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  1. Meet In Cambridge Area?

    I'll come along :)
  2. Hi gents, I have this dreaded code. I am trying to find part numbers as I have found the item in the US cheaper than here, but I would like to find out if they're compatible. Many thanks.
  3. Facelift Rear Lights Gs300

    Hi, I am after some rear lights for my GS300. Now I have toyed with the idea of buying LED lights from the US, but first of all I would love to try and get my hands on some facelift rear lights (not sure on the year they changed them '01 I think??). Many thanks. Rich
  4. Hi guys, Will 2002 rear lights fit on a pre-facelift? I am only 8 days into Lexus ownership and I am discovering new things all the time. I wish to replace the lights on the rear and I have spotted a set of 2002 lights, but not sure if it will fit my '98. Many thanks.
  5. Double Din Stereo Install

    Exactly what I will require at the end of March, many thanks!!
  6. Hi guys, As in the title really. The rubber seals that run along the bottom of my two front doors are splitting and I am either looking for a replacement or the part number for them. Many thanks. Rich
  7. Welcome to the Lexus forums RichS11 :)