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  1. I have had both lengths-eBay blanks-cut for my Mk4. No problems.
  2. Mk 4 is different. They changed the design to an equally faulty mechanism. Usual story with Jap cars. 95% really well thought out with 5% leaving you scratching your head wondering why they couldn't get something right others had gotten right for years.
  3. I would love to have that top notch Japanese velour they use in the Century. Much nicer.
  4. It was fine. Not for regular use, but applied with fingers and not agitated with a brush, it removed decades of muck the finest leather cleaners couldn't remove. Each to their own, but we're not talking the finest Connolly hide here! It's some pretty ordinary corrected grain leather with an almost plasticised finish due to the dying process as described above.
  5. Abrasives have their place (very occasionally). In a similar vein, I have used Fast Orange hand cleaner to great effect on my cashmere leather seats.
  6. Does anyone know what the spring rates are for the Mk IV LS400? Very hard information to find.
  7. This thread has encouraged me to do mine, and genuine Toyota ball joints were reasonably priced. At 69,000 miles she's on the originals and no noise but 18 years old...
  8. Hell. No trace of grease around the ball joint; leaked or dried up a long time ago and self-destructed. Good reason not to buy non-ToyLex suspension parts.
  9. Do you know how old the ball joint was, or how many miles it had one it?
  10. Whereabouts are you getting replacement springs from, Steve?
  11. Very, very lucky. Please do report on whether it was genuine or not.
  12. I can recommend Tech One in Sidcup. Toyota and Lexus specialists.
  13. There's always something. More than any other model of cars I bought over the years the LS400s I've looked all have had something reasonably significant wrong with them (usually multiple suspension issues.) I'm hunting around for a burgundy rear passenger door to replace the awful one on mine which is bothering me more and more; such a bad repair letting the car down. Fortunately, the mechanicals are great and no suspension issues. Guess I'll be paying for my panel man's Christmas.
  14. So you still can start the car with a key you have?
  15. Looks like driver's side passenger door has had a whack. Panel alignment issues and paint not matching.