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  1. Hi all, May 2017 It has been 1 year and 2 months since i have sold my GS450 , i just sold my Audi A8 and my plan was to buy something sensible , economical as my work commute of just 14 miles per day can be done comfortable in pretty much anything but me being me as always and my plans always getting ditched due to an emotional decision i have decided to browse a website known for selling damaged vehicles and looked for a Lexus. This is when i knew i have found my next car and despite my brain shouting pretty much to move away from it , i chose with my heart . It is a Lexus LS600h L from 2008 with 92k miles looking a bit sorry for itself , not starting due to an unknown condition and having a burn damage as well as no history and just one key , the card key . I have managed to go and have a look at the car before the auction day and to be honest i was a bit disappointed as it was looking very for itself , i have seen that i t has just one key , no service history , no paperwork about it , the interior looked like someone lived in it for a while , front bumper with some scuffs as well as the rear . The fire was nowhere to be seen , despite looking at the engines for a while so in the end i said ''challenge accepted'' . The auction day came and in the final round was a romanian (me) and a polish guy , it got a bit over my budget and just a few seconds before the bid to finish i have outbid my competitor and won it . I have already discussed with Westfeld Motors in Rayleigh , my old lexus garage to see if they would take such a project and also with Richard from the Hybrid battery solutions in case there is any problem with the hybrid systems and both said they will do it . The payment day came , paid the car , asked the place if they can let me take a few things from the car and also if they can deliver it to Westfield Motors which they agreed . I took all the items from the car hoping to find something about the previous owner and more information about what the hell happened to this car . Here are the pictures taken from the auction website and the description of it . - To be continued - Copart description.pdf
  2. Hello my Lexus friends, Its been a long time since my last post and update about the blue whale , which might have been because of good news or bad news . You will find out in the next rows . Actually is a bit of both . The car worked as it should , everything was ok , but ... i have the car noise and creaks disease and something in the front right side was keep making a noise . After my garage inspected the car we have found the droplinks , bottom arm bushes and lower ball joints had to be replaced . Ok , no problem , ball joints and drop links had a decent price but the bottom arm as we all know on the lexus were quite expensive and on the 600h even more then on the 460 because the 600h is AWD , so Lexus had to redesign them to make space for the AWD system . They are not available aftermarket , only from the dealer and the cheapest price was £269 from Lexus Birmingham ebay store so the price of the arms + droplinks + ball joints + labour as coming close to £800 so the greedy gypsy in me activated and started to look for easier solutions which came in the way of finding just the bushes for the arms from a company called Febest in Estonia for a lower cost £150.38 including shipping for all 4 bushes TAB-575 & TAB-576 on their website but in the end the TAB-576 was not required and it was returned so for anyone that will have issues i suggest you to not buy it , this is the bush that the droplink screws in so no stress at all . The droplinks have been bought from them as well as they were cheap and the only location other than the dealer where i could find them 0123-USF40FR & 0123-USF40FL for £14.21 each . My good mechanics started the work on the car but after 2 hours i got a call that the camber screw that goes into the big bush has corroded and spins together with the bush in the arm and despite their effort and all the heat that went on the screw it just wouldn't move and they didn't wanted to go further because the camber screw is specific to this car and i need to buy another one . On the phone with Lexus Birmingham and i managed to get the parts from them for £96 so a few days later they arrived , my garage sorted the job in about 3 hours after they have burned the hole bushes , drilled and chiselled the hell out of them so happy ending . Nooooo, no happy ending , the noise was still there . Yeah , the car was feeling better , tighter, better steering but the bloody noise was still there so after the little hole in my pocket i left it there for a while . It was time to change the tyres for the winter ones as i will take the car back home for my winter holiday and is kinda good idea to have winter tyres at -20 degrees and loads of snow . I have put Nexen Winguards on it as this is what i have used on the A8 last winter and they were quite good . The noise was making me hate the car a bit so Monday i started to research again on forums and someone suggested that it might be from the brakes as our calipers have a complex system of springs and plates so some might miss . I have done the test with the brakes applied over small speed bumps and voila , noise gone . A caliper kit has been bought from ebay , fitted today and finally the noise is gone so i can enjoy the car again . Here are some photos that i have done last weekend . P1030637 by DmaCars, on Flickr P1030635-2 by DmaCars, on Flickr P1030635 by DmaCars, on Flickr P1030629 by DmaCars, on Flickr P1030623 by DmaCars, on Flickr P1030621 by DmaCars, on Flickr P1030615 by DmaCars, on Flickr P1030606 by DmaCars, on Flickr P1030605 by DmaCars, on Flickr P1030602 by DmaCars, on Flickr
  3. Ebay says 275 people bought them so they can't be that bad . I would say give it a try and it is not ok you can always return it . When mine went on the gs450 i have bought some osrams from for about £60-70 i don;t remember exactly .
