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  1. I wonder if Lexus will also drop the NX200t and in particular the RX200t? - Never seen one of the latter and I feel that a 4 cylinder turbocharged engine just isn't in keeping with the image of the RX.
  2. Saw a very shiny, mirror gold RX450h with chrome wheels earlier this week in London. In the sun, you needed sun glasses to look at it.
  3. Before you go and take anything apart, there is a way to re-initialise the windows. I would try this first. I am sorry I don't have the time to look for you right now, but the procedure is buried somewhere in this forum. Another kind soul will hopefully be able to point you in the right direction or tell you how it's done... it's a very easy procedure.
  4. ...and yours is the 300h... not the 200T...
  5. I always use and I have always found competitive prices. I recently renewed the insurance for our RX and found that the price dropped switching to a different supplier rather than using my previous insurer. What I like with this particular website (it very well may be the same with other comparison sites) is that once you are registered, your details stay in there so that you don't have to start all over from scratch at renewal time. Assuming that you have checked that all your details have been entered correctly, my only comment is that there has been an increase in the number of claims from NX200t owners and that the car has become a "high risk" model. Or possibly that there has been an increase in crime in your postcode area :-/
  6. OK... I seem to recall from previous posts that... - Rayaan stated that he found that the RX - his current RX - could be a bit of a pain size wise on country roads and villages where he practices. I also seem to recall that, on that basis and also because he no longer needs the larger boot, he ruled the new RX out as a future purchase - He is a die-hard fan of the Lexus brand, so I can't imagine him moving away from it - I do not think than running costs are a major factor, but enjoyment is - Based on the above I think it is a fair assumption that his new purchase will not be a NX300h - However, bearing in mind that this all started on the NX forum... could it be... a NX200t?... hmmm... although I cannot imagine that such downsizing would be a hard sell on Mrs Rayaan... the hard sale is more likely to be a heart, rather than head driven purchase. The Rayaan family already has a family car in the IS, so... maybe... a second hand IS-F? I think a brand new one sprung on Mrs Rayaan could potentially result in a swift divorce, but a second hand one might be more easily digested. Incidentally, second hand cars also go through a prep stage that can take a week, especially is minor faults (scratches, scuffed wheels, etc are required, the car needs to be taxed, etc.) Or a GS-F... but I don't "feel" it. Still. It will be white. It will have dark rose seats.
  7. I like it. I wonder if the suspension will be a little more compliant. I also wonder what "fromage" leather might be like... Stilton, camembert, gouda... the mind boggles.
  8. And I bet that's killing you! - It would me! - lol
  9. My bet is a RX450h F-Sport in white with dark rose seats.
  10. So prey tell... what is "the other vehicle"? 5 in a car is always going to be a problem for the poor sod who is left using the middle rear seat. Even in the RX it is not a pleasant experience over long journeys.
  11. I am told that a little WD40 works also, but I have not tried it myself.
  12. Looks good I'll give you that, but I have had my share of problems over the years with Italian cars and swore never to buy one ever again. All were electrics related and I never had any support from dealers. This included 3 Fiats (Uno Turbo and 2 Tipo) a Maserati Biturbo, which I did not keep very long because it was riddled with electrical problems and a first generation Lancia Thema 8.32 which I kept for an even shorter time. This was a wonderful and understated car, but again, very unreliable. I too would consider a GS450h, but in F-Sport guise for the 4 wheel steering. The plan was to replace our RX with an NX because we no longer need the space and the new RX is rather big, but I am not so sure now as I am concerned that I will miss the oomph of the RX. It would have to be the latest GS for me though... I find the previous version too... bland.
  13. This is definitely aftermarket. I can hear the sound... sounds a bit like a fan... does it go on all the time the switch is on?
  14. I wonder whether you would have found the 200T equally boring?...
  15. Title says it all! Received a call from the dealer to advise that a LC500 will be on display from noon to 18.00. Unfortunately, I can't make it. :-(