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  1. Hi all. I am looking for a weatherproof top cover for my is200. With provision to fit over the rear mounted roof areial. Any help appreciated.
  2. Front Tyre Wear

    I can also recommend wheels in motion at Chesham, Sorted my is200-worth the journey.
  3. Just clocked 123456 miles today. In my partners 2000 is200 6speed (was mine up to about 5yrs ago when I bought my 2004 is200 auto). She says it's still my car just in her name! Good to drive an auto and manual.
  4. Hoovered the air and pollen filters. Plenty of life left in them-must be the Yorkshire man in me...
  5. Thought it was only me!
  6. Hi, Like your is300. If you are getting steering wheel wobble it could be the wheels need balancing or can be that the front brake caliper slide pins are siezed-clean and lubricate with silicone grease, I have had the same problem on my is200. For service/repair I can recommend Dave at Lex-Tek Autos. 01909 774 300. Hunter alignment is good but most use Lexus factory settings which still causes the front tyres to ware on the inner edges. So - Tony Bones @ Wheels in Motion in Chesham has his own settings to eliminate this problem 01494 797825. Worth the trip as I went about 3 weeks ago. My is200 feels to handle better + the steering wheel is straight. Hope all that helps.
  7. Hi all, I'm wanting to remove the rear view mirror on my 2004 is200. I understand its bonded to the glass, do I turn it to the left or right? Thanks for any help.
  8. Rear view mirror

    Not yet but i still do. I wanted to remove it before I had a new windscreen fitted last Monday, since getting my is200 back the mirror vibrates-feels loose on the bonded mounting. So will be having a go soon.
  9. Rear view mirror

    Thanks for the replies, I will give it a go.
  10. Which country would you pick?

    France Did 'La Route Napoleon' about 3 years ago in the is200 auto then on to Nice-brilliant.
  11. Hi all, usual front tyre inner wear. I understand that Tony Bones at WIM has his own geometry settings. Are these specifications available to view? Thanks.
  12. is200 wheel alignment

    A big thumbs up for W I M @ Chesham, Did a great job sorting out the alignment problems on my is200. Worth the 290mile round trip, can also recommend the beer from Tring brewery. Slight mishap on the on the way home-a stone hit and now got a cracked winscreen so waiting in today for autoglass to fit a new one. Thats life.
  13. is200 wheel alignment

    Thanks for your digging. See how my results compare-makes interesting reading.
  14. is200 wheel alignment

    Thanks for the replies. Decided to travel down from Derbyshire to WIM - booked in mid July. Staying in Tring for a couple nights + a trip to the local brewery so cant wait!
  15. Steering wheel wobble when breaking.

    Hi, this is a common problem with the is200. Its usually the front brake caliper slide pins that have rusted & seized. After cleaning use silicon grease to lubricate. They should slide freely. Hope that helps.
  16. My 2004 is200 se auto - 68000 miles just passed mot today. Still drives like new.
  17. radiator needed

    Hi, nissen do a quality radiator with a 26mm core .
  18. I've used blueprint discs & pads always been ok-worth the bit extra.
  19. what colour calliper?

    Hi, if you fancy gold try plastikote antique gold (B34). My is200 is silver and I have painted mine a deep cherry red-humbrol enamel (20) gloss-looks good, that's just my opinion.
  20. Hi all, my is200 se auto 66000miles has developed a whistle like an old kettle. It starts at 20mph after about 5 mins of driving when things have started to warm up. The noise is a constant pitch-not engine related. Sounds like it's comming from the front offside wheel-brakes ok-cleaned, greased etc. The wheel spins freely I can't detect any play in the bearing. Is the noise the first Signs of ware. Any help appreciated.
  21. Whistling noise.

    Whistle free!! New wheel bearing kit-including a new outer seal fitted today. Now ready for the Yorkshire Dales.
  22. Whistling noise.

    90% whistle free! Thanks for your reply, I have removed the rear discs ground, cleaned & greased etc but at that point-still whistling. After my visit to lex-tek autos yesterday, Dave found its the o s f wheel bearing seal was dry so that was causing the whistle. He squirted some duck oil on to the seal after removing the disc. So booked in for a new wheel bearing next week & hopefully that's the end of that.
  23. Whistling noise.

    Still FFFFlippin whistling after fitting new caliper dust boots and rubber bushes to the lower slide pins. Got car booked in at an lexus Indy on Tue.
  24. Hi all, our 2000 is200se has always had clutch judder. Just recently at 116000 miles had a new blueprint clutch fitted-judder improved untill the car gets really hot, when town driving-stop starts etc then its even worse. Could this be oil on the friction plate or would fitting a solid lightweight flywheel be a cure? Please help.
  25. Whistling noise.

    Thanks for the reply-can't see anything loose in the wheel arch. Stripped the caliper again found the guide pins slide ok but there is quite a bit of up & down movement. Perhaps allowing the caliper to drop,pushing the pad on to the disc and that's causing the whistle. Ordered New slide pin dust boots-hope that works but I'm not holdin me breath.