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  1. My 420 gives around 20-23 in daily mixed non motorway driving. M-way driving will return around 30. Hth.
  2. Hub Bearing

    There are plenty different approaches I can take. I do not intend to discuss them until the matter is resolved. As I said before, legal action would, in my opinion, be overkill (and probably a waste of money). This not the Great Train Robbery :-)
  3. Hub Bearing

    I've just been told by MoT tester that a rear hub bearing needs replacing. There was no advisory on this last year, only 2500 miles in the past year and there have been no indications that the bearing was near the end of its life. Any views on this? I thought bearings wore gradually. Also the tyres were all changed a few months ago and my tyre guy (I'm pretty sure he would have noticed a dodgy bearing) said nothing. Am I barking up the wrong tree here or is this perfectly normal? Thoughts appreciated. Thanks folks.
  4. Hub Bearing

    Coconut in post :) Agreed, it will be more difficult without the part, but I'm approaching cautiously and will update on progress.
  5. Hub Bearing

    Update: Well well, quelle surprise, I finally got a response today about the old part. He: "...didn't read the part...where you asked for the bush.." And it: "...has been disposed of." Asked 21st, answered 24th. So took a while to come up with that "explanation". Thinking cap on, I will be following this up, just not sure how at the moment.
  6. Hub Bearing

    The theory of dealing with these matters is always easier in 20/20 hindsight. The reality can be different. I have a relationship with this garage of many years, although as I said there have been some changes of late. They have looked after up to four of my cars at a time, and there have been no previous issues whatsoever. It is fifteen miles away and for me an extremely uncomfortable drive, each way, twice. The car was in for a service and MoT. At the time I was informed that there was a problem with the hub the MoT had expired. I would therefore have had to instruct them to finish the service, and then, having made another Mot appointment elsewhere immediately, taken my wife to the garage so that she could take the car directly to the new appointment. I feel that by asking for the part I covered myself well enough, but of course I am disappointed that it was not supplied as requested. I will consider the situation further once I know if it is to be returned. At this point I genuinely don't know whether everything is kosher, it may well be that everything is in order; what I do know is that for the sum involved legal action would be serious overkill. Life is too short.
  7. Hub Bearing

    1. Not yet 2. No. 3. MoT had expired.
  8. Hub Bearing

    1. I've asked for the part. 2. I'm disabled and unable to look to see if indeed the hub has been replaced. 3. I couldn't take the car as it was a fail.
  9. Hub Bearing

    I'm afraid that's pretty much what I'm thinking. I hope not as it's a place I've been using for years but, (without going into detail), there have been some recent changes. As I say, I do hope it's all in order as they've always been fine before.
  10. Hub Bearing

    Thanks folks. The car was in for service and MoT. It was failed on the hub so I couldn't take it away and have it looked at elsewhere. There was no indication of any problem whatsoever.There was no advisory last year (this car does under 2,500 miles a year) and when the tyres were all done a few months ago my tyre guy noticed nothing, and he's a very observant sort. No problems with the pads. I've had the complete hub replaced, and asked for the old one to be put in the boot. My wife picked up the car, no hub in boot. Not sure what to think really. By the way, still gremllns in the works as the replies are taking many hours to come through.
  11. Hub Bearing

    Obviously a riveting topic :-)
  12. Hub Bearing

    Is it possible that potholes could be responsible? I have a quarter of a mile of them in and out of my house. Might that explain the sudden failure?
  13. Replies are coming through 20 plus hours after posting. Gremlins methinks.
  14. Hi, I may have to have the rear shocks replaced on my 2000 GS430. After a bit of research I think these are the required replacements. I understand that KYB might be the lexus part. Can any of you good folks confirm: 1. They're good parts to use. 2. That the one in the screenshot is the correct part. Thanks folks.
  15. It looks as though price depends on wg=here you buy. I've done a bit more research and it looks as though it is the correct part number, Thing is, it's 192.90 from these folks: http://www.mister-auto.co.uk/en/rear-shock-absorber/lexus-gs-jzs160-uzs161-uzs160-430-283hp_v15577_g900002.html
  16. Thanks for that. Any idea if there are better shocks to use (that don't cost a fortune!). Ian
  17. What did you think of the relative build quality....? Does the BMW measure well against the Lexus?
  18. A cracker. I've had all that work (and a bit more) on my 430 (but not the rad) prophylactically, so hopefully at a tad under 150K it's good for a few more years. Probably only worth about a grand, but I wouldn't part with it for five.
  19. Our local Timpson type cutter couldn't cut the key. Specialist key cutter in Peterborough market could. I can't remember what the issue was but I think it just needed a more modern cutting machine.
  20. I don't know what kind of key you have, but if it's one of these types: http://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=p2380057.m570.l1313.TR12.TRC2.A0.H0.Xlexus+key.TRS0&_nkw=lexus+key&_sacat=0 you should be ok. I've bought a couple, had them cut and transferred the "innards" myself without issue. Still going strong.
  21. I have an '00 430 and like you had issues with the locking nuts. I had them removed by my local tyre guys and replaced them with "ordinary" nuts. After all, who is going to bother nicking the wheels....?
  22. Can't comment on BMW dealers, and I've had some great MB dealers (prior to the great reorganisation) but the only person I've been close to punching since I left school (many many years ago) was the then sales manager at my local MB dealer. I was trading in a less than 2 year old SLK 320 for a brand new M Class. The man was a monumental moronic bag of.........Their parts guys are delightful :)
  23. It was about two years ago, but iirc a full system, including cats, was about 840 sqideroonies. That was with the best ss which carries a lifetime transferable guarantee. Hth. ETA: Tony Banks of course.
  24. I can vouch for Tony Banks in Leeds, my full system for the 430 is excellent. It,s as loud or as quiet as you want. I chose OEM sound. I've also heard LL in Northampton are ok. Hth.
  25. Hm...he is comparing it to a LWB S class with a 3 litre diesel engine :)