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  1. At that price, delivered, I am also having one. Cheers.
  2. I am a bit behind with this thread but I once triggered the Check VSC after filling the car with fuel and adding some Redex to the mix. Once the tank was empty and refilled, the light went out pretty quickly
  3. You may want to check the exhaust. Any holes near the O2 sensor can trigger the VSC light
  4. I guess white and black are always going to look dirty shortly after washing, which is why so many go for a neutral grey, as they can go longer between washes. (I'm not talking about Lexus owners of course - we keep our cars spotless regardless of colour).
  5. Thanks for starting this thread as I will be making the same move sooner or later, as I am sure others will. Please keep us updated with any other differences and similarities that you might find and don't forget those pictures that you promised us.
  6. For the price of one years map update from Lexus, i have a TomTom sat nav with free map updates and traffic updates for the life of the unit. Not as aesthetically pleasing maybe but i would rather move my eyes to another part of the windscreen than all the way to the central console, to see where i am going.
  7. It looks as though someone justified the Lexus; it is now marked as sold.
  8. Yes, heated washer nozzles is not too much to ask for on a car of this type, perhaps wired into the rear screen / wing mirror heaters.
  9. i believe that it was part of the ACC system - where fitted - and only operates when the radar is live. The reason why they are pretty vague about it is that it is designed as a supplementary system, to start the braking system, and they don't want people relying on it in the event of a collision. Whilst the system might be quicker to start braking thanthe driver, it is up to the driver to complete braking.
  10. Nor do I have any association with these people, but the one I ordered arrived today and works perfectly. Only enough room for one set of keys (especially with all the gubbins that my wife has on her keyring), so I shall happily order another.
  11. Having read this report, should we be worried, or do Lexus do things differently? http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-birmingham-42132689
  12. On a similar note, the top speed, as we know, is electronically limited to 155mph. Does anyone know what it would be if it were not limited?
  13. I recently had the 50,000 mile service with Listers Cheltenham and the changing of remote batteries is shown on their checklist as something that they do every two years / services. If I had known then I would have given them the credit card sized key that I actually use, rather than the spare set from my desk drawer.
  14. If you do have key cover, report any losses promptly. When we lost a key, certain it was in the house, I spent three months looking for it before reporting the loss - only to be told that losses have to be reported within 28 days. I was only trying to save them the cost of replacing it...
  15. These are two interesting threads, in particular the suggestion that sitting with a foot on the brake could warp the discs, presumably because part of the disc is not cooling at the same rate. Is there any evidence of this? Personally I prefer to put it into Neutral once a car has pulled up behind me but my wife keeps telling me that that is going to damage the gearbox. is she right? Should we be putting it in Park? What should we do in this situation?