretty poor, and I was always a fan previously.
  4. I've been away, so just watched four episodes on catch up, and find it far better without the three amazon amigos, and of course shouty Evans. Personally, I think Leblanc makes it, the rest could come and go without most people caring, though I'd swap Sabine for Harris to improve things. I also agree with Phils' post above, supercars are ok, but unattainable for most, so less interesting, to me, than something I might actually buy, though I realise that many take an opposite view. I think they need to be careful about becoming too formulaic though, as that becomes tedious very quickly, as proven by previous series. For me, very watchable, but not "must see".
  5. Hi Luke, are you towing that caravan with your LS?.
  6. Lovely looking motor, I've always liked gold cars, and that colour really suits the LS.
  7. Not a clue Rob, sorry. If you have no luck here, and it's a rare car, so you might not, try the facebook group, where there are a couple who own 600s, as well as some Lexus techs.
  8. I wouldn't worry, he's taken a deposit.
  9. Hi Paul, welcome to the forum, from another exile and LPG user.
  10. I think he's saying that we get wiser as we get older, and care less about the badge and image, and more about the actual car. I also think he's right
  11. Well done then, bit of a bargain if the car is as described, and it looked a genuine advert to me. Enjoy.
  12. Was that the one in Pudsey? Looked a decent buy if so.
  13. Can't say I have John, but I can't think of a better car for Gumball type events, cheap and reliable, not to mention superbly comfortable. Looking forward to the black and white pics.
  14. Seen an occasional one for sale in UK, pretty rare though. I would absolutely love one, but suspect the fuel costs would be ruinous.
  15. I've had a couple of Jap cars which were made in the U.S of A, Honda Accord aerodecks (estates), and they were excellent in every respect.