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  1. Ls 430 Air Con

    Nice find - do you have any experience of these?
  2. Ls 430 Air Con

    Two of what?
  3. Engine Stalling After A Run

    Anyone with this probelm - I wrote a guide on how to clean the throttle body - I hope that helps
  4. Ls 430 Air Con

    I almost guarantee the break is in the pipe as it weaves its way up behind the rear wheel on the passenger side. The good news - you have to buy two pipes to fix it! Oh and pay upwards of £700 to get it fixed. Enjoy...
  5. Hi Shiner, Been a long time since I posted on here but I thought I'd give this thread a read. When I bought me 430 the steering wheel did not reach out to me. So I pulled it towards me as I pulled the control stick towards me and it's worked perfectly ever since. Might be worth a go! As it happens my air con pipes are broken - haven't got round to forking our the £700 to get them repaired and my driver side mirror does not dim. Still, I prefer it to my MkIII - just - and love the extra toys (except when my friends decided it's hilarious to change the radio station from the back!!)
  6. Lpg

    Interesting topic. My LS is far far cheaper to run on gas than petrol
  7. Did you try putting the suspension into the high mode after fettling with it?
  8. I love the look of it, especially in dark blue with cream leather but a 4.3ltr V8 summer occasional car? Bit too much in my eyes. Get yourself a MkI MX5 - top notch classic fun and pennies cheap!
  9. Ah no worries, just checking it didn't just need a little lubrication. Shame nothing is cheap to fix on these things!
  10. Does it definately need replacing? Mine didn't work when I got it. After a couple of pushes and pulls it loosened it up and hey presto, it now works fine.
  11. My reply was as per cruisermark, it cannot be done on the LS430's built in bluetooth phone. You'll need an old Nokia.
  12. It can't be done. Have a look round your house for, or ask friends if they have, an old Nokia (something from the Ark) with bluetooth. Then spend ages transferring your contacts one by one. Have fun! :-)