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  1. gs450h clunking from front brakes

    Cheers shahpor, i will take the front wheels off in a couple of weeks when i am off work, and try johns method, though i very much doubt it has anything to do with anti rattle shims
  2. gs450h clunking from front brakes

    Cheers. I'll try and see what the issue is with the vid playing. I have had cars with missing anti rattle shims, they made tinny noises when driving along, particularly over speed bumps. I have to say this doesn't sound like that. But I will jack the car up and have a look round
  3. Hiya yall, yeh from a breaker on ebay, yeah the two sensors came with it. Fitted by ATS euromaster, i wouldn't dare go anywhere near halfords, and i have heard some bad stories about kwikfit (tyre salesmen, nothing more). All sorted, but i do have a clunking coming from my front brakes, can you guys have a look at my latest post regarding this? I added a video with the noise! cheers
  4. I had a used centre section fitted today. Quiet as a whisper now. Bloody hard to track down that part, worked out £280 fitted. Or i could have gone for stainless steel at £600 plus i would have had to travel. As it is all now silent, i assume i will not be seeing that code again!
  5. Hello. My 2007 gs450h makes a metallic knocking sound from the front brakes. It is more prominent when I move forward slowly, then brake, then reverse slowly, then brake, etc, as opposed to during general driving at speed. It doesn't sound like worn bushes. It has a higher metallic pitch. Front pads and discs are new. But the sound was there before I changed them anyway. Please see attached video and have a listen. It's driving me nuts. Cheers 20170904_133321.mp4
  6. Thanks for the info. Is the attached pic the 'centre section' on a gs450h? Sorry for sounding ignorant, but the section looks different from underneath the car, viewed from a tight angle, as opposed to this. The code i get states its 'bank 1' catalytic converter issue, which CAT would that be here? Cheers
  7. Hi all, my gs450h has a blowing centre section exhaust, i assume its the original. The car has done 327k miles, yes you read that right. Occasionally the EML comes on, with error code p0420, Search Results P0420 LEXUS Catalyst System Efficiency Below Threshold Bank 1 I can clear it, but it does come back after a few days, the problem is no doubt related to the blowing. Can these be got as used parts? Im struggling to find one. Do these have just the one CAT, or two? cheers all!
  8. Hi all, please don't be calling me cheap or tight here, but my right hand wing mirror glass is smashed, i tried the self adhesive 'universal' stuff that you cut to size, but it totally distorts the view. I don't want to pay £120 for the glass, or £200 for an entire second hand mirror in the wrong colour (electric, heated, folding), so my question is: What similar mirror glass can i pick up for £10-£20, even if its slightly too small and not heated? Anything will do, thr rx400h mirror looks close, but even a mondeo or astra miror glass is fine, provided its not too big, and will fit inside the recess? cheers guys/girls!
  9. P0420 LEXUS - Catalyst System Efficiency Below Threshold Bank 1 Apparently Possible causes are: Three way catalyst converter Bank 1 Exhaust tube Intake air leaks Fuel injectors may be faulty Fuel injector leaks Spark plugs may be faulty Improper ignition timing Engine Control Module (ECM) I also read somewhere else that it could be a cat converter. car is a high mileage 2007 gs450h, new MOT, full lexus SH, recent service, runs perfectly, but the EML did light up the other day, i read and cleared it, but surely if it lit up and this code showed, then there could be a minor issue? What should i do first? Give it a good motorway run? Or perhaps add some injector cleaner into fuel? If its an oxygen sensor, which one? I have techstream software somewhere, would that tell me? cheers guys/girls!
  10. cheers john. I have already had a look at this thread. My car is a 2007 gs450h. Fuse is good. No visible damage to window tracks
  11. My 2007 gs450h rear demister doesnt work, but the mirrors heat up fine, so i am assuming the switch and fuse are fine. Does this run off a relay? where would the relay be, and how would i check if it was sound? There are no obvious defects in the thin metal tracks on the rear window. What else could it be? thanks
  12. Is this a big job, to change the AC pump? I have discovered the AC system is leaking from there. I( can't quite tell if the cam chain drives the AC pump, or if its an auxillary drivebelt. Part no: 0420000241 Are any special tools required, or has anyone attempted this job before? cheers
  13. hi all. A somewhat lazy post, as its ****** it down and i haven't had a lot of free time. My 2007 gs450h has low front pads. I have bought some and intend to change them ASAP. Is this job likely to require anything other than a jack, and socket wrench? Will i need water pump pliers to push back the pistons, or is it just a wheel off, prise out shims and pads, and replace with the new ones? thanks
  14. My front tyres are worn on the inside. I will be replacing them anyway, but i don't want the new tyres wearing unevenly. I have the trackace laser wheel alignment kit. Beats spending the same money to get tracking done. I get the general idea of how to use the kit, but what if my problem is camber is uneven, and how would i go about adjusting this myself, if possible? Car is a 2007 lexus gs450h. Cheers guys/girls
  15. Failing that, buy yourself some low mileage replacements. There are sellers on ebay asking only £25 per unit