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  1. Does it eat up a lot of data? - woud you recommend it more to people with unlimited data on their phone?
  2. Interesting as my sister, who lives in Paris, assures me that this only applies to french registered cars. Also, I seem to remember reading that wildlife (and also cattle) warning road signs are not just there to potentially avoid accidents, but also for legal reasons: should you hit an animal, you are unable to sue anyone - individuals or governmental organisations - for damage to your car or indeed yourself on the basis that signs were in place and you should have been more cautious. I suppose this works on a similar principle as signs and flashing lights at railway crossings. Incidentally, some years ago, a friend of my parents hit a boar in northern France and spent some time in hospital as a result. Not only was his car a write off and he sustained a life changing injury, he was also sued for illegal destruction of protected game. This was on the basis that 1) signs were in place and he should have been more careful and 2) the police was able to prove he was driving way above the speed limit.
  3. The fact that customers are willing to buy a car without seeing it and testing it certainly reflects well on the Lexus brand and this forum! I switched to Lexus for the same reasons: reliability, peerless customer service and - to some extent - exclusivity.
  4. I think I will have to ask the dealer next time I go there. I tested it on a steep incline this morning and applied different levels of pressure on the brake pedal... but no beep... and no hold.
  5. Indeed and very scary when you enjoy the unrestricted speed and end up litterally standing on the brakes when you realise just how short the slip road is. Also, have you noticed how the road markings disappear when it rains?!
  6. Nice feedback indeed, but I can't believe anyone would order a new car without ever having seen, let alone test driven one.
  7. Had to check the date of your post... thought it was an April's fool! - I had never heard of these and will be ordering some too. A Muntjac ran into the side of my car only last week... thankkfully, because of the combination of low speed, size of the animal and angle at which it hit the car, there was not damage to my car or to the deer. Leaving close the the New Forest, I am assuming that these could also be very handy in scaring poneys and cattle off roads at night...
  8. Post in the correct forum? Might want to repost in the IS forum... more likely to get the help you are looking for...
  9. I think the orange of the Focus is nicer: deeper shade and metallic (or pearlescent)
  10. The latest model you will find will be 2009 on '09 plate I believe. I would recommend the Executive Limited Edition, which was the final, run out model. It is easily identified by the "Executive Limited Edition" badge under the RX400h badge on the hatch. This model came with all the extras, including the Mark Levinson audio, but excluding the rear entertainment system. I used to average 28-29MPG in mine without trying. You can get better with careful driving.
  11. hmmm... very odd. Do you have to be on a steep incline for it to work? I can't get it to work for me... could it be that the incline I have tested this on is not steep enough?
  12. I dispute this. Mine certainly does not have it. It is a 2009 (59) SE-i model. As I said, I believe this functionality was introduced with the 2012 facelift. If another, pre-facelift owner knows for a fact that their car indeed has the hill hold, speak now, and I'll run to the dealer to get mine fixed! :-)
  13. When you buy the SatNav DVDs from Lexus (and Toyota?), you have to buy the whole set. At least it used to be the case. This means that Lexus owners based on the continent end up with a DVD for UK and ROI (includes France and some other Western Europe countries) that they may never use and often post it for sale on eBay. This is how I procured a *genuine* Lexus DVD when I had a RX400h and wanted to unlock the "update on the move" function. From memory, the version you need is 2009 onwards... but I am not 100% sure. There are other threads on the forum that should confirm exactly what version you require.
  14. It's in the boot, under the cover on the right hand side
  15. I stand corrected if this is indeed the case. I was convinced that this was only theoretically but not practically possible because the car relies on the hybrid system to support braking and other essential systems and components.