  4. I have 3 more documents that explain even more about the hybrid system and even a dismantling manual . 7 Lexus LS600h.pdf EVALUATION_OF_THE_2008_LEXUS_LS_600H.pdf LS600H.pdf
  5. My research never stops, so i have found a very informative document about the LS600 released before its launch and it details everything is need to know about it . 20070330_LS_600h_final_tcm316-564334_ Global_Dynamic Press_Launch.pdf
  6. Thank you all and hope to see you all soon at a Lexus meeting .
  7. Denis, Neighbours haven't said much as we don't really talk to each other so much . Just one good neighbour that has a Mercedes CLS showed his jealousy a bit but we are friends so it was more like a bit of banter . He could not believe the amount of kit . As promised please find attached a few photos and i will do more in a few days and also 2 with the mighty tigra. If you have any questions about the car or anything else let me know and i will do my best to answer them . Have a good day all .
  8. Mike i have tried to not judge anyone and to be honest the photos does not even show all the mess that was in as i took more than half a dust bin bag with crap from the car but it definitely saddens me as well to see cars treated like that . It might not have been the previous owner but it passed a few hands until it got at me like the insurance assessment garage , the salvage place ... so who knows . At least i had a good project and i kinda enjoyed cleaning it .
  9. As promised , here are the photos with the car dirty and despite the fact that i have cleaned it for 8 hours on Saturday the dust has fallen on it so i will do another cleaning session Friday after work and i will put some fresh pictures with the car just cleaned as it will shine better and it will from the ugly to the beauty . To be honest , the passanger seat and the rear seats were not that bad but the driver one and the bodywork were filthy and it also came with a set of Suzuki Swift mats in the front which have been binned . Also it has some kind of TV system installed which i didnt had the chance to figure it out yet , the antenna's in the pictures are part of it .
  10. Thank you all for the support :) Malcolm, The total price was in the region of £10k which for a Lexus LS 600H which is CAT D now due to the incident might be a too much for some and fair for others. I am happy with the final price knowing that i have a good car in the end and i also know its history and issues very well . It is not perfect as it still needs front and rear bumper respray due to some parking marks, wheel refurb , front under tray has been bought by my Dad in Germany and i will pick it up in the winter when it will be the supreme test for the Lexus in the frozen Romania where it will also receive a proper detailing with paint correction and nano coating . I also need to dye the leather in some areas in the driver seat and i hope i will be able to detail every operation in here as i enjoy keeping a journal until now :) David, The guys at Westfield were definitely very keen to solve the puzzle and at no point they have accepted defeat or said no to anything . They were definitely annoyed by me at some point because they have told me from the beginning that they will take this project on but they are very busy and it might ttake a few good months but i was calling them every week at least one and also visit them to remind them that i had a car in there and i need it asap as i was always grumpy with everyone without my Lexus :)) Graham, More than happy to take over the Brexit negotiations and i would even do it for free , well just a fuel card to put some in the Lexus but i am not sure if the UK population will be ok with me as i am a Romanian , almost bold so Boris wins here , i can't lie as well as Farage and also i can't spit when i talk and also the first condition would be to bring all 23 millions Romanians in here even if that would be very difficult because the country only has 19.5 and 5 of them are already in other countries . Just joking so please do not get offended . We will let the politics to the clever people .
