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  1. The car is going in for two days on 6/7th November. I have confirmed that I will NOT be charged for the investigation. What happens after this will be dependant on what they find/decide. If they decide the cost of repairing the cause (if not mould etc) and replacing the carpet is down to me I'll probably live with it as I imagine the cost will be quite prohibitive!! We'll see.
  2. Thanks again for the replies guys! I appreciate that this does look like a spill that wasn't cleaned up. However, I don't have children in the back and rarely have passengers. Even if there had been a spill I think there would be evidence further back towards the rear seat under the foot mat. This is isolated under the front seat as can be seen. Besides would a soft drink cause the carpet to rot away? If so, then there is even more reason not to drink Coke!! I took it into Lexus Bristol today where a service manager and two technicians looked at it. Service manager returned and said '.....umm thats odd, but we like a challenge.' He explained they will need to take the seat out to investigate it. When I told him I didn't want to end up with a big bill with the car 2 months out of its warranty, he told me they would look at that 'favourably'. So anyway, the car is going in on a date yet to be confirmed. I'll update this thread with the outcome.
  3. Thanks for the replies guys. To answer the two questions so far: No, no kids in the car. No, there have been no repairs to the seat runners. At least not in the two years I've had the car. You can probably just see the purplish tinge around the worn out area. Thats what leans me towards some sort of leak? Would there be some fluids anywhere in the workings of the seat?
  4. I spent today giving my IS300h a good clean after it started to look a light beige colour instead of white! Anyway, while vacuuming behind the front passenger seat (rear passenger footwell) I discovered some strange carpet wear/corrosion going on underneath the mat. Pictures attached. Has anybody had the same happen to them or any suggestions as to the cause? I suspect something may have leaked from the seat and corroded the carpet. Plausible? It cannot be seen unless the mat is lifted but it is a little annoying. Even more annoying is the fact that the car is out of its warranty by 2½ months!
  5. A Service Engineers Opinion!

    Thanks for your thoughts doog442! I'm still considering my response. I don't want to be seen as a moaner but it is the use of that word that I don't particularly like. Like I said above I am thick skinned and I'm not looking to cause trouble. I'm expecting the normal courtesy call from Lisa, the Lexus Bristol receptionist, tomorrow. Could be interesting explaining the events to her!
  6. A Service Engineers Opinion!

