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  1. If anyone wants a Mk3 alloy in need of refurbishing, please feel free to collect from Wem, North Shropshire. When I get back from my job abroad I suspect I will be looking for a Mk4, so not needed. Also an indicator, second hand from Ebay. All for free!!!! Mark.
  2. 1997 LS400 for sale.

    Now sadly sold..................
  3. someone is coming to view/buy tomorrow, sadly it's too complicated to arrange a loan. My wife simply hates driving it and her hands will be very full in my absence, so regrettably she has to go..... Mark
  4. Thanks Dave, when I get back from my island, if it's still for sale, I may be interested. At that price I suspect it will!!! Then they may be open to offers...... Seriously, I'll have my work cut out finding another one as nice as the one I'm selling. Mark.
  5. Hi. Could be interested in a few weeks if you've still got her, to replace my MK3 that was written off last year. I'm taking my pension pot early and am looking for another. Number plate quite apt as my surname is Copper!. 

    1. thatfatbloke


      Forgot to ask. How many keys are there,and are there any missing pixels on the display. Ta.

  6. Well, having just got another ticket for 12 months plus with no advisories, sadly I have placed Betsy in the for sale section. Sorry for typos, I struggled to get the pictures and the text synchronised! Anyway, my contract to teach in Tristan Da Cunha is for 2 years and my wife hates driving her, so she needs to find a good home. The Land Crusher has almost exactly the same footprint, bar a few mm either way but she hates the lower down visibility of the Lexus. I will, of course, have to start all over again looking at LS400's , travelling to find another good one when I return. Trouble is five years down the line they will be even older and even more difficult to get a good one!! Mark.
  7. 1997 LS400 for sale.

    Sadly the time has come to sell my The time has come to sell beloved Betsy as I am working abroad soon for up to two years. My wife hates driving her so reluctantly she needs to find a new home. 197000 miles, just had a fresh MoT with no advisories. She has a stainless steel Y piece for the exhaust. All working apart from the electric aerial which I finally gave up on, the parts are available but the replacement is a manual one. The drivers front heated seat doesn't work, however, the passenger one and rears do!! I have had her for over three years and had the cam belt/water pump done when I bought her. Oil and filter were changed less than a year ago so may soon be due on time but not mileage. There is an absolute stack of service records and documentation from when she was new. The wheels aren't too bad but the spare, with original Dunlop tyre (I wouldn't use it!!!) and another alloy are available so that should the new owner want them refurbished they can be done two at a time. The tool kit is present, missing the torch, plus the original touch up paint which has been thinned down and is therefore usable. Don't really know what else to say apart from needing to find another good one when I return will be difficult! Price is £900 ono. Please feel free to contact me.
  8. Hi, I have a late Mk 111 which will be reluctantly sold before Summer as I am working abroad for between 1 and 2 years. I was going to leave it as late as I could but you are welcome to come take a look. I'm only in North Shropshire..... Mark.
  9. I must say that before buying my mk iii some three years ago, I drove mk iv's and don't feel short changed having made my choice. 19 years old, 195000 miles and no rust!! As Rolls Royce used to say, the power is 'adequate' and never a stalling problem with or without aircon on. So sad that I have to sell her before I go to work on the island of Tristan Da Cunha for a year or two but you can guess what I shall be spending my 'hard earned' on as soon as I get back...... I would buy on condition. Hope this helps. Best wishes, Mark.
  10. Thanks for all the comments, sorry for delay, very busy at school and the kids are hyper now we have entered advent!!! Sorry...I meant more hyper........... Yes Chris, I think so too at times but my wife is very understanding and I wouldn't want the resentment that would follow by stopping her if the situation were reversed!! Thanks Jonathan, I will consider your kind offer when I come to sell her, I want her to go to a good home. Best wishes, Mark.
  11. Cheers David, it was am advert in the TES and paid, not as much as I get now but it was never about the money. I haven't had the contract yet so I won't go into too much detail, I just need to get it out of my system!!! There is a price for everything and I will miss my wife and kids, two of which will have gone through 6th form by the time I get back.
  12. Thanks Malc, I did think about my mate in Northampton looking after her for me, he did offer, but it's a tall order in case something expensive happens. I am a bit ocd and possessive and in a way I prefer my wife to drive the Land Crusher whilst I'm away!!!
  13. Well I took advantage of the black Friday deal on gold membership because.....I am going to have to sell my two girls Bess (BMW R1150RS motorbike) and Betsy, my LS. The bike will go soon and the car in Spring or as late as I can leave it. The reason? I'm a Physics/Science teacher and at the age of 56 have the chance to teach for a year or two abroad in a remote location. Despite the trip to the potteries yesterday, wafting my wife to the seconds shop at Emma Bridgwater, she hates driving the Lexus. Up to two years laid up on the drive will do her (the LS!) no good. It took me ages to find a good one, it will take me ages to find another when I get back, or maybe I could put a buy back clause in the sale? Mark.