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  1. there called TX-star plus security bit they are TP20 or TP25 can't remember which one fitted.
  2. if the timing belt snapped then you could have bent valves.
  3. he's out of stock but will make more he should reply to your pm now on here.
  4. i'll send him a message on that site to tell him that someone wants one of your black box on the lexus site.
  5. the ECU connection is for connecting the piggyback black box you can get one with instruction if you contact P.Lindblom and ask if he still makes them it cost about £70. as for the charger no the 4pin connector does not connect to the ecu the charger you have has a magnetic clutch in the pulley so you'll need to test to see with pins will activate the clutch when a power source is added or you can open the pulley and remove the cable and tap and drill and lock the clutch like the TTE chargers as they don't have the 4pin connection as there clutch in lock or screwed down.
  6. e-mailed most of what info i had hope this helps you with your build.
  7. heres what in the tte kit Qty compressor - 1 bracket, compressor - 1 tube, bypass, 38mm -1 tube, I/C to inlet manifold -1 tube, compressor to intercooler -1 valve,assy, bypass, cable operated- 1 cable,compressor bypass, housing, bypass to compressor - 1 housing, assy, airfilter - 1 insert, airfilter - 1 intercooler assy - 1 tube adapter for throttle body- 1 Pulley 20 dia= 130mm -1 ECU Extension - 1 tensioner - 1 belt 21 5PK800 -1 housing,compressor outlet - 1 bracket, airfilterbox - 1 silentblock Air-box 20X20 M6X15 -1 kit, hoses 1 -1 hose 1 38-46-50 -1 hose 2 38-46-70- 1 hose 3 50-59-110- 1 hose 4 50-59-80 -5 hose 5 60-70-80- 1 support, compressor bracket - 1 stay, compressor bracket- 1 bracket, intercooler - 2 silentblock intercoolerbracket- 2 extension,P/S cooling tube bracket - 1 got a file with all the pics and parts and how to fit a tte kit if you want pm me your email and i''l send it to you.
  8. Paint Match

    just gave halfords your colour code and they will make the paint for you that's what i done as they don't have my colour on the shelf.
  9. Just clean up round that area then drive for a few days then check to see if the oil is coming from the bottom or the top next to the sensor if it's coming from next to the sensor in the pic then it's the sensor that's leaking as that's the camshaft timing oil control valve and there's a o ring that could be worn inside just unplug it remove one bolt then slow pull the sensor out and have a rag to plug the hole to stop oil coming out while you clean or replace the o ring then refit.
  10. Looking For Is200 Sport Diff Lsd

    there was 2 on ebay not long ago don't no if there still there.
  11. got to C.L.C.M there in Edinburgh at 11 bankhead drive, sighthill industrial estate they do a lot of sports car like Audi r8,Aston,martins,porsches and police cars they been there for years they can set up your car to a factory setting or a custom setting they will adjust everything that looks off not like your your average tyre shops which just tracks your car and makes sure all you wheels are pointing straight.
  12. Skyline Engine Conversion

    just had a look at the lexus wiring diagram and it's a red cable that receives the speed signal so you need to connect the skyline speed sensor to a red cable on the lexus wiring.
  13. Skyline Engine Conversion

    the only thing i can think of is you need to see if your power fc ecu is receiving speed and rev data if it is you can tap into the wires and wire it to the lexus speed and rev wires or you can find out where the standard sensors for the speed and revs for the rb25 was and wire them into the lexus wires that is if the sensors are still there if no then you need to get the sensors fitted.
  14. looking at the pic there should be nut on them unless the holes are threaded then you should be ok.