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  1. It is also my understanding that the GS will be replaced with the ES. Maybe boring was a little strong and pejorative... let's say anonymous. So... today's car is a NX300h, F-Sport in black with dark rose seats, the Premier pack and the pan roof. I have to say I really like the car. I wish it had the sliding rear seats of the RX, but this is not a biggie. It certainly has plenty of toys to keep you busy, comfortable and entertained!
  2. Lexus Hedge End are my local dealers and they are brilliant. It is thanks to them and their excellent service that I remain faithful to the brand. Our RX is booked in for its MOT tomorrow so I'll take a look at the LC. Maybe they'll loan it to me as a courtesy car... not! They once gave me a GS300h F-Sport in white as a courtesy car for a couple of days and was very impressed with the car. At least I was very impressed with the interior, the build quality and the level of comfort. I would agree that it is superior than the NX in a lot of ways but, and it is a big but, it is such a boring looking car!... although the facelifted version is a little more interesting. Their rarity is probably due to the fact that Lexus have pushed the car hard, with rare demo cars, meaning that only Lexus die-hard know that they exist. I think Lexus France must have had a different approach than their UK counterparts because the GS300h is a very popular choice as a taxi in large cities! Still, it is now discontinued, so I guess there will be good deals on the few cars that are left in the system, if indeed there are any. I also suppose that they will make good second hand buys.
  3. I was in Paris last week and was amazed as to how many Teslas are run as taxis over there!
  4. You also may need to let your insurance know!
  5. I replaced the original Denso with Bosch Aerotwins on my RX a few weeks ago and I am very disappointed. They are both smeary and noisy. Grrr.
  6. Whoaa... looks like a transformer! Their version of the RX is not much better...
  7. Back to Tim's original query: you mention 09-15 RX.... I would recommend that you go for the facelifted model that came out in 2012. Better specc'ed, a little more fuel efficient. easy to pick out... it has DRLs whereas the 09-11 model does not.
  8. I did take a look and it does not sound that the noise is coming from where you suggested. In fact, I have now found that it comes from the rear backrest, and from the wider side of the seat (the one with the armrest). I happened to drive along an un-tarmacked road yesterday evening, and the noise was very obvious. When I looked in my rear view mirror I noticed that the seat was vibrating in tune to the noise. I played around and found that the noise is worse when the armrest is up. I have drive along that track before, but with rear passengers, so did not notice the noise... which would make sense because the passengers would have preventing any vibration from the backrest.
  9. My main dislike applies to the whole of the Lexus range: the satnav graphics, while clear, are horrid, and the system is far too complicated to use. Yes, you do get used to it, especially if you are familiar with the brand, but why have to trawl through menus to achieve the simplest tasks!
  10. Love the colour, and you do not see many around. My car was running on Michelin Latitude Tour HP, and now runs on Latitude Sports. The Tour HP were very good to start with, but the Sports are better in many ways, except that, unfortunately, they are a little more noisy. I hear the new Cross Climates are excellent.
  11. A colleague of mine has covered 280,000 miles on his GS300... does that count?
  12. Unfortunately you cannot turn it off. You have to click "I agree" every time. To my knowledge, only dealers have access to the maintenance screens... and don't tend to update them.
  13. Things you didn't know you didn't know!
  14. Thank you for this! - 2 years on, and the rattle is still there, so I will take a look...
  15. Bobby... I like Just Park... thank you. Will look into this further. Rayaan, you may well have a point there.