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  1. Great to hear James the Body shop as got good reviews that i have had the quote from and has told me not to worry it will match perfectly he said but its same sort of paint that les has, in normal daylight it looks black but in sunshine it as a blue look the body shop said it was pearl but i thought that was only on light colours mine is Black Opal Mica but does give a similar effect Robert
  2. I too am awaiting repair of damage done to my front bumper Possibly done at hospital car park mine is Black Opal Mica i have taken it to a body shop that is highjly reccomended and got a quote of 400 as he said he will have to take off the bumper i sais " can you can you match it perfectly " and he replied yes, I hope so as i have heard they are difficult to match but i will have to get it done as every time i see it it makes me angry that people do these acts of damage and dont even care Robert
  3. Earlier in the year i dropped my wife of at the hairdressers walked her round to the shop came back and a mercedes was parked near my car i got in but car would not start no matter what i got my son to pickme up to get my spare keywhilst i was waiting the lady came got in the merc and went as i was sat there i tried key and it worked thought no more fortnight later same thing happened same mercedes she also uses same hairdressers following week wife was talking to the lady in hairdressers and she said she as had a tracker and a perimeter gizmo fitted to stop people getting the code to steal her car from then on i never parked near her car again and the problem never reoccured
  4. I usually use a shaving mirror on the footwell carpet so i can see exactly were the OBD port and tpms button are
  5. Rado "From sweet whistling car i have now a tractor with jackhammer under the bonnet. " It sounds like its the Direct Injection pump under bonnet they are known to be noisy sometimes, there is a Pump Insulater than can be fitted to the pump in a matter of minutes and this quitens the pump ask your dealer HTH Robert
  6. even so that was my Experience on Friday Last
  7. funny you should say that a BMW came upto my rear on friday weaving about trying to pass I dont usually drive fast but i floored pedal and left him in my wake
  8. try Les Evans he is in shrewsbury tel 01743 450457 www.evanselec.co.uk you will have to send it by post tho HTH Robert
  9. why would you want to do this ive never heard my ding dong except odd times wife forgets to buckle up as i dont set off with belt undone it doesnt dong till you reach 15 mph
  10. Hi all Just a quick question I am running my IPhone 6 through bluetooth as i have Camera Alert on the phone so if i am in a strange place i get camera warnings My Car is 2010 450 SE L In the Manual it shows picture of screen with BT and it shows that Albums can be changed but on my display that switch is not visible (if i have it on USB i can change albums and Songs) It does say in the manual not all features are utilised with different devices THe music on the phone is apples AAC so i dont know if this as anything to do with it TIA Robert
  11. Lee those clips down side are one use only in so much as when they fitted you cant get them off again without breaking them the top ones are stuck on so you could possibly reuse them if you restuck them I was just saying if you try to take them off from bottom up they will break but top to bottom you can see the little tongue thingy that goes into the clip and release it without breaking the clip. And as Les said it was worth it for the tech to do it for 20 which was a result but it was from the toyota garage im sure Lexus would have doubled that Robert
  12. Lee Down the rear window there are 5 special clips that are one use only 6 on the top over the doors then 4 +1 down the front screen the first one being handed the rest fit on both sides the top ones are stuck on with the tape built on to them but the rear window and screen ones fit onto a special clip on a pop rivet so that part will be alright these clips shove on to this collar and lock on and being plastic they break on removal mine was same as yours not as bad but was down front screeen i took it to my local toyota dealer and after ordering clips they were 2 quid each fittd them while i watched in less than 10 minutes i thought i could have done that this is how it should be according to the lad work from over doors and work back releasing the clips as these come of easy he did it with his fingers when you get to the clips down the window you need the tool to release the moulding out of the clip working down be careful with the moulding its stainless steel with vynil wrap on it it is not painted however if you can see the clip that is broken just change it but bear in mind its one use get them from the dealers and you will see straight away how they fit refitting you work back from the bottom one to the top to test this i took of my pass side one useing his method and never broke one and it went back perfect they charged me 20 quid to fit them 10 min job i do not jest hope that helps you Lee Robert