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  1. not sure if im allowed to do this but im selling my Xreg lexus is2oo supercharged, yes its remapped, supercharger is on a button, n if i can find the remapped info its over 200 bhp, edit found paper work 220 bhp from 159
  2. More Bhp For Is200

    reluctantly but i am selling both of my lexus is200's one wants engine, front seats .exhaust and stearing wheel as i took them to put on the other, its supercharged and chipped, its over 300 bhp and 0-60 in under 8, been left sat as i work as a courier n there just ornaments now, just put the charger on gum tree for 4 grand, not shore with the other
  3. Happy Birthday xDOHERTYx!

  4. Angel Eyes - Modding Help

    Did you do your lights check my gallery it's dead easy n looks great ;)
  5. Engine Upgrade

    Hi all this may be posted else where sorry if it is I'm after speeding my lex up with some extra muscle so I'm after a new engine turbo the lot anyone got one or no who I should speak to I ear a supra gt engine is the way to go?
  6. New Wheels Fitted :d

    Go for chrome they look way better ;-) although there's some nice wheels out there personally if my car was black then chromed a defo check my gallery 17 on front 18 s in back just to fill the arches :-)
  7. Post Pics Of Your Lexus

    Check out my gallery uploaded my beast at silverstone looks like a magazine picture sweeeet
  8. Trc N Abs

    Right my abs n TRC don't work n can't find the problem a wheel fell of my car once after I picked it up from a garage so I'm guessing with it may have damaged a sensor abs anyone on here selling new ones pm me please
  9. Hello All

    Paul from Salford ;-) bought my baby brand we had her for years what a car got some problems with her but will post else where for advice nice to b here c u in the forums
  10. Welcome to the Lexus forums xDOHERTYx :)