    Thanks for the replies guys. Like I said, I'm pretty thick skinned having served 33 years as a police officer. I know I'd have been none the wiser if the camera had not been there but I guess my integrity as a customer was being called into question. Perhaps I'll leave it at telling Lexus to make there engineers aware of the possible existence of customers dashcams! Which I'm sure they probably have - or should have! Cheers.
  7. I have recently had fitted a Blackvue dashcam in my IS300h. My prime reason for this is to ensure that I have some protection should anything happen in front of me but it also highlighted some interesting views of a Lexus Bristol engineer today when it went in for an intermediate service today. First to put some context to this story. A couple of miles into the journey to the showroom I noticed the paddles would not work as normal and it would not go from drive into S mode. A short distance later I had the warning flash up 'Hybrid System Has Stopped. Please Stop Your Car in a Safe Place' I did this and turned the engine off. It restarted OK then I carried on my journey. Now, something to point out here is that I was low on fuel. The display indicated I had about 30 miles left. I have been as low as 7 miles and haven't seen this behaviour before. I realise I should probably not let it get too low on fuel and most of the time I don't. Anyway back to the point of the post. I informed the service dept of this occurrence on arrival which was duly noted down on the paperwork for checking. I have reviewed the camera footage recorded during its service and at one point my engineer summons another to discuss the notes written on the paperwork about the warning message that flashed up earlier. He points out that there is an engine management code - Fuel Run Out - but no hybrid system code. When he hears about the paddles not working he find it highly amusing - "thats **** ridiculous because they don't do nothing. That's just **** about with the ECU. It doesn't make the car go any different, it's a computer game. All this (obviously pointing out the paddles to his mate........) doesn't do anything. It's a total illusion, it tells the machine 'oh he wants to **** play or make it sound like he's changing gear'. It doesn't do **** all." I am fully aware that the paddles do not change gear and that they are purely frequency steps in a CVT unit. I use it akin to some engine braking to avoid unnecessary periods of dabbing the brake pedal. My point was that they were not working AT ALL. Anyway back to our engineer (whose first name is mentioned but I won't reveal it here). He goes on to say, "the trouble is these ***** think its electric.... (at which point my engineer quickly indicates the existence of the dashcam!) ....the trouble is they think it's electric and fuel and if they run out of fuel they can carry on with electric, they can't, they work in conjunction with each other" The other says, "so it needs fuel basically" followed by a chuckle. Again I am fully aware of the basic workings of the hybrid system. I do not expect the engine to keep working without any petrol in it. I am happy to accept that the indicated code probably had something to do with the issue but I did not totally run out of fuel. After I had restarted the engine I travelled a few more miles to get to the showroom. I repeat I did not install the dashcam to nosey in on engineers who service my car but I guess I was curious. Anyway my curiosity has discovered that one particular engineer at Bristol thinks this particular Lexus owner is as thick as ****! Now do I mention it when Lexus ask me for feedback on my service experience? I'm pretty thick skinned but to be called a ****** and basically clueless has ****** me off a little! Having posted this Ive just noticed the foul language is edited out. Rightly so probably but suffice to say one of the foul words he likened me to was the worst. You know the one I mean.
  8. Managed to work out the intricacies of Tasker, with the help of my brother who has it installed on his One Plus One. I now have a profile installed that will turn on the phone hotspot when it connects to the Lexus bluetooth and likewise turn it off on disconnection.
  9. I see what you mean about Tasker! Not exactly a straightforward task(!)
  10. Thanks Mark. Great tutorial. I also have the One Plus 3 (brilliant phone!) but I have had limited success with the bluetooth tethering. Interesting to note the need to make a call via bluetooth first. I have had more success with a wifi hotspot and will explore the Tasker app to make it automatic. Thanks for posting this.
  11. Hybrid System Issue

    Update. Lexus Bristol have diagnosed the problem as a bad cell in the conventional 12V battery. New battery being ordered and fitted tomorrow morning. Apparently the battery was outputting about 9.9V which was barely enough to start it? I also noticed some strange behaviour on the screen on the way to Lexus. It wasn't linking to my phone via bluetooth and when I tried to link it manually some options became unresponsive on screen. All linked apparently to the battery issue. So there you go. Hopefully this thread might help someone in the future. Cheers.
  12. Hybrid System Issue

    Thanks Ed. Its is intermittent but at least I have some video evidence to show them if its not happening on Friday! Will update the thread then.
  13. Hybrid System Issue

    The problem happened again this morning. I videoed the dash for a minute (see video attached). After another minute or two it decided to play ball. I checked the battery terminals which are fine. I'll get Lexus to check the key fob on Friday (I would of thought if it was that then the display would indicate key not detected?). Cheers and thanks again for your replies. The video has been put through Handbrake to reduce it to a manageable 20Mb. VID_20170111_092139a.mp4
  14. Hybrid System Issue

    Sorry this should have read 'Spoke to Lexus Bristol who think it could be a faulty sensor that should normally indicate it is in park.'
  15. Hybrid System Issue

    Thanks for the replies guys. I've had the car for just over 12 months now so I am very used to the starting procedure. I am doing nothing different than I have been doing before. This happened again this morning although was fine this evening. Another symptom is that the automatic seat and steering wheel adjustment doesn't happen as normal. Once it had started it this morning I had to hit my programmed button on the door to get it to position. Spoke to Lexus Bristol who think it could be a faulty sensor that indicates it is in park. Anyway it is going in on Friday morning for them to look at while I make use of the fine Lexus facilities. If they identify a problem I will update this thread in due course. It is still under warranty thankfully. Cheers.