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  1. Contact the guys at the Power Steering Store - - who should be able to help you. They supplied me with some hose to connect to the long U shaped power steering pipe that runs in front of the radiator. Look in the Contact Us section at the bottom of the page on the home page of their website.
  2. If there is movement in all the rubber, I would replace the trailing arm as a first step before doing anything else. This may well cure the problem. I would check both trailing arms - the other one may have similar wear, although not necessarily, as only one arm needed replacing on my 1996 car and the other one was (and still is) fine.
  3. Like Phil, I had a clunk from one trailing arm bush so definitely worth checking them. I don't think Lexus do the bushes separately. I bought a new trailing arm from Amayama in Japan which worked out quite a bit cheaper than buying a new one from Lexus, even after paying postage and customs expenses.
  4. The Lexus discs do seem to last well, Brian. There is nothing in the service history for my 1997 car to indicate that the front discs have ever been replaced, so they could well be the original ones. If so, they have done 20 years and 223,000 miles, which is pretty good.
  5. Brian, you can still get front discs from Lexus for the Mk3 or Mk4 LS400 and they are reasonably priced. I bought a pair from Lexus Birmingham a couple of months ago for £115 which included delivery.
  6. A quick wire brush down and a coat of waxoyl or similar wax-based rust inhibitor should avoid any future advisories on the springs - probably better than flexible paint, as it doesn't matter with wax-based products if there is some grease or dirt/dust on the springs.
  7. I would try to remove as much rust as you can from under the weatherstrip before using any rust converter, paint etc. Lever the weatherstrip back a bit away from the paintwork using a paint/wallpaper scraper and then use a needle file to remove any loose rust from the paintwork under the weatherstrip. The best primer I have used is Bondaprimer, which can be used over rust or a rust converter, but it seems to be no longer available in small tins. I agree with Roy that removing the trim is best avoided. Good luck with the repair!
  8. Pleased to hear that you have managed to track down the cause, Allan - hopefully not too expensive to fix.
  9. Another possibility might be wear and play in the universal joints on the prop shaft. Put the car on some ramps and twist the prop shaft backwards and forwards to see if there is any play or movement. If there is, this might show up as a clunk or thud on acceleration or deceleration.
  10. I have not long passed 222,222 in my 1997 LS400 - current is mileage is not much over 223,000. It had 211,000 on the clock, or should I say on the digital display, when I bought it about three years ago, so most of the mileage is down to previous owners. The engine runs very nicely and it feels as though it could go on for another 222,222. Perhaps it will, although probably not under my ownership ...
  11. You could try Amayama who are in Japan and sell genuine Lexus parts - usually cheaper that Lexus main dealers here, even after paying postage and any customs charges. They might have some in stock.
  12. I got the bar from a steel stockholder, Edwards Metals in Witton, Birmingham.
  13. I have the same problem as you, Matt, on both my LS400s. The approach I am thinking of is this. Get a piece of hexagonal bar (about one inch long) which is the same size as the internal hexagonal in the filler and drain plugs, clean up the rusty plug and then have the hexagonal bar welded to the plug. A socket can then be used on the hexagonal bar to (hopefully) remove the plug. I have got as far as buying replacement plugs and a hexagonal bar from which I have cut 4 one inch pieces. I just need to get them welded in and see whether this will work. Has anyone tried this before?
  14. Thanks, John, that's good to know. I will see what price Lexus discs are and see if I can get a 20% discount as well!
  15. Going back to your original post, Steve, what make of discs did you buy when you replaced them? I want to replace the front discs on my 1997 LS400 over the summer as they were an advisory on the last MOT in January. Any thoughts from anyone else on what is good or not so good on replacement discs would be appreciated. Thanks.