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  1. Front Parking Sensors?

    I came across this, which might be of interest. No idea of costs etc. http://www.proxel.com/en/installation/bumper-sample/parking-sensor-lexus.html
  2. Bulbs and engine cover clips

    From my own experience, dealer workshops always seem to have some spare clips knocking about. It would be worth giving them a call to find out part reference and cost... and they may offer to post you a couple for free... If not one dealer... try another...
  3. Brilliant, thank you Mike. How would we normally get in touch with you guys? - Is there dedicated space somewhere in the forum(s) that I have missed for Admin questions?
  4. Nothing in south Hampshire...
  5. I apologise in advance as I realise this probably not the best place to post this, but I am not sure where to go with this. Does anyone know how to contact our friendly Forum ADMIN / STAFF friends? - I have taken a look around the site but cannot work it out. I have also tried to send an email (using the email option at the top right of the screen) to someone listed as ADMIN, but got a message saying "x does not receive emails". I have managed to loose my Halfords discount card (part of the membership package), I have managed to loose it and I am after a replacement.
  6. And I totally agree with you. For me, the functionality of the infotainment system rates below quality, comfort, design, reliability and quality of service and these are good enough for me to remain loyal to the brand. Don't get me wrong, the quality and reliability of the infotainment system are very good, I just get frustrated with its lack of functionality and intuitiveness. Thankfully, I am familiar enough with the various Lexus models to find my way around it fairly easily... I remain hopeful that Lexus will eventually come to its senses!
  7. That's not the point though: we pay a lot of money for cars that are advertised as having all kinds of bells and whistles and it is fair to expect those bells and whistles to work, otherwise there is no point at all in paying the extra money for a premium car. Furthermore, a lot of us rely on these systems to do what they are supposed to do in support of our work/businesses. It is not always practical to have to stop to read and respond to messages: rightly or wrongly - this is another debate - the expectation placed on a lot of us these days is to always be "ON". I am on call 24x7 and can spend 4+ hours each day in my car. Not being reachable or available is often not an option (I work in Business Continuity / Crisis Management / Disaster Recovery). Incidentally, m wife's Peugeot 208 supports full Google / IOS integration: at the push of a button at the end of the indicator stalk you can get the nice lady to read your text messages and she'll ask if you want to dictate a reply, ask her to read you the weather or the news, warn you of traffic ahead etc, start/stop navigation, check the closing time of a shop on your way home, add reminders to your calendar and items to your shopping list, warn you of forthcoming appointments, select playlists on Spotify etc etc. As much as I like Lexus cars, it's about time they caught up, not with the best but with the rest with regards to infotainment and connectivity.
  8. puncture repair kit replacement

    Would you believe it, I had a puncture on my way to work this morning! And it was not raining, it was not dark, I was driving along a single track road, I was wearing jeans... and mobile phone signal was excellent! Thankfully, my plug-in compressor was in the boot and the tyre held enough pressure to allow me to drive to the nearest tyre place where they replaced the punctured rear tyre, and my two front tyres that I was going to get replaced at the weekend. Edit: this was not with our RX, but our Pug 208 runabout
  9. NX450h

    You're right. The extra height of SUV often leads to the incorrect assumption that they are much bigger than saloon cars, when in fact it is rarely the case.
  10. puncture repair kit replacement

    I agree. That's what I pay the recovery people for. Besides, you can be sure that the day you have a puncture it will be 1) raining, 2) in darkness, 3) on the motorway or on a dual carriageway or that the bolts will be so tight you won't be able to remove them!... and of course it will be the day you are wearing your best suit!
  11. Bamboo dash trim

    Looks nice.
  12. NX450h

    Same dilemma here. I love the new RX, but it is too big for my needs. I like the NX very much, but I keep wondering about lack of power, although I have to admit that NX owners seem to be happy with it. I even checked the Irish Lexus website in the hope that the 200T might be available over there, but it would seem that it's not. Might end up trying to source a second hand 200T: after all, I can't imagine that it would be any more expensive to run than a RX... Maybe the alternative is a IS300h... or even a gs300h... Jury's still out...
  13. Yes they do. On all current models, but not all trim levels. As with most if not all manufacturers, this is an "extra" that tends to be available only on range topers. I think they are only available on Premier or F-Sport with Premier pack.
  14. Which to choose

    The size of the latest RX means that we'll probably replace our 3RX with an NX. We have been victim of too many car park dings from inconsiderate drivers, and this would only get worse with the 4RX which is a larger car still. Also, the width of the car would mean even more scratches from branches and brambles when driving along local country lanes. :-(
  15. As per previous posts, I am replacing my Bosch Aerotwin with Denso blades. I will be fitting them at the week end. The Bosch blades were great on the RX400h, but not so good on the RX450h. The Bosch blades are about 6 months old, should anyone want them and so long as you pay for the postage.