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  1. On a similar note, the top speed, as we know, is electronically limited to 155mph. Does anyone know what it would be if it were not limited?
  2. I recently had the 50,000 mile service with Listers Cheltenham and the changing of remote batteries is shown on their checklist as something that they do every two years / services. If I had known then I would have given them the credit card sized key that I actually use, rather than the spare set from my desk drawer.
  3. If you do have key cover, report any losses promptly. When we lost a key, certain it was in the house, I spent three months looking for it before reporting the loss - only to be told that losses have to be reported within 28 days. I was only trying to save them the cost of replacing it...
  4. These are two interesting threads, in particular the suggestion that sitting with a foot on the brake could warp the discs, presumably because part of the disc is not cooling at the same rate. Is there any evidence of this? Personally I prefer to put it into Neutral once a car has pulled up behind me but my wife keeps telling me that that is going to damage the gearbox. is she right? Should we be putting it in Park? What should we do in this situation?
  5. It looks like an error as, you are correct, it was not an option until the 2010 facelift.
  6. Spotted whilst reading another thread, these people seem to have one - http://www.mosesgatecarsales.co.uk/used-cars?type=Car&make=LEXUS&model=GS+460&MinPrice=&MaxPrice= ... along with four GS430's
  7. Sorry that I am late to this topic, but my previous Lexus also had only one key which was a little worrying given my wife's habit of putting down keys almost anywhere when coming into the house. I am sure there was a discussion on here a few years back that recommended an independent person, in the Midlands I think, who was doing this somewhat cheaper, though it would of course mean taking the car there for programming. I did ring and confirm the details with him, but I changed the car before I got the key cut. My current car has three keys, including one that is safely in my drawer, for when my wife finally loses hers.
  8. I have these two PDFs. The 2009 one seems to have some accessories towards the back. GS-Series-2008.pdf GS-Series-2009.pdf
  9. I too have one. Eighteen months now and still looking for excuses to drive it as often as i can. I can't remember the last last time I saw another one on the road though.
  10. Whilst I cannot answer any of the above, I guess it is worth checking which iPod touch you are buying. My 4th Gen iPod Touch had the old style Apple connector that was probably fitted with your iPod kit. By the time they get to iPod 5th Gen it is the new "lightning" connector, which I guess will not fit what you have.
  11. Having read the earlier parts of this thread, I have spent the past week (around 700 miles) driving in PWR mode. Presumably, it uses the battery a bit more when accelerating. The upshot is that I am getting 2-3 mpg more than I was used to on the same runs.
  12. I also use a TomTom rather than the Lexus system. For the price of one year's Lexus update I have a sizeable TomTom with free lifetime maps and traffic updates. Also I can enter Lat/Long into the TomTom, which is handy as we do a lot of walking and I need to navigate to isolated car parks that don't seem to have a postcode.
  13. Now coming up as " This listing (262879973973) has been removed, or this item isn't available. "
  14. It is going back a while but someone here devised a solution to having no TPMS. It will be in a thread somewhere but I seem to remember that it involved putting the sensors into a pressurised box that sat in the boot. This seemed to fool the system into thinking that they were on the wheels and the warning lights did not come on.
  15. It is certainly not easy to find with fingers alone. I recommend taking a mirror when you look for it, underneath the steering wheel.