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  1. There was a guy recently selling an ls430 on Facebook. He replaced the air suspension with the Lexus ls400 suspension and said it drove great
  2. Wanted: LS400

    Yeah when I had an ls400, I had it lpg converted at save lpg. They did it in a day and what a good job it was. When you opened the bonnet, you couldn't see anything to say the car was on lpg, except for the ecu in the corner
  3. Is a faster car better than a reliable car? GS450h is nice, but if i was in the market for one I would want to make sure the batteries had been replaced before I purchased the car, so for me and my personally opinion , I would stick with a Gs300/430.
  4. Yes the price is about right. Lexus reading had one in 2 weeks ago, 2006 with 52000 miles which sold for £5700
  5. I like that. If i was in the market for one, that would be on my list
  6. £900 for a timing belt? Wow, it's £395 at main dealers and add £101 extra for the water pump.
  7. I would get the gs300/Gs430. The gs450h is very nice car, and I mean very nice, but when the hybrid batteries fail, yes it's expensive, there is guy on here who does replace or repair them for I think for £800, but boot space is small, but you won't get that issue with a Gs300/430
  8. I've never had any of those issues with both gs300 I had, but I did have the rusty bonnet that lexus replaced free under the 12 year paint and rust warranty on both gs300's
  9. I've had 2 mk3 gs300's and to be honest nothing went wrong apart from 2 things, well it needed brake pads and discs and 1 sticky calipers. And that's it. Superb cars
  10. Main problems on an ls400? Please tell us. I've had afew mk4 ls400 and never had any MAIN problems on them, only wear and tear like pads and discs and y section of the exhaust that needed welding and that's all
  11. Hi guys Check this out Looks very nice but a bit over priced I think, but having said that, I reckon someone will pay near that much for it
  12. I think a new gearbox would be around the £3000 - £4000, but reconditioned would be around £1500 - £2000 but if the radiator leaks again after you've reconditioned the gearbox after a few good thousand miles, well you know what will happen again
  13. These are all common issues. They are lovely cars when they work but to thus day I still say the ls400 is a much better built car. Even the leather interior in the ls400 feels more heavy duty than the leather in the ls430
  14. Another issue with ls430 is vsv valve fails, part cost £59 from main dealers but it's a 4 and half hour job and also on some earlier models, the petrol tank leak. But with all these issues, they are lovely cars when they are working
  15. The water does leak from the radiator into the gearbox and it's a very common issue with the ls430. To rectify this fault, you will need to replace the radiator or get a separate cooler fitted