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  1. This is the first company I know of to offer rebuilt air struts for the LS430. They are in Florida and sending your exchange part may be uneconomic but by it may still be possible to cut a deal with them,
  2. If the fuel tank had not been left full of fuel I believe there is a danger of condensation and corrosion in the void space above the petrol. Tanks on light air craft are best left topped off for this reason. Petrol over 2 years old will need to be drained and replaced. Perhaps the tyres are flat spotted but if now say 7 years old should be renewed anyway. Before turning the key on that engine I would want some expert advice especially about internal corrosion and lubrication after the oil has had so long to drain down to the sump.
  3. From 'Address' select 'Town' and that gives a number of alternatives including 'Post Code'. It certainly is clunky and has long been criticised for not allowing the full post code.
  4. David, With my '06 RX350 I tried your address and was successful by starting with the postcode [first 6 characters only] then chose List which included Milton Cambs. As soon as I pressed H in Street Name it gave me High Street and finally I selected 22. I always start with post code. Hope that helps.
  5. Please be aware this is not an official Toyota/Lexus bit of kit. There have been reports of similar interfaces being infected and doing nasty things to the car and laptop. I bought similar and had an expert connect up an old laptop for me. His parting words were, 'you are not really going to plug that into your lovely Lexus, are you?' Mine remains unused on a shelf. People do use them but I am completely out of my IT depth. I have been hoping to meet such a person and pick their brains.
  6. I second an examination of the spare wheel well because failure of the boot lid seal is a known problem. Also the drains from the sun roof might be blocked. The RX range has suffered from a number of water ingress problems and if you read their stories of very expensive and frustrating woe it would encourage you to be determined to solve this issue as soon as possible. In all cases the first indication of trouble is unusual misting up of the windows.
  7. To get the full benefit it is much better to have Techstream rather than a simple OBD reader. I would certainly use my Lexus main agent and not expect them to charge too much for a diagnostic check. I would also prefer them to interpret data especially that from the engine running and warming up as opposed to just reading out stored codes.
  8. Have the full techstream codes checked. Perhaps a sensor feeding the main ecu is flakey. Hopefully an expert will be along soon with possible culprits but an oxygen sensor especially if you have an exhaust leak or an engine temp sensor [different from that which feeds the dash gauge] could be playing up. My suggestions may be way off target but it must be worthwhile reading the codes and seeing the readings live as the engine warms up.
  9. Good result. Appreciate the photos.
  10. I wonder how many of these mechanisms fail because the driver assists his exit from the car by pulling up on the wheel while it is moving. Even find myself doing it until I remember how small the motors are, so difficult to blame others who know nothing of the potential failure. Lexus Hull replaced the telescopic motor before I bought my LS430 with 82,000 miles.
  11. There are stainless steel cable ties available in various sizes. I have not used them for this application but should be better than the more familiar plastic version.
  12. About a year ago I was told by Lexus Guildford that there is no central Lexus UK record of services carried out on individual cars. The only commonly held records are amongst Lexus agents who belong to the same ownership group. You would have to know which main agent serviced the car and approach them. In the USA anyone can check official service history for any Lexus from a web site.
  13. John, is the complete duct too large to put in a box and send to me? I have everything needed here [ Fleet, Farnborough ] in my workshop and would not charge you.
  14. John, I did not expect the Araldite to actually bond the plastic; gluing polypropylene is like gluing butter. My idea was that the tow being continuous length/s could be wrapped around the spigot and the larger diameter branch pipe it is attached so many times it would end up encasing both parts within a strong sheath/shell of carbon. . They would be physically locked together rather than bonded by glue. Imagine in essence a very thick walled 15mm copper female T piece in domestic plumbing Come on, stick at it!!
  15. Many thanks for this excellent report. My telescopic motor was replaced at 11years/82,000 miles by the main agent selling the car so I will be returning here when the tilt motor packs up. Have you been tempted to play with the original motor? A diagnosis of how it actually failed perhaps.