  11. 8th August 2017 - Who will win ??? The mighty LS600 vs Fire & The gang ? The fight have started so everyday after work i was present at the garage to check the situation and help in any way even if it meant to take a trip to Lithuania , Poland , Germany and even Russia to get any missing part . A solution has been found so the gearbox drop wasn't necessary anymore but instead the inverter had to come off . Everyone happy . First wires have been cut and checked against the new loom . Disappointment , some were the same but some were not so in the end each wire from each loom had to be done individually and it might not even work but the LS supporters would not get beaten by this kind of nonsense and they have continued to work until the last round hoping that when the bell rings there would be no errors and no flames . 11th August 2017 - The Lexus LS600 reborn from its ashes Got a phone call at about 16:15 when i have already finished work and was heading to Halfords to buy some cleaning products with the main purpose to use them on the other car that i have bought to use it as a work commute , which is a mighty Vauxhal Tigra Twin Top 1.8 petrol , a car that managed to smile me a few times but also hate it with a passion other times and hoping that soon the big brother will be home and she will be gone forever . Deep inside me i wanted with all my heart to have the chance to use the cleaning products on the Lexus and the phone call confirmed that the fight was over and The Lexus won . It was done and ready to be picked up so i have asked them to give me 5 minutes and will be there so drove a bit fast and smiled like a idiot the whole way when i got there , there she was , the blue whale in a corner waiting for me to pick her up . Had a chat with the guys as the air filter have not arrived yet and they said to make them a visit on Monday as they should be there by then and they will fit them as it is a 5 minute job , payed the bill and drove home in the filthiest LS600 ever with the audio off as all i wanted to hear was the silence and think about how i will spend my next few days making her shiny and clean again and also making plans about anything else that needs to be replaced , done or how i want to put my fingerprint on it . The filthy state of the car wasn't Westfields fault , but the salvage place and i suppose the previous owner . I have attached the invoice from the garage here as well and including the cost of the parts ordered by me resulted in a total of just under £3K. Next episode will be about how dirty the car was . - To be continued - Thank you all for the kind wishes :) Chris , i would like a Twizy but i don't have where to charge it unfortunately and i will probably end spending too much money on it by doing the first Twizy in the world with a Tesla P90 battery :)) Westfield invoice 1.pdf Westfield invoice 2.pdf
  12. June 2017 Got home with all the paperwork smiling like a boy that just got his Christmas presents and started to have a look through . The first owner was a bank director from London that kept everything very well organised and done a service each year at the same dealership . Also i could find the report of the health check and what has been done on the car in December 2016 like the gentleman said and that gave me more confidence that one day soon i will be able to drive my beloved Lexus . Car has been delivered to the garage for repairs and they had a quick look in the next few days after i dropped by to leave them the keys , some paperwork and tell them the same story to have at least a starting point . Conclusion , fire was indeed underneath , battery was disconnected and the fuel pipe that was cracked had been cut and bent to not let any fuel to leak so first step was to order both fuel pipes to avoid any possible issues . July 2017 It took more then a month for the pipes for arrive from Japan because it was impossible to find them in UK , pipes were fitted , battery connected and Voila , car came to life , it took a bit to raise the suspension to the level after it stayed unused for 7 months and everything was looking good , no error codes , nothing . Back on the ramp to check the underneath condition . Even though everything worked fine , 2 of the wiring loom from the gearbox sensors , wiring loom from the O2 sensor post cat and the main under tray were a bit melted , 2 more under trays were missing . We both agreed that this can't be left left like this as i want this car to be done properly and i would not risk another fire and other possible damages . So a hunt for the part began . First step and the most important one was the gearbox wiring so i started to research about the LS600 h gearbox and any other similarities with other Lexus gearboxes . The 600h has a L110F gearbox and the closest was a GS450 h gearbox with is named as L110 without the F . So i was looking to just the cables as a few of the gearboxes for both 600 and 450 had the loom coming with them but it was chopped from the main loom . Of course no one would sell just that piece of cable like in the picture attached but instead they would happily sell me the whole gearbox at a greater cost , one guy even put his price up on the gearbox after i have enquired about the cable and would not do any discounts at all as he was my only option in his mind . More hours spent on the lexus websites with the parts diagram and i have found that the actual cable is part of the whole engine wiring loom as you can see in the picture and that does not come cheap either . Managed to find a whole engine wiring loom from a GS450 in Poland on Ebay , a cheeky offer and a few hours later i was already paying for it . Meanwhile my discussion with the Lithuanians for the under trays and the O2 sensor were becoming more and more difficult as always my questions seemed to be lost in translation and getting back just useless replies so i bit the bullet and bought everything from Germany at a higher cost but what can i say , desperate times , desperate measures . Parts arrived and the boys started working on the car trying to find a solution to not drop the gearbox and sort the wiring with the gearbox still in . - To be continued -
  13. Glad to see that this topic gets some interest and thank you all for the comments . Next part will be written tomorrow so stay tuned
  14. Thank you all for the comments :) Still May 2017 Like i said after i have paid the car i have collected all the paperwork from it hoping that i will find out something about the previous owner ... and i found a name J. Murray and some photos with him,so my detective skills which i have never used before have been activated and i have managed to find him on Facebook but it looked like it was using just one per year so i wrote to him but never received anything back , so i have looked at all his friends and wrote to them but again nothing back . When i almost lost my hope i said lets look again through the paperwork and there it was , an invoice from VW on a Golf diesel affected by the recall with his name on it and very little in a corner his telephone number so i have called him but no answer . Few minutes later i got a call back from him , explained who i am and arranged a meeting in London in about 1 hour for a chat . Got there to find a nice chap in his 50's with a sad story . He bough this car last year as he had only Lexus cars for a number of years and that was one of his goals and decided to change it for an RC-F in December last year as a present for himself . He managed to find a buyer for the car and his next car, the RC-F at a Lexus dealer in London which i will not name it as i don't want to damage its name too much . A deposit has been paid by the buyer of the LS600 with the condition that the car will be serviced at a Lexus dealer + a health check and the cost of everything that needs to be replaced to be deducted from the remaining amount which he agreed. Car has been taken for a service , it came out and 15 miles later a nice engine started under the engine . Apparently the mechanics have fractured a fuel pipe next to the cats and fuel has leaked onto so a fire was inevitable . He called Lexus but they said it is not their problem and they had nothing to do with it , long story short , Lexus never admitted the fault , he claimed through the insurance , car is a CAT D write off , he paid an external engineer for a report of what happened and he was going to sue Lexus . Sad but at least i knew where to start from and that explained why i have not been able to see any fire from the top of the engine , also there was no smell of smoke inside at all . He also kept all the service history , extra 2 keys as the car came only with the wallet key , manuals and any other paperwork that was car related so for a small fee i have bought them all from them and we said goodbye to each other . - To be continued -
  15. Maybe you are right , i have no idea . But even so that's why on the journey made yesterday by the OP at that speed i was expecting something closer to 30 if he reset the trip computer as soon as he hit the motorway . Maybe the car has the units set to US gallons :)
  16. It can't be normal as the guys in US are getting 18/19 mpg city driving and 30 mpg at 80mpg and 33 mpg at 70mph where fuel is worse and the gallon is smaller to. According to what i have seen on the US forum and also applicable to any car the factors that can impact the economy are : 1) Oil , better economy with 0W-30 vs 5W-30 2) Air filter 3) Tyre pressure 4) Fuel quality , try some Shell V Power on a longer run Also on Fuelly , your car seem to get better mileage : Pictures attached are from US forum .
  17. Take it for a longer run and see what you get then . Reset the trip computer , do a 50 mile journey on the motorway with the cruise at 70-80 and see what you get . At least like this you can compare both fuel consumption and see if you have any problem .
  18. I had my mirror smashed by another driver and the only sensible option was a used one from ebay . Lexus offered me the glass only for about £350 .
  19. For that code you could check the gaskets between the Y-pipe in the exhaust , from the engine just before the cats . I had the same error on mine as it was blowing air from there just before the cats and post 1 set of lambda so the 2nd set of lambda was seeing abnormal readings . Just put it on a ramp and if you see black soot around that area just change the gaskets .
  20. I know Vasilis, i was talking about both but on a closer look you are right and it seems that on the LS460 should have the 30gb HDD . I have attached here a few specs that i have found for the LS from 2008 - 2009 - 2010 so i don't know what to say :( 2008LS460_sf (1).pdf 2009LS460-LS460-L_sf.pdf 2010_LS_460.460_L_Product_Info.pdf
  21. Hi Vasilis, I don't think your system has a hdd . Only on the facelift version they have implemented that as far as i am aware and that will be from 2010.
  22. I had the same experience with the Cataclean on a Vauxhall Astra 1.6 and it passed me the MOT on emission after the first bottle .
  23. Hi , SGS engineering did one for me when i had the GS and it costed about £50 so give them a try .
  24. Hi Jack, I suggest you to go an do a valuation on the . Pay the £3.95 fee for a professional one where you can actually put your correct mileage and all the extras . This is what i did when i was in a very similar situation like you as i read somewhere that this is what the insurers use for their valuations. So i told them i did the valuation and i have a certificate from the website that says the real value of the car and that will be minimum accepted . They called me back in a few minutes and accepted my quote.
  25. Hi Eric, First i would like to say congrats for your new acquisition , it looks amazing . I always fancied the cl's . Even if you have changed the brand , when you have some time i would appreciate if you could write a few words about the running costs for it and how do you find it. Kind regards, Adrian