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  1. Loose steering, unbalanced ride

    Hi Mark Yes, sorry for not posting an update. I took it to a garage (turned out to be one of my neighbors) and explained issues and background and left it with them. Turns out one of my suspension mounting bushes was almost hanging off! They replaced and drive is now great. Was fuming, don't understand how the Lexus garage did not pick this up? Bloody dangerous driving around with it like that I'd imagine!!
  2. Loose steering, unbalanced ride

    Thanks John. I will take this advice to the garage.
  3. Hi Hoping for some advice with an ongoing issue with my GS300 06'. My steering is very loose with pulling (mainly left). The ride is very bumpy and encountering potholes or bumps is a rollercoaster experience!. To give you some background, I took my car to Lexus dealership last October and they completed a 4 wheel alignment which solved the issues for a few weeks but now all the issues have returned with the steering feeling even looser. This is the second wheel alignment I have had done in the last 12 months both times presenting the same issues and I am at a loss as to what to do now as the garages only seem interested in performing a wheel alignment and this is clearly not the problem. Could it be the rack and pinion or the steering block? I have the tie rod ends replaced not long after getting the car so I don't think it can be that. Any advice would be appreciated.
  4. Hi I have just purchased a 1996 GS300 (my second) 111k, really good condition for age all electrics are working but typically have just noticed that the steering wheel is not returning to the preset position when the key is put in the ignition. I have found that if you insert the key partially it works but if you insert the key fully then turn the ignition it does not work. Any ideas?