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  1. Condensation mystery

    Have you checked the floor wells in the boot below the rear lights? That's where I found water which was giving condensation on my windscreen.
  2. I have a Se L model and it certainly doesn't have air suspension. Hope you get sorted soon.
  3. Could you ask your trade motor parts dealer about shocks for 2007 GS450h please?

    I haven't given up seeking replacement under warranty yet but best have Plan B ready.

    Many thanks



  4. I asked about shock absorbers at the trade motor parts dealer I use this am while buying timing belt kit for my Rx400h. Left and right are available for trade, £96 each inc. vat. I believe they are KYB make. This might be of interest to any one in need.
  5. This would make total cost approx £407 for the two complete units. Would be interested to know how things turn out if you proceed with purchase. May need to do mine in the future!
  6. My understanding of import duty is (cost of shocks+shipping/insurance) x 4.5% vat payable would be (cost of shocks +shipping/insurance + import duty) x 20% Any idea of shipping/insurance cost for these shocks?
  7. Have a read through further down the page. There are a lot cases of water in boot and numerous solutions to the problem. I eventually stopped water in my boot but it took a lot of work and I'm not sure where it was actually getting in but it's still dry thankfully.
  8. I remember that thread - didn't you virtually take the car apart to fix it? I'll look it up and check mine...thanks. Pretty much. Everything I did is posted in the thread you found. It is still dry, I do check it after periods of heavy or prolonged rain. Hope you can find your leak and post any useful information.
  9. . I had loads of moisture on my windscreen after rain. It turned out to be water in the boot well. There's a thread from last year, if you look for something like "water ingress" you should find it. I'm not saying you have same problem but it solved my condensation problem.
  10. I'm hopeful that I may have cured my water leaks. I sealed under the tailgate rubber seal and around the tailgate hinge brackets that attach to body. Water still came into boot at the same place as before. Did water testing from the bumper upwards and found that water only found in boot when I ran water on roof around the rear roof bar bracket, I removed the bracket, cleaned the whole area up, put some sealant under bracket, gasket, bolts and on the bodywork seam along side the bracket. It was impossible to be certain that this seam was intact , it looked a bit dubious in a couple of places, thats why I sealed it. Re assembled roof bar and done 2 water tests since and NO WATER in the the moment! I am hopeful that this might be my answer to my problem. Time and rain will tell. This info may be of some help to anyone still struggling with this problem.
  11. I removed the bumper today and sealed anywhere I thought water might be getting in, seams and grommets and refitted. Also removed and sealed the gas strut brackets on the body, nothing wrong with them though. Removed and sealed the 3 rubber grommets on the body that supply electric to tailgate. Did a water test expecting boot to be dry, but no! Water again appearing in the same place of the boot. Pulled the tailgate rubber seal off the body and it was wet underneath where the boot/body seams meet. It looks as though someone has previously put a sealant of some sort on this seam, its only spot welded in a few places so water could possibly pass through the seam. Why water is on the seam under the rubber seal I’m not sure, it could be when water runs off roof it could get under the rubber and capillary action keeps drawing it up and then it runs down to boot. I don't know. I’m going to clean and dry the seam and rubber when I get something suitable to try and seal it with, I’ve run out of sealer today. Vic
  12. Vic Take a close look at the seam under the bumper once you remove it, you wont miss it. It only takes a pin prick hole for water to find its way in. i spent a lot of time pouring water over certain areas to treble check, being methodical and working from bottom to top. As you can see by the pics i used tape to go over the holes etc to eliminate them, also rather than a hose, fill a watering can or bottle and pour this seemed more effective in locating the leak. Good luck and hope you find something, please let us know spurty, I'm itching to get on and solve this now. Thanks for tips. Will certainly let you know when I've done it.
  13. Hi spurty, Thought I'd give the car a wash this morning, just a usual wet over with hose and washed and rinsed. Just like magic water appeared running onto the boot again! I am planning to take the bumper off, waiting for friend who offered another pair of hands. Shud be this weekend but I can't pin him down to day/time. Your pics and description are very helpful, I dislike pulling plastic trim about too much in cold weather so its good that temp has warmed up and sun pokes thro to warm it a little. I'm really hoping you are not going to see anymore water in boot and that mine will also be dry after I seal everything that can be sealed. Did you find a particular seam/area that you'd think was the leak?
  14. Hi vrodman, Many thanks for that link, looks to be very useful. vic
  15. Removing the bumper isn't too bad, some clips with screws in the middle which you can see when you open the tailgate, some black plastic clips underneath, but the pain ones are there are some hidden screws under the rear '***** shield' located under the rear wheel arch. to get at these you have to do a bit of man handling of the shield and bumper. The bumper is held on by a couple of brackets which help locate the bumper into the correct place, don't forget to disconnect your rear fog lamps though! Hi spurty, Thanks for that info, I may have to wait until weekend for help so that I don't damage the paintwork. The diagram you've posted looks extremely useful but it is so small I can't really see it very well. I'm on a mac using safari browser. Any idea on how I can view this in larger format or is it available to download? By the way, I cannot work out what '*****shield' is, can you enlighten me with the letters and I can perhaps rearrange them to a word I'm familiar with?