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  1. Brake caliper slider/retainer pins

    Just got my pins replaced on all 4 wheels rears were solidly seized had to use heat but fronts came off easily,got the pin kits off eBay for 56 quid and had garage change brake fluid garage cost 225 at a good local one in Bexhill
  2. Talking of which i had my airbag done and given a clean bill of health but all my calipers were seized then and they never bothered to tell even though I knew,not sure why they would do that maybe as it’s 124000 miles and an 06 they did not want the hassle?
  3. I thought the filter was above the diff as I had one changed on my 220 ?? i
  4. That is correct I have had the covers off under steering wheel and can’t find a connector to put on the switch I was thinking it was pulled out during fitting of DAB maybe when pulling a wire through etc
  5. Is there a way to fit them or do they go only in one way
  6. What the differences between a D4S and a D4R and is one better than the other I have bought the D4S 5300K from Osram and am slightly disappointed with the beam,also can you fit them incorrect? And also anybody else found what is best and recommend for this bulb replacement
  7. Did you turn your rear window heater on as they are connected?
  8. Headlights options

    I have bought some the 5500k ones I wanted better bulbs anyway but if it’s a ballast do you have a link to buy them
  9. Headlights options

    Mine had started going off every now and then so thought it was a loose wire lol so will buy some are these them
  10. Headlights options

    Old topic I know but I think my hid bulbs D4S have been in the car from the beginning. The question is does the light wear out and could I get a more whiter bulb as an replacement and finally what are the best replacement
  11. Checked the fuses that was ok then I removed the switch to check if the wire was loose and found no wires connected now I am sure I used it in feb as it was new to me ( I also had it in the old one that worked. I did have a alpine exit-dab radio fitted in that area so was thinking the wire might have been pull somewhere I can’t see it
  12. The windscreen is original so will check fuses at the weekend is the fuse under the steering wheel