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  1. Haha that's what I was thinking what sort price should I be asking for it
  2. Oh dear sum 1 on eBay says having a full electric sun roof was rare cant see that my self hence y I asked of rare options cus them if mine has any I can list them maybe get a bit more I've put it up for 1500 which I thought was resonable given its history I would keep it but all the parts to mod it are expensive or hard to get I also want to mod the engine but not a lot u can do with it without spending a fortune on it
  3. Ok so what if any are rare options to find on the sport model apart from say nav of course also what price should i be asking for it it is silver v reg 114k fsh mot April tax may wheels could do with refurb slight rust on rear arches nothing bad cam belt just replaced ect ect
  4. I ment shame is300 are auto
  5. Shame the is 300 is manuel or I'd swap my 200 for a 300 any day
  6. Is 200 Sport Mpg And Speed

    Just goes to show I put 15 quid in when the light came on and I've done a short burst round town and a 40 mile trip and I've got 55 miles out it that so far with still some left mad how just pottering around the city uses so much more fuel I only managed 80 mile out the 30 I put in last time this time il be getting that from 15 defo time to star driving more sensible haha
  7. Code knocks 30 quid off the slim kit hope it still works after crimbo cheers
  8. Yeah I see that but gotta be 100% I get the right kit as it is a 122 quid
  9. Also just been out and checked my headlights already have reflectors fitted in them so does that mean I just get the projector 9006 kit
  10. Its probaly cus I'm using iPhone I don't get options for pics ect thanks for all ur advice peeps
  11. Do I get 5 6 or 8 k and do I get the projector 9006 or the reflector 9006r
  12. And are the kits from eBay any good and how do u delete old posts on this site and upload pics ect
  13. Now I've been told that theese hids get hot is this true and does it effect the plastic unit I'm only thinking of getting them as my low beam is really dull is this a sign of needing new bulbs or is it normal
  14. I'm looking at fitting hids to my is200 what's the best kit to buy and how easy are they to fit and do the headlight washers need to work if I do fit them as been told if u have hids u need the washers to work for mot also do I do high beam and low beam or just low or is there a kit that does both I would really like a set of angel lights but I can't seem to find any where that sells them as whole units just the attachable crap rings and is there any way of getting better acceleration engine tuning or turbo fit