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  1. Parking sensors on the RX400h did not come as standard: they were a dealer fit option. On the other hand they came as standard on the RX450h... and the switch enables/disables both front and back sensors. Peter, are you able to post a link for the car you are looking at?
  2. Note that the AFS is speed dependent: for instance it does not work when the car is stationary. Note also that the lights swivel further to the left than the right, which is why you should probably switch the AFS off when driving on the continent so that you do not blind oncoming traffic.
  3. Dealer servicing courtesy car

    So does Beyoncé, but I still like it.
  4. From my own experience of having lived in Germany for 9 years: Together with the warm coat: wellies or walking boots, gloves and hat. A soft brush (the type you get with a dustpan). Much better than a scraper for removing snow. Torch and spare batteries. Spare phone charger (I recommend Anker ones, they're good). A bag of salt or grit. (Sprouts with no salt taste foul) Don't over-inflate your tyres: you want as much contact with the road as safely possible. A cloth of sorts or tissues to keep you lights clean back and front. You want to see, but more to the point you want to be seen. When you park up, stick you wipers up so they don't stick to the glass Lubricate the door rubber seals with silicone. A flask. With schnapps. (Coffee will eventually get cold!) One thing we used to do - and I don't know if you can do that with a Lexus or a car with key less ignition, was to start the car, lock it with the spare key, and go and have breakfast. The car would be nice and warm by the time you'd be ready to go :-)))
  5. How less practical is CT vs NX

    The boot in the CT is much shallower. Other things to consider, is that the car is low... very low: it is very easy to scrape the bottom of the front bumper and that of the doors. The NX is much closer in size to the old RX. Its main advantage is that it is narrower, which makes marking easier.
  6. Yes, I agree. I swapped to the Bosch and regretted it ever since, although they work fine on my the car. Will be going back to the Denso ones.
  7. Have you searched this forum? - I know this has been addressed previously, with someone posting a PDF with details of each version... (sorry no time to search right now)
  8. What colour combination have you gone for? Q1: It's a pain to get to! - Lift the centre armrest and pull out the storage unit. It should just lift up. There is 1 (could be 2, can't remember) USB connector, a cigar lighter type connector, and I think there is also an audio connector. Your best bet is to leave your charging cables plugged in at all times, because having to pull out the storage unit each time soon becomes a pain. To the front of the storage unit, next to the seat heater switches, there is a small slider that you can push to the side to allow the cables to poke out for easy access if so you wish. Q2: You have to be within a couple of feet of the door handle. You need to place your fingers/hand in the gap between the body of the car and the door handle for it to unlock. in effect, it means that the car unlocks itself as you pull the handle to open the door. To lock the car, there is a groove on top of the door handle. One tap to lock. Two taps to double lock. You will notice that the interior lights will come on (as well as the puddle lights under the mirrors) as you get near the car, but also that they get brighter when you open one of the doors and then dim slightly when you close the door. Another little thing I like - I know, it's a bit nerdy - is that the "mouse" re-position itself each time you switch the ignition on/off. Oh, and there is a little light hidden next to the interior light at the front that gently illuminates the centre console (only really useful when it's pitch black, but a nice touch nonetheless).
  9. Side Protectors

    Not for me. They spoil the looks in my opinion.
  10. 2018 Lexus CT200h Revealed

    There are now 3 blues: azure, sky and deep blue (for the F Sport). Azure is not available on the other grades. I am a bit confused: I am sure that when I looked yesterday I saw an interior option that was black tahara with orange accents (bolsters and door trims) but I can no longer see it. Doh.
  11. 2018 Lexus CT200h Revealed

    Details of the "new" CT are now available from the revamped Lexus website. Looks like there are a few new colours, some available with/without a black roof on the F Sport, and a wider selection of interior colours. Unfortunately, while it looks like all grades get the revamped rear lights with sequential indicators, it would seem that only the F-Sport and Premier versions get the new headlights. Also looks like the Premier gets fog lights, but the F-Sport does not... which is the shame and spoils the looks in my opinion.
  12. Short journeys: little benefit from the hybrid system, especially in cold weather, as the car will let the petrol engine run until it has reached its normal operating temperature before going into "full hybrid" mode. The hybrid system does work well on country lanes, (Regeneration starts as soon as you lift off the gas), however, if you live in a hilly area, you will rely on the petrol engine a lot more and therefore use more petrol. Motorway journeys are not great for economy if you have a heavy foot. Based on my own experience of a similar mix, expect around 28-29MPG. Sure, the 400h is more expensive to buy than the 300/350, but there is more choice and road tax is much cheaper. I would also say that it is generally quieter and more refined, but not all will agree on that. Whatever you look at it, you will be buying a car that is around 10 years old, if not older. The cars are extremely reliable, but at that age some components will start to fail through wear and tear, and parts are not cheap. For instance a replacement side mirror will cost you around £450, fitted by a dealer. If you can, try and find one of the outgoing cars labelled EXECUTIVE LIMITED EDITION... they have all the extras with the exception of the rear DVD system.
  13. Thanks for this. I like the larger screen and the rocker switches for the climate control/ I also like the new red: I wonder if this might be the sonic red already available on other models in the UK range.
  14. Going back to the original post... How many miles will you be doing, and on what type of roads?
  15. Infinity

    I stopped at the Infinity dealership in Reading some months ago as I was driving past it. While Lexus cars are all about creases and sharp lines, Infinity cars are all about curves and bulges. Personally, I much prefer the Lexus approach: To me, Infinity cars, especially the saloons, are too bland and anonymous. As for interior, they are not a patch on Lexus. The quality an plushness simply isn't there. It all feels a lot more plasticky and less durable. I did not have time for a test drive, so cannot comment on what the cars feel on the road.