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  1. Supposed to be great cars. All the best with clocking up the miles!
  2. Fortunately, diesels are depreciating like hell which will discourage people from buying the poisonous things.
  3. Those top mounts are very durable. Unless your car has huge miles I would be a bit doubtful. What bushes were done? When did you last change your rear ARB bushes?
  4. That's a good length of time he spent at it.
  5. Not the best site. I've spotted a few part number/car model errors in the past that doesn't fill me with confidence.
  6. Thumbs up for Wheels in Motion. The only guys I trust for my suspension work. I could tell them what I liked about how a car handled on the factory settings and what I didn't like, and they worked out an alignment spec that suits me perfectly.
  7. I've worked on freeing suspension on loads of older cars and it can take hours and hours if the bolts are frozen. Heating, banging, putting my entire body weight on extension bars...can be a really horrible job. Then you find when the bolts are free they turn the remains of a bush and you need to replace the whole lot. Not surprised the alignment place did a limited alignment. Anyway, Plusgas is much better than WD40 for freeing frozen bolts, if you are mad enough to try this at home.
  8. If grease is leaking from the boot of the ball joint then the boot has been compromised in some way and the whole ball joint should be replaced. The fact the pulling has happened suddenly should be of real concern and you should have this looked at by a competent mechanic. So many parts can affects it: tie rods inner/outer, upper/lower arms, power steering pump and steering rack and bushes, steering column wear etc.
  9. It ranges from OK to pretty bad, but it is a big old beast! Comfort yourself with the knowledge you are not one of those awful people driving a diesel around.
  10. The link to the door tutorial is brilliant! I need to strip down a door prior to painting and this is very helpful.
  11. Great to know about the mounts. Often wondered if I need to get some as part of a suspension refresh. TEMs shocks look to be in amazing condition for their age. Piezo seem to last better than the TEMs air shocks.
  12. Last night I had the wonderful experience of being driven as a passenger in the back. My wife was driving and it was pure bliss.
  13. John, let us know the price of a new subframe if you look into it. I had my subframe checked last week and it was pretty good but will benefit from the Dinitrol treatment I'll have done soon.
  14. I stand corrected. I must have had an older plate auto-populate when I did the search. The car does, indeed, look to be good value.
  15. I've used drop in reusable filters with no problems. Just the cone-style exposed filters that make me cautious. I probably wasn't clear enough. OP, sorry for the derail and trust the car works out for you.
  16. I'd love to see the Datsun more. It's buried in the garage most of the year. If it sees water it will explode into a pile of rust! Most people will probably have no issues with the filters but given the price of MAF sensors I get pretty nervous. The modified Camry was great. It was a 1990 with the 2.5 V6. Beautiful paint on it. The leather and plastics quality were very, very good. They sold them as a "baby" Lexus in the US and I'm not surprised. If only the head gaskets weren't made out of cheese...
  17. Experience with my cars. The most recent one was an idling issue a couple of years back with a modified Datsun I have running a 1.8 MX5 engine with a K&N cone filter (could not fit the factory resonator box due to limited space). Pulled the MAF and it was filthy. Assumed it was poor filtration. I modified a Camry years ago with a cone filter and similar issue on the MAF which was cleaned prior to the work I did. The drop-in style filters seem to be fine but I am wary of the oiled cone filters. Just my tuppence. Your mileage may vary!
  18. Nice looking car. Do like those later wheels. Keep an eye on your MAF sensor when you are running the oil-coated air filters like that. The sensor can get pretty mucky when using those sorts of filter (they don't actually filter all that well.)
  19. The MOT history reveals some serious corrosion issues, unfortunately. Great colour. Darker colours hide the ungainly lines of the 430.
  20. Doesn't seem to be mileage that affects these air struts but age. Soarer air suspension units started failing from about 10 years following the date of build, regardless of how few miles were put on them. I know of someone who replaced all four air bag units in a Soarer a few years back only for one of the new replacement bags to fail within 6 months.
  21. That's the thing. In the hundreds of oil changes I've done over the years I've not seen anything attached to magnetic sump plugs (magnets in ATF pans are another thing!)
  22. Well done. I've been using an electric oil pump to drain the oil and then remove the filter without disturbing the sump plug. A bit tidier and I've never seen filings on any of the sump plugs I've changed. Or was that the old days?
  23. Sounds like a great drive. I've loved taking my Soarer on the roads up there but next trip it will definitely be the LS400. Quite pleased to hear that the team rooms have gone upmarket; used to be impossible to get a proper coffee.
  24. Interesting to hear about your journey and the 460. There sure are a lot of stories about the complexity of the 460 causing problems; I am sure the Lexus is not alone in this and it is just the way luxury barges have been for the past 10 years. Good luck with the hunt. There are still a lot out there but when I was looking earlier on this year corrosion is becoming an issue on the underside, especially around the rear sub frames and associated mounting points. The trouble is the cars wear the years on the top side very well...
  25. Definitely Type IV. Later A340s in late model Soarers also specced Type IV, oddly